a blogging break + popular post lists

eeee!!! we are on vacation without kiddos! :D
Happy Monday!! :D It's a really special Monday for me- we're on vacation! :D Rob and I are taking our 10th anniversary trip and I can't wait to share all the details with you next week!

I wanted to let you know I'm going to be taking a little break from blogging. We will be away this week and I wrote all these posts in advance for you guys, but I decided not to post them because I knew I wouldn't be able to stay away from the internet, Facebook, and Twitter if I did! :) {and checking your phone/laptop all the time on a rare vacation alone with your man? Probably not such a good thing...lol!}

So until next week, here are some popular posts from the archives if you want to explore some older articles! :D

Free printable chore cards
free 8x10 art- Psalm 34:6
the plan {free daily planning sheets}

walking through the Gospel- 14 week Bible study going through the basics of Christianity: the importance of the Bible, who God is, who man is, who Jesus is, why we need Him, salvation, and what it means, and more
laundry devotions- several devotions for today's women! Some devos have 10 minute audio too. I loved doing these a couple of years ago!

when you feel weary and tired
the complaining experiment  {4 parts} {totally revolutionized my perspective on motherhood}
on tv and movies: why i watched it all but can't anymore
birth control: my story

saving and making money:
5 out of the box ways to earn extra money
31 days of thrifting!! {31 posts on tips and how to shop at thrift stores!}
how to sell on eBay part 1, and part 2

before and after room reveals:
the living room
the bathroom
the office
the entryway

I hope you have a wonderful week!!

I'll be back next week with the answers to your FAQ's and lots of pictures and details!! :D


  1. Great idea! Last mini vaca, I spent so much time checking in, even though I had posts scheduled and all that. Have fun!

  2. Have fun on your vacation! I'm new to your blog, and look forward to perusing your links this week!

  3. Wow, enjoy your trip away. Sounds like absolute bliss. From Australia

  4. I only have a quick minute so I chose to look at your Before-and-After links. My house was built in 1909 so it is Post-Victorian and has the hardwood and similar woodwork, etc. as yours (though my rooms are much tinier! LOL!). Anyway we are doing our first floor bathroom but it was an add-on to the house so it wasn't original at all. Anyway SO EXCITED to see the transformations. Our clawfoot tub is in our 2nd floor bathroom and I also painted the outside of it. It was chipping and just icky and dirty looking. We need to reglaze the inside of the tub but at least the outside is pretty for now!

    We'll also be renovating the kitchen (as in completely gutting it) but not sure when that will be. Also redoing the family room (which is about a 10X12? Not much bigger than a small, small bedroom). The floors need to be redone and after watching Rehab Addict I think we have a pretty good idea on how to get that done. In fact we have original oak floors under the subfloor in our kitchen so I excitedly smacked my husband in the arm and said, "WE CAN DO THAT!" Tiles and laminate just never call out to me but the original hardwood definitely does. FUN!!!

  5. Have fun! Vacas without kids is so very rare definitely take advantage of it!


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