baby #5: 19 weeks {nearly halfway update!}

19 weeks.

This pregnancy is now officially flying by. :)

Every pregnancy seems to go faster and faster for me. It could be that I'm so busy with four other kids now that I don't even know what day it is or who I am, but hey, I'll take it. :)

I'm considering myself to be half way now, you know, because I'm optimistic like that! hah! Avalie {#4} came at 38 weeks on the day, the earliest baby and easiest delivery {though not the shortest! Bella won that award with just 3.5 hours of labor total}.

I started feeling this baby's kicks on the outside for the first time this week. It really never gets old! It's magical, I tell you. :D He kicks on one side mostly, and I love feeling those tiny bumps!

I need to start writing things down like that- I'll never remember what week I felt this, how tired I was, etc. My brain is leaving me as we speak. {And names are now going with it, unfortunately! lol}

It's all going so fast, and I want to remember all the details. It's going so very well too, though. :)

How I'm feeling:
If I hadn't had a terrible cold/flu bug for the last three weeks straight, I would say I feel totally normal other than being more tired. I have to take a nap to feel like myself after 1 p.m. :) I've been able to take one most of the time, thankfully! :D

The belly is starting to stick out first, which is so weird and yet so familiar at the same time. I forget I'm pregnant a lot until I see myself pass by a mirror. It's especially strange to see the belly when I'm teaching BODYCOMBAT for some reason. :) Kickboxing in pregnancy just looks funny on me. It sure feels good though!

oh, the girls are SO excited!
They ask me questions about the baby every night!

I'm still working out lots of times per week, and still teaching all my classes, but I've definitely felt the tiredness affect me more in this department. I've slowed down in my workouts- most of the time I don't do double sessions at this point. I usually shoot for 1-1.5 hours/day now, and sometimes I take an extra day off each week. It depends on how I'm feeling. The week I was really sick I only did the minimum and took my free day off completely. Usually by the end of the week I lighten up.

I can still do all of the exercises normally except for tuck jumps- I'll jump up a few inches but there's no cheerleading tucks going on for me- too much quick impact at the bottom for me to feel safe for the baby. :) I do abs and run at the full level still, and hope to continue that until it's impossible. :)

I did ab work until the very end with Avalie and it made a huge difference in everything going back where it's supposed to. :) I'll modify if it's impossible {oblique/cross mountain climbers?? not going to happen later on}, but generally I try to do what I've always done for as long as it feels good. If I feel like I can't talk very well, that's usually my cue to slow down or change positions.

Body Changes:
Everything is definitely... growing. I've gone up at least a size for sure. :) It's hard on me mentally, honestly, but I know it's temporary, and it's necessary. I just went through my closet to clean out the clothes that won't fit me again for almost a year {!}. Even though my belly isn't really really big yet, everything fits so differently now. I'm just wider everywhere. :) More baby food for a growing, hungry baby boy, right? ;)

Most of my jeans still button, and I've picked up a couple of pairs in a bigger size hoping they'll last at least for a couple of months, but I'm predicting a bella band in my future very soon. :) I used to love those things, and I'm hoping it works again this time! :D

The hunger finally kicked in this week- I was surprised it waited this long, but I think it's because I've been eating so much more protein with this pregnancy. I shoot for 50-75 grams, at least, each day. I've never lifted weights this heavy while pregnant before, and so the protein keeps the baby healthy and my body strong while I'm carrying more weight and teaching my classes.

I usually start feeling like I'm starving at week 14, and it kicked in at 18. I've also noticed I'm so much more thirsty- a sign that my body is gaining weight every time. I drink and drink and drink and it all stays with me, lol!

here's 19.5 weeks with baby #4 {Avalie}- 4 years minus 2 weeks ago!
This baby seems like pretty mellow little fella. It might be that my placenta is in the front this time, but I mostly feel him move right after I've eaten. He's started really kicking this week, and I can feel it from the outside. I LOVE that feeling! :D

Birth Plans:
We're planning a home birth, and using a midwife for the first time. I'll share more as I get closer, but I'm so excited about being at home and being able to eat and drink and move around this time. I've had an epidural and induction, and a few natural births at the hospital too, and I much prefer the natural route. It's so much easier!

