menus and goals this week {mediterranean salads and mexican lime soup}

from the dashing dish! doesn't that look amazing?

menu plans for this week:
: whole wheat spaghetti with homemade sauce {I bought whole wheat on accident, and don't love it...? I can't get used to ww pasta. Luckily, I'm having chicken and tomato soup :D}
: east texas caviar with lettuce wraps
: chicken fajitas with onions and beans and rice
: baked potatoes and sour cream
: mediterranean chickpea salad {pictured above}... the kids will eat something simple or frozen?
: this mexican lime chicken soup with artisan bread

williams sonoma soup recipe
chicken and cottage cheese {me}
baked potatoes
sandwiches and baked chips for the kids' school lunches
lunch out
beans and rice

protein bars {me}
frosted mini wheats
biscuits on Sunday morning

greek yogurt {me}
banana ice cream

7 goals for this week:

Here are a few quick goals in addition to regular responsibilities:
1. memorize verses I didn't finish before
2. start a baby project
3. run 3 times this week- if possible {some days I just don't feel right, and can't. The baby is getting out there and some days it's downright uncomfortable! :)}
4. rearrange pantry room/treadmill
5. list one Craigslist item
6. clean out two shelves in the fridge {so ambitious, I know}
7. get up and go to bed earlier than my spring break routine :)

My favorite thing about setting goals is that it's no big deal if I don't get to them {most of the time}, but if I do at least 1/2 of them, I've done more than I would have without them! :D

What are your goals for the week?

Have you ever had a cucumber chickpea salad like that? It sounds like the stuff cravings are made of! :D

Do you sell on Craigslist? Have you had good luck?


  1. i love Mexican!

  2. My goal for this week is to keep the house picked up every night. I finally followed my hubby's advise to get a house keeper - it's wonderful! and rip th carpet off my stairs and hopefully prep for painting my stairs.

    i've never had chickpeas befores, what's their texture and taste like. I luv cucumber and tomatoe salad. Cut up both from my garden, mix with italian FF dressing and refrigerate. YUM-O!

    I've never sold on CL, but I did buy a table recently. I didn't tell hubster where I purchased it from, I just asked him if he could pick it up for me. Otherwise he wouldn't have agreed, and I've now finally broken the "You never buy off CL, it's completely dangerous!" rule, lol!

    1. Yay for house help!! We have had ladies come help us on a regular basis and it's wonderful!! It just gets the big stuff off your mind doesn't it? :) The chickpeas are kind of firm and beany? :D

  3. When you say you're having baked potatoes for dinner one night, is it just baked potatoes? My husband eats like a bird, and still I could never get away with just baked potatoes for dinner. Do you serve something with it?

    1. We usually do- it depends on the mood. We almost always add cheese if we have it, or a bean on top. It always depends on what we have, but usually it's a plateful of potatoes with something on top. :D

  4. That chickpea salad looks amazing!! Let us know if it was!
    My biggest goal, this one is long term, is to study my lessons for church. I don't get to go to the adult class because I'm helping with my 2 year old and his class so I've kind of let the studies far so good this week though!
    One of my goals for the week are to pack up at least 2 boxes of books to give away. I hate getting rid of books but we just don't have the space..
    I am also putting together Easter baskets for the boys (which will involve buying a couple more books:0))
    I don't sell on Craigslist but I give away and find alot of cool stuff on Freecycle!

    1. oh, books are hard! I know- I usually don't read books more than once, so I have bunches I don't ever use. :D I LOVE freecycle but haven't used it since the free section on clist. I need to look on there again! :D

  5. I'm glad to hear someone else who does not care for whole wheat pastas. I know they are suppose to be healthier, but I just don't care for them. :(

    The chickpea salad looks wonderful! Will have to try that soon. I am really trying to eat healthier, because I weigh more now than I did when I was 9 months pregnant with my twins! 19 years ago!!! I have struggled between being vain and being healthy...just want to make sure I want to loose weight for the right reason. I have a daughter who LOVES healthy eating so just trying to get everyone else on board. It's harder when the youngest is 17 and trying to really change habits for the best. We do grind and make our own bread and totally switched to coconut oil so doing some things right, but I like, no I LOVE sweets!!! I even stopped all diet drinks, my caffeine is only jasmine green tea right now, with nothing added, and some other healthy teas, with no sugars of course. You are an inspiration to this mom who is trying to get back on board.

    My goals for this week are to get better, we've had the cold stuff going around and I even have the pink eye...ugghhhh!

    We bought our new conversion van from craigslist, but nothing else, been so happy with it! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my van!!! I think even when all 4 of our kids are gone we will probably still have it,

    Glad you had a wonderful spring break with just you and your hubby, and glad you are feeling well. You are a beautiful, young momma who God has gifted with wonderful children and a loving husband. Praying for health throughout the pregnancy.

    In His Grace,

    1. That's so exciting your daughter loves healthy eating! I am so impressed! :D

      I'm so sorry about the pink eye! I've heard honey and milk works well if you don't do meds?

      Is the conversion van the big one? We eye those as we drive down the road wondering if they'll hold 5+ kiddos! LOL!

      Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement and for your prayers!! You are such a blessing!! Thank you.

  6. So I have noticed lately that you are back to eating meat and animal products in general. When did you stop being vegan and why? I am just wondering b/c my family and I go back and forth *all the time*. It really stresses me out sometimes. Just wondering where you were at on it :) Thanks!! Jen

    1. Hey! I stopped being vegan when I found out I was preggo in October. Before that, I would eat meat/dairy if it were served to me or a special occasion but it wasn't a lot. I didn't worry about it when it happened though. :D It's nice to have the option to eat what you want at a party and go back home and eat vegan. Since I was preggo I didn't want to mess with the protein balance/omegas/iron I needed on the vegan diet. I tended to eat all veggies and little protein if I didn't pay close attention. So after the baby's born, I'm not sure when I will go back- probably after I'm done nursing so I can keep my weight/milk up. :)

    2. Or I guess it was mid-November, actually. :)


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