12 ideas for reusing burlap rice sacks {thrifty thursday}

Okay, this might be borderline cheapskate Thursday instead of thrifty Thursday...but I had to tell you anyway. I have no shame. ;)

We love this rice from Sam's Club:

It's pretty pricey compared to regular white rice {2x more at least}, but basmati is our favorite. But as much the family loves this rice, I love the bag it comes in more. :) I can't bear to throw them away, so here are a few things I do with them to reuse and repurpose them:

I use them as gift bags. They have a zipper, so no tissue paper is needed! :D I am a last minute wrapper, and these work so well. And don't tell, but for some reason I don't enjoy spending money on big gift bags and tissue paper? I have no idea why I'm so cheap there! I apologize in advance if I ever give you a rice bag to hold your present sometime in the future. Just know I spent the money I saved on your actual gift! :P

Here's Noah opening his birthday present this weekend:

I also use them as swimming bags. It will hold a couple of towels and swimsuits, and I like how breathable the fabric is for damp clothes. It's also small enough to keep in the back of the car every day without overtaking the whole thing. {You never know when you might get the urge to swim. ;)}

And we also like to use our old sacks for portable lego storage containers for car trips and nights away from home. :D

Here are a few other uses I've come up with for my rice sacks. {I haven't done them all yet- we haven't gone through that many pounds of rice yet! hehe}
  • a library book bag
  • lego organization {for keeping the kit legos separate from the others}
  • a throw pillow
  • glue it to an old canvas for kitchen wall decor
  • cut and frame parts of it for a fun wall gallery
  • fill it with a brick and stuffing for a cute door holder/stopper
  • sew 3-4 together for a kitchen valance/shade
  • cover a cork board for cute decor
  • cut into triangles to make a pennant banner for a boys room
And I'm sure there's so much more you could do with it!! I haven't even looked on Pinterest yet! :)

What would you do with a cute rice bag? Any other ideas for me? 

What's your favorite kind of rice? Or do you prefer potatoes?
I like wild and brown rice the most I think. :) White basmati is a close second. Oh, and the sushi kind, provided it's rolled up with seaweed, crab, and avocado.... ;)


  1. Great ideas. Love it! Those must be nice bags, they even have zippers on them. Wow. I think they'd make nice reusable shopping bags. Just hand them to the bagger at the grocery store, when you're in check out. It could hold the small grocery item or produce. The plus side is that they look washable, which we all need to do when reusing grocery bags. Love your blog, Mandy! You are indeed, rich. God bless you and have a great day!

    Andrea L.

  2. These are such fun ideas! I love using it as a beach bag.

  3. I understand why you would hate buying tissue paper and gift bags. I do too, The last time I bought both of them I spent $5 for the bag and $2 for tissue paper. The wrapping cost almost as much as the gift!! :( Those rice bags are pretty neat, I think another good use for me would be a Six Flags bag. I'm always needing a big bag to take to Six Flags to hold water bottles, phone, camera etc....

  4. I used a smaller rice bag to make a purse *many* years ago! Old jeans for the strap made it even more "thrifty."

  5. such great idea - i've never seen these at my sams! my hubster is diabetic so regular rice is not a great thing.do u know how this rice is with carbs? we are doing low carbs as that is best for diabetics. do u have any great low carb meals you'd like to share? thanks!


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