He will be here before we know it! I have lots to do around the house before he comes, and now that I'm feeling him roll around in there, it's getting more and more real.  I'm starting to feel the need to get a bunch of projects done! :)

Five little ones. I can't believe it still. :) It could be happening in just over 4 months from now! Craziness. :)

Did pregnancy make you want to do a ton of projects too? Am I crazy to even try? :)

Are you pregnant too? When are you due?
I'm due at the end of July/ very beginning of August. When I realized it's likely this one will come in July, I was shocked at how little time I have left! It's almost mid-March! Unreal.

How long does it take you to leave the house right now? 
It's like a 30 minute process minimum these days- I'm really wondering how long it will take when I have to feed a baby! :P


  1. Oh do keep us posted about the homebirth plans! I've had both of my babies that way and just loved the experience! I'll be praying for you and baby #5!!!

    1. Oh thank you Laura!! I will definitely keep you posted, and probably ask for your advice too! :D Thank you for praying again!

  2. I'm pregnant with #4 and due in three weeks. My last two were water births and I loved it - makes the contractions so much easier to handle!
    -Elizabeth @

    1. Oh, I'm very much considering that route! At least a tub for labor anyway! So excited for you, mama! Congrats!! #4 is so much fun!

  3. Mandy- you are so inspirational.
    I am pregnant with my fifth and oh, how I wish I was in better shape!
    I am sorry you have been sick. I pray you recover fast.
    And if you need a break- take it.
    As for projects- lol
    I feel like if I don't do it all before the baby comes I will never have time again to do these things.
    A lot of the projects have nothing to do with the baby at all!
    Enlist some help if you can for your projects.
    So excited for you - you look fantastic!

    1. Thank you! And thank you for the prayers sweet lady! I know my projects aren't baby related either, lol! How many weeks are you? How exciting!

  4. My word you look amazing!! Good for you to still be working out! Can't wait to see any projects you get done!

  5. I'm so excited for you! I love reading birth stories and it'll be so fun to read yours! (Our fifth boy was our first and only home birth. best.birth.ever.) p.s you're such a beautiful momma.

  6. I'm 10 weeks pregnant with my first, and due in October! I have projects that need to be done, but I'm pretty tired so they're on the back burner until I feel better. I way overdid it last Sunday, so I'm still adjusting to my new energy normal.

  7. Ummmm...

    pretty sure I look more preggo than you when I'm not even preggo. there's a problem. maybe it has to do with my incessant hot chocolate drinking.

    you look great! way to go, momma, for working out!!! it will totally help with labor and postpartum {as you already know}. You go, girl!!

  8. You look amazing!! I'm a week away from my due date with baby # 5(I'll have 5 kids under the age of 5), and your right it goes so fast! Probably b/c we're so busy taking care of the other ones there's no time to think about being pregnant! I'm excited to hear more about your home birth plans! I'm going the hospital route, but I always love hearing about home births! Blessings!!

  9. Hi!! You look seriously awesome and totally not pregnant!!! Lol!! I realized afterwards why... bodycombat!!! Wow!! I totally wish I can exercise... but I can not due to the fact that my cervix has shortened and I have been told to moderate my activities... it OS not fun... I am hungry even more now and not being able to do much doesn't help in the weight gaining area.... I am constantly thinking about. what I just ate and how much I am eating... not fun!!!
    Well this is my 5th pregnancy... I have three boys, a beautiful daughter who awaits me in heaven, and another daughter on the way... expected arrival august 11....
    Just wondering...any tips for this momma... oh and sadly must be our last... bc this will be my4 th csection. Sigh...
    Keep us posted
    Monica Godoy

