do you have a question for me?

Do you have any questions for me? I want to try to answer them in a post soon! :D

I get lots and lots of emails every week, and while I try to answer as many as I can, I can't always get to them all, which makes me sad!  But if you have had or have a question for me and you wouldn't mind sharing it here publicly on the blog, will you send it to me at mandy @ Or you can leave it in the comments below, and I will try to include it in the upcoming post! :D

Q: do all of your kids go grocery shopping with you? 
A: Why yes... it also happens to be my favorite way to wear them right before bedtime. Who needs a park when shopping is so exhausting? Why not kill two birds with one stone?... ;) hahahah. Seriously though, they do 95% of the time. I need all the help and unloading hands I can get, and most of the time they like it. :D

I'm trying to make a list of my most frequently asked questions for the post too, which should be fun. :D {#1 most frequently asked question by far is "how do you style your curly hair?" I have people in real life ask me this nearly every week too! Here's the answer, by the way! :D}

I can't wait to hear from you! :D

email me: mandy {no spaces}


  1. I just found your blog and love it! Do you count calories? I am trying to stop as I feel food and weight have become idols in my life. I am always thinking about, planning and longing for the next time I can eat. I want God to be number one...not food! Any advice? Part if me thinks counting calories and having meal plans will take away alway day dreaming about what I will get to eat.

  2. Mandy, This is SO weird that you posted a blog asking this. I've been thinking about a question/(s) for along time and was wondering how I was going to ask you! Thank you for giving me the opportunity!

    Do you and your husband have a budget?
    How do you know what to purchase and not when thrift shopping/shopping in general?
    Do you pray before you purchase things?

    Just curious - as I am attempting to honor the Lord in my spending. I see you buy from goodwill and such so I wanted to ask you!


  3. Sophie from FranceMay 15, 2013 at 5:11 AM

    How do you organize your day? Is there a special time for prayer, Bible study? And how do you do with the kids? you pray with them, for example?
    Well, that's a lot of questions, but it was you who asked!

  4. When and how did you & your hubby become Christians? :) What homeschool curriculum do you use?

  5. You do so much...just raising four kids is amazing, but you also homeschool, work as fitness instructor, complete DIY projects, thrift shop, blog, and who knows what else!! For goodness sakes...HOW do you do this? I can't keep up with what I have. The laundry alone for my family of 5 kicks my rear. I am so bad at time management that I struggle with getting my son to school on time every day. What is your schedule do you manage it all? I want to do better for my kids. Thank you!!!

  6. I too am curious what homeschool curriculum you use? Also, you have long, thick, curly hair like I do and I was wondering if you have cute, easy tips for wearing your hair up on hot summer days???

  7. I love your blog! My questions are:
    Do you take vitamins? What brands? Did you lose any of your hair after having a baby? My hair used to look just like yours besides the color, but after my first baby (who's 5 now) it all fell out and its never been the same :'( I too am amazed at all you do! I have 3 kids and we beleive the same about BC so we plan on having many more, but there are days (many days) I wonder how I'm going to do i! It is so overwhelming to me and I don't do HALF the things you do! I also LOVE your style but recently my husband has told me to wear only skirts and dresses-and they have to be mid calf at least. I would love to see some outfit ideas from you! I am only 26 and really don't want to look older and frumpy. I just have a hard time looking cute and stylish in skirts :P I would also like to know if you're a reader and what are your favorite books? I think I'll stop now lol

  8. Do you get alot of comments on the number of kids you have? How do you respond? Especially to negative comments? Does it bother you? We dont use birth control either. We have 3 kids and already we get ALOT of comments....if only they knew we're just getting started lol


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