simple goals and menus this week {i.e. keep the children fed and clothed}

We're keeping it simple this week in the food department {as usual, ha!}, and sticking with old favorites. We had another round of sickness this weekend {in which I thought I would never sleep again!}, and today I'm busy studying new BODYPUMP choreography while Rob's trying to finish caulking the entire house exterior. He's spent hours and hours doing it so far, and it's exciting to maybe move on to the next thing while the weather is good. :)

Menu plans for this week:

semi-homemade pizza w/turkey pepperoni {I bought a frozen crust for the first time!}
crockpot pinto beans and rice
bean burritos {leftover beans and rice} with chips and salsa
turkey tacos w/black beans and avocado

sandwiches + chips for school days, and leftovers- and this makes me laugh- but their special "treat" lunch they got to pick out for yesterday was a cup of ramen??... for some reason they get really excited about it! :) 

breakfasts: cereal- frosted mini wheats {the natural kind from Walmart was cheaper? It was because they have less sugar, I'm sure...}, oatmeal, biscuits for the kids

and a menu plan for just me: {ha! I like weirder and weirder stuff every week now...} 
breakfast: greek yogurt with a tbs. of real preserves, bananas
lunch, dinner: chicken w/ buffalo sauce, baked potatoes, and cottage cheese... pretty much every night. Tofu, butter beans, and mushroom skillet, and black bean soup above. I did finally break down and buy some good canned soup for when I'm feeling really icky and not like eating protein or cooking anything else.
snacks: watermelon, yogurt, granola bars, strawberry smoothie

Oh and in case you're wondering, here's what $145 worth of non-coupon shopping looks like from Walmart- there was a few items in the freezer already, and some were toiletries but still ... very sad:

And of course, on our one trip to Walmart every few months, I had to find my current cravings:

They're always best when mixed together!

Just kidding. ;)

As I was putting the food away, I realized I have no real kitchen cabinet space because of my crazy addiction to spices:

Why in the world do I have an entire cabinet devoted to seasonings??? I can't figure it out. I guess I just love them.

As for goals this week- simple again...

1. keep the children fed. ;) {I think we should all get to cross that one off our list, don't you?}
2. wash and fold all of the clothes in one day
3. put away all winter clothes {summer and winter laundry together? it's overtaking us...}
4. paint 4 frames
5. stop, look in his eyes, and smile at my husband more {he's been getting the very tired version of me for at least 1.5 weeks now, poor guy... :)}
6. tell each of my children at least one meaningful praise about them each day
7. sew baby blanket

What are you planning for the rest of this week? :)

How many seasonings do you have in your pantry? {And do you need some? I'm sure I have some to spare!!}

Weirdest food combo ever in your house? 
Buffalo sauce and watermelon would be weird- but I think Rob won that award with hot canned mackerel and egg patties. Oh- it was so gross and smelly. Just thinking about it makes me a little sick...


  1. I laughed out loud at the title of this post. So true! You're an inspiration! To see that you feed your family healthy is so awesome! We've recently been working on this... It's definitely a lifestyle change.

  2. I literally have three spices in my cabinet. Salt, pepper and cinnamon. The third was for baking and I used it once. I really need to throw it out. I'm amazed at how many you have!

  3. Love spices?
    Want to feed your addiction? Look up Penzey's spices,they are amazing! I have a whole cupboard for spices and I keep a bunch in the freezer as well :)

  4. We have homemade pizza at least once week... the kids favorite right now is white pizza, cant complain about them wanting spinach. I have been so bad about cooking lately. I tend to "snack" thoughout the day when I am nauseous, so the kids have been doing the same. Tonights dinner was fruit smoothies and some peanut butter crackers. Our fridge went out Sunday night (yes, my beautful fridge that I worked so hard cleaning out after your post) and we lost most of the food to spoilage, so I have to do major shopping tomorrow! I will be saying an extra prayer for God to help me stay on budget tomorrow!

  5. we'll for the rest of the week i'll be refinishing a door that we bought at the restore store for HFH. It's an old door (the guy said about 85 yrs old) and has paned windows (yay natural like in my entryway!) that match my other two front doors (umm yes that means i have 3 front doors - i know awkward huh?). anyways i've been looking for one for a long time, hubster didnt want to but at $50 i guess he figured he'd better get it before i went to home depot and had them put one in at about 10x's that price. i'm ssssoooooo excited!
    girl i have one of those corner lower cabinets that has the big lazy susans in them - yea the whole top one is spices and the bottom lazy susan was gone when we bought the house but i found boxes that fix perfectly and 2 of the 5 boxes on that shelf are spices. i mean they are the key to life right? ;) i know so cheesey but i had to!!
    hmm weirdest food combo ever, i've got nothing as i have this thing about my food touching other food. i need those divided baby plates for real! but my weirdest craving for food when i was preggo was gummy bears i would go thru a 5# bag a week, of course if u ask hubster or my older SS they never ate any of them, although they each gained quite a bit of 'sympathy weight' with me so you decided, hahaha!!
    hope the rest of your week goes great! and yes i luv the opening line - some days - that is ALL it's about and that's absolutely ok!!

  6. Love the simplicity of your menu and goals! You go mama!

  7. I keep all my spices in the door of my upright freezer, and yes I have a lot too! And they are mostly the big ones from Sam's :)


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