signs of life in our home

I am so amazed at how spending time with Jesus totally transforms your perspective. I can remember last week a time when having to deal with all of this would have made me feel overwhelmed:

The paper snowflakes all over the living room...

the muffin crumbs everywhere...

random junk to put away {and more crumbs}...

laundry to do...

and the never empty sink of dishes...

Not so long ago, seeing those things would have forced me to take a deep breath and tackle them as soon as possible.

But this morning, they aren't my taskmasters. 

Instead, they are beautiful signs of life at my house.

Of tiny hands creating...

of mouths being fed...

of little bodies being clothed.

It's amazing how walking with Jesus takes the temporary and gives it an eternal perspective.

These precious lives have been entrusted to me. They are His, yet they are in my care.

Do I love them the way my Father loves me?

Oh, I want to so badly.

I love how my Father is so patient with me. How I make messes, and He takes care of them for me.

I stumble, and He picks me up. Yet He doesn't tell me how awful I was for falling. I sin, and He forgives and is still merciful to me.

He holds my hand through it all. And that's what I want to do for them too.

My Father is helping me focus on my little ones instead of the mess this week. And you know what? The mess doesn't matter at all anymore.

It's such an incredible mercy- only He could change this stubborn heart.

He's taking my eyes off the temporary and showing me what really matters.

They are His little ones too.

I praise you, Lord, for the precious signs of life in our home. Thank you for food, and dishes to eat it on; clothing, and a place to wash it; for the eight little busy hands and eight little growing feet you've given me to care for. Please help me to keep my eyes on what is important in this time I have with them. Help me to show them the way to you by displaying your love to them.


  1. Beautiful! Thank you for the reminder! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  2. What a beautiful perspective, and an important one. It is so easy to see the mess and be frustrated by it instead of grateful. Thank you for saying just what I needed to hear today--I have four kids and am often exhausted by the constant "mess" and yet I know I will miss it someday. Who wants to live in a museum anyway?

  3. God is so good. Somehow, even though in my inbox for several days, I'm just reading this today and it is EXACTLY what I need for right now. We've been sick for over a week and my little people and house are messy. To be reminded that they are HIS and HE is entrusting them to me - and how good it is to remember the grace we have for not loving them as well as He loves us. Oh Father, how deep and vastly unmeasured is your love for your children!!
    Thank you for sharing your crumbs......

  4. "Signs of life". That's a good way to put it. Thanks. :-)

  5. Best blog of the day! I almost miss these messes. My little ones are slowly moving out of the house and the house is becoming a quieter place. Treasure these days, all of you moms with little ones.

  6. Seaweed & RaineJanuary 29, 2013 at 9:27 AM

    Your words - my heart's cry (and maybe my eyes too...). Thanks Mandy. xo

  7. I love this post :)
    It looks like my house and reminds me of the journey He has taken me on...

  8. Thank you for such a transparent and genuine post. I am such a Martha and I'm about to be a new mom, so this is the perspective that I need to have, to let those temporary things go and truly focus on what has value in eternity. Again, thank you for such a reminder. I need this everyday!!!

  9. You rock! I love reading your blog. You always have such a great perspective on life.

  10. Loving your post. Thank you.

  11. Oh girl what a wonderful perspective today! It is something i truly need to work on in my own heart! Only He can change my stubbornness! THANK GOD for Him though! Phew!

  12. Love your post. My goal is to focus on them more than I focus on their toys all over....

  13. Love your posting! So true.......As women we sometimes tend to be driven to get everything done quickly instead of cherishing moments with our family.....


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