    1. Monica! I understand... Because of my medical history c-section is considered the safest way for me to deliver my babies. I've had two thus far and have been cleared for a 3rd (though not yet going for number 3). So it's the wait and see for us too, how many times the surgeon will clear me for another pregnancy. I am really grateful for my beautiful precious boys. I always wanted at least 2-3 children, but over the last few years I've felt like the Lord has added one or so to this number. We'll see what happens. But I think it is SO HARD in the church community both IRL and online - where large families are much more common than in society in general today. I feel like women around me are just popping out baby after baby 1-2 years apart and having easy pregnancies. It stirs up the ugliest feelings in me. Bitterness and envy. And sadness too. It's been such a long way for me to even get to the point where we could start trying for our first. (I had medical issues that needed to be resolved which took years.) It hasn't been easy. And I want to love and bless other women and not have these feelings. I get really upset when women with easy pregnancies complain about little things and at the same time I am so aware that there are many women who'd look at me the exact same way and think I am complaining over nothing. It's all relative in that way. I'm turning to God a lot with this issue so that He can help me get over it and just rejoice in the blessings in my life without the bitter taste.

      Don't worry about weight and shape right now more than you need to to stay at ok health for the baby! We all gain weight differently - and we all have different abilities to exercise during pregnancy. I had bad pelvic joint pain from halfway through my pregnancies and had to stop going for walks. With my second I felt so sick fråm week 7-13 that I could stand up before lunch (as soon as I stopped being horizontal I'd feel need-to-throw-up-NOW-sick). I have residual problems from a paralysis condition I had as a child. I can only do my best with what I've got and the same goes for you. Do your best and don't beat yourself up about it! Ask God for strength! That's the advice I can give to you.

    2. *Meant to say I COULDN'T stand up before lunch of course.

  10. So exciting! For me too! I am exactly where you are my due date is end of July beginning of August. We just found out two days ago that we are having a BOY! So excited. My only boy (out of five) is going to be twelve next month. I haven't done the boy thing in twelve years! Over the moon happy. We are doing a home birth (hopefully) with an amazing midwife this time too. The care has been something I can't even explain. So much more personal. When we left our first visit I felt like crying because someone actually cared about how I was doing. So happy to keep up with you about all this. My placenta is in the front and the kicks have been all on my left side. On the ultrasound sure enough his little feet were going like crazy on the left side.
    You look amazing and I can't believe that you can keep doing all those work outs. Go girl. :)

  11. You look phenomenal! I think you are really going to like home birth. It's an amazing experience.

  12. I am so happy for you! I have been following your blog for a while which I saw through pinterest and love it! I have four little ones too, had a midwife with my last 3 and had great experiences for all. You will be surprised at the difference, especially the follow up, lots of tlc from midwife post birth. I am also a fitness instructor and have been teaching for a number of years, kickboxing is still one of my favourites and I love the workout it nice reading your blog God Bless

  13. Mandy! You are crazy woman! ;) You look absolutely wonderful! No one would ever guess you'd gone up a size anywhere. I know it's relative to how we look and feel when we aren't pregnant and that you compare yourself with your normal even fitter you. But please just know you are perfect the way you are and enjoy having a body that functions so extremely well pregnant and non-pregnant! You are so blessed! I do get annoyed from time to time with my still very pregnant looking belly (11 months after 2nd c-section) which is because I have a diastasis) but as long as I function ok I am grateful and who cares about a big belly when I see what came out of it. ;) <3

  14. Wow, you look amazing, I got so big with both of my pregnancies. I wouldn't even know you're pregnant. That's great that you've been able to keep up all the exercise!!

  15. You look GREAT,!! Yes! Every pregnancy makes me want to do major projects, paint the house, redecorate, sew, crochet.... After 7 kids I have a closet FULL of unfinished projects and a few walls without a second coat...ha! It's all good.... God is good. Do you homeschool? I do....and I love that your having #5.... GO GIRL LARGE FAMILIES ROCK

    XoXo GiGi

  16. So happy for you!! Glad you are feeling better this trimester. You look great!

    I'm in week 25 of our first pregnancy. We are having a little girl in June!!

