the Lord saves those who seek Him {free psalm 34:6 printable}

I memorized Psalm 34:1-8 back in junior high {17 years ago now???}, and it has been a constant favorite and a passage that I refer to over and over again for comfort in my life. I've always LOVED Psalm 34.

And then in 2009, it became even more special to me after it helped me through my last labor in the most amazing way.

When I quoted those verses as I was having Avalie, they became an awesome source of peace for me in the midst of awful pain. I have no idea why it took me four labors to understand that when I trust in Him, the Lord removes my fears and the pain of childbirth is so much more bearable, because I am no longer afraid, but relying on the Creator of all things for help.

Verse 4 was huge for the last two hours of my labor, and I spoke it in prayer over and over:

"I sought the LORD, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears."

And then verse 6 was a constant reminder to cry out to my God for help. It gave me comfort over and over:

"This poor man cried, and the LORD heard him and saved him out of all his troubles."

Every time I was tempted to be afraid when I was giving birth, the Holy Spirit reminded me of these verses and comforted my heart with the knowledge that my Lord is my Deliverer, my Rescuer, and my Redeemer who promises to deliver His children.

And every time I remembered those truths of His Word, my pain would become completely bearable. 
Somehow, replacing my fear with trust in Him changed everything.

I was thinking about the whole abortion situation this weekend, and I really believe that His promises still ring true in that area too- that even in huge, terrible situations outside of our control, the Lord our God hears the cries of His people for help.

Our culture is in trouble- there are so many lost souls.... so many broken, hurting people who need Jesus here. It's like we are feeling the beginning of the labor pains in the world right now, the recurring painful ache of the consequences of the absence of our Lord in the hearts of men.

In financial troubles, in abortions, in job losses, in death, in sorrow, in loss, in childbirth, in the hard task of raising of babies, in failing marriages... we all feel pain after pain, after pain.

In the midst of these aches, oh sweet friends, we have to remember what is ALWAYS true:

Our God saves.

Our God delivers us.

He loves us with an everlasting love, that is far beyond any problem or situation we are dealing with. 

Our God is greater than all things, and nothing is outside His sovereign control. 

He is our GOD, and holy, holy, holy is His name.

He saves us when we cry out to Him, and He delivers us when we seek Him.

But the question is- will we seek Him? Will we cry out? Or will we try to fix it on our own?

I don't want to forget His promises- not even when things are easy or when I'm not afraid. I want to wear His words like a sign on my forehead, and write them on my hand so I'll remember not to try to do it on my own. I know I can't do anything without His help.

I love this verse so much- it means so much to me with all that's happened, I wanted to make a little reminder for myself to remember the truth and His promise on a daily basis. Especially with another birth coming up in the next few months... :)

And I wanted you to be able to remind yourself of His sweet, sweet promise too:

Do you have a verse/passage that helped you through the hard times?

Did praying Scripture help you in labor too?


  1. I prayed "Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Him who strengthens me." during my labors. Thank you for sharing what the Lord laid on your heart today.

    1. oh, that's a GREAT one too! I need to start writing out my faves! :D

  2. Thank you so much for sharing! I am due in a few weeks and also have natural are right, the pain is fearful! I am very encouraged by your post and am excited to use those Scriptures during labor. Thank you!

    1. Oh, so excited for you! let me know how your birth goes! :D

  3. I lived in Oregon several years ago. My sister came to visit and we went to the coast I have a beautiful picture she took and framed for me of the coast at sunset. I will deliver my fifth (natural labor) in October and it will be there for me as my focal point as it was in my first 4. I also have a CD that I have had for years Celtic Psalms that I listen to in the early parts of my labor. I just breathe and meditate on the words. Thank you for sharing this. How awesome!

    1. oh that's so cool- what a lovely image to think about! I like your plan- and I hope your birth goes well! :D

  4. I am loving your posts lately! This is such a great idea! I am pregnant with my first and due mid June. I'm having a natural birth and as the time gets closer I'm sure I will be more intimidated/scared. After reading this I immediately texted my husband and asked if he would memorize these 8 verses with me, or asked if he had any other Scriptures that would be good to memorize and wrote during Labor. So love this idea! Thanks.

  5. After a pretty mortifying second birth (extremely fast, extremely painful, Daddy had to catch the baby :)), I was very scared with number three. Although number three didn't hurt as bad, I still remember the suffering vividly. I'm pregnant with number four now (just barely), and I am already fighting the panic. I know I need to defeat this whole fear thing. :( I have two Bible passages I am starting to memorize to help me through labor, and I've been reading about breathing and relaxation techniques (something I never used for the first three!). I hope that I am able to trust in God in the midst of my suffering and that it will lessen the suffering, or at least make it bearable.

    The passages I chose are Philippians 4:4-13 and 2 Timothy 1:7-14. 2 Timothy 1:7 has been a life passage for me since my teenage years. I've always had a problem with fear (the enemy knows my weak spot), so I plan to kick its control to the curb this time around. I'd appreciate your prayers for a fear-free birth!! (And I'll pray for you, too! :))


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