another round of Mandy's Closet coming soon!

It's been too long since we had a Mandy's Closet session! :D

I tried to do one before Christmas- I took all the pictures and everything, but it also happened to coincide with the peak time of my first trimester sickness, so that project never came to be. :)

Instead of doing a big shop with lots of items like we did last time, I'm just going to list a few things each month {Lord-willing} and give you the chance to buy them right here on the blog. I'm hoping doing smaller listings here on the blog more often will help me handle all the orders a bit more easily and that having the sales more often will give you all an equal chance to score some fun finds. We'll see! :P

This time I have a few different clothing/shoe sizes too for those of you who were asking! :D And of course, the prices will be comparable to a thrift store or eBay. :)

So meet me here tomorrow? Maybe? haha! {I'm trying to learn to never say anything will happen for sure! You know how it goes!} There should be some pretty awesome deals!!


  1. i have been impatiently waiting for this!! YAY! :)

  2. How fun! I really like that top two button jacket :)

  3. Been catching up on the posts. Your hormone testimony really hit the nail on the head!

  4. I would love to hear how you find maternity clothes at resale prices!!

  5. I would love to shop your 'closet'... but I do not fit into any of your clothes! Would you consider buying clothing in other sizes to include in your sales??

  6. A while back someone who commented asked about how you facilitated Mandy's Closet. Do you mind to share that again? Thanks! Love your blog btw.


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