  17. Congratulations, you do look amazing for being so pregnant. Talking about getting out the door in the morning, we moved to Norway last October and getting our 3 kiddos out the door in the morning is a major undertaking. We moved to Norway from Texas so I was used to shorts, t-shirts and crocs. Now we have wool, fleece, snowsuits and boots, neck warmer, hat and mittens. My daughter has learned to put her gear on by herself, but my boys, 2 & 3, still need help with the whole process. I am really looking forward to spring, but it snowed again today.
    Good luck with baby #5, so exciting!

  18. I delivered #5 2 weeks ago, today! What a blessing she is! AND, #5 was by far my easiest pregnancy, delivery, the whole lot! I only gained 14 lbs, and she was my tiniest little one (7 lb 13 oz - we usually have 9-10 lbers, lol). Congratulations on your precious #5! Growing families are so cool!

  19. I'm so excited for you and your family!!! Congrats on baby #5 by the way :)

  20. Umm, what belly??? You're tiny!! I wouldn't even know you were pregnant if I passed you on the street as would no one else. You look beautiful as always, just don't look pregnant at all!

  21. Found you while blog hopping. :) when is your actual edd? Mine is august 2nd so I think we are really close as far as dates.

    I must say I'm jealous of how you carry. I get all kinda of horrible comments on how huge I am. So, ya know, the grass is always greener. :)

    Congrats to you!!!

  22. I am pregnant with our fifth child also and due the end of August. The other four are 6, 4, 3 and 1 1/2. Two boys and two girls so far so this will be the tiebreaker :) I am blessed with easy pregnancies and deliveries. It definitely makes the whole process a lot more enjoyable! I'm enjoying following along with your pregnancy! Congratulations :)

  23. So excited for you you look A-MA-ZING I can't even tell and as far as going up a size truly only you can tell you look great !!! Number 5 so cool I have 7 ages 19-7 and their each so different and a total blessing from above :) God Bless and Congrats on Baby #5

  24. This is so encouraging to see such an active and fit mom. That is so awesome that you are able to maintain your activity levels and be able to work out while pregnant, I so hope I am able to do that. Very inspiring, thank you! :-)

  25. Ahh, so excited for you, Mandy! I am 12 weeks pregnant with my 1st (due in late Sept). I'm hoping to have a homebirth as well---so excited! I look forward to hearing about your birth!

  26. You do look great and barely pregnant! That's amazing how you've been able to keep up with your exercising to the degree you have been. I'm due in October...just gettIng over a cold bug so I took a break on my strength training...want to resume it this week. Usually near the end I feel productive but right now I feel the opposite. Normally I'm super creative and project oriented but right now, and just like with my first I feel like it left. I feel more feminine when pregnant though! Excited that you're doing the home birth route. We would like to in the future but right now it makes more financial sense for us to go with a doctor. The blessing is that she supports natural births.

  27. How did I miss that you are expecting again?? I guess i have been more absent than I thought since Christmas! We are expecting baby #4 in October. This morning sickness has been killer, but I am praising God through it because it is a sign of a healthy pregnancy. I am probably showing as much at 10 weeks as you are at 19, but I am giving myself a little grace since I was only 5 months post-partum when I got pregnant. Congrats! Children are such a blessing from God!

  28. Hi Mandy,

    When you say you work out an hour to hour 1/2 most days-do you do the same thing everyday? I'd love to add more time and frequency to my workouts but am wondering if its beneficial to do the same thing everyday? For example: running.

  29. I just saw this post!! Congratulations!! I'm due with #3 in July also!! Also having a hard time with the body changes this time. It usually doesn't bother me too much but this time I'm having a harder time. Just trying to focus on the positives and pray! ;) So excited for you!

  30. Thank you for this wonderful blog with photos. I was worried that my tummy was too flat, but your tummy looks like mine today and I am almost 19 weeks pregnant. Due about a month after you. I am eating very well and the baby seems extremely mellow but moving about gently throughout the day. A future ballerina perhaps. Have fun! Great about the home birth plans. I am going to try that as well, if I can afford it.

  31. Can you suggest some ab exercises safe during pregnancy? I am confused so much conflicting information.


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