having little children is fun :)

We started on the unreasonable baby to-do list this weekend- we dug up and planted flower beds!! :D I would show you pictures, but we aren't done quite yet- we still have to put in a two more borders and mulch. {do you have any tricks for keeping weeds from growing under the mulch? Is there a way I wonder?}

You know it's going to be a good Saturday when all of your children decide on their own to wear their number shirts. :D I love that they are still little enough to like doing this sort of thing. :) 

We went to get pizza before we got to work:

Then we hit Lowe's and bought Japanese boxwoods, roses, and landscaping border.  {can you believe those ginormous rose bushes were only $5??} Give me a rose bush any day over cut roses... you get years of beauty, unless you're like me and can kill them in a few months... :P

We worked until dark in the yard {and went to bed early!} and Sunday morning I woke up to these for Mother's Day...

Rob picked me a rose for each little one we have. :D I love the little bud for the baby! He gave me a sweet "gift certificate" too {more on that later!}.

And the older kids even made me cards and their own gifts for me at school, which I LOVE. How fun are these?? They made them with Sharpie markers and the teachers baked them in the oven. :D {here's a tutorial!!}

It was such a fun day! We went to church, then out for lunch, shopping, and ice cream:

We like going to Braum's, because we can buy 6 little cones for $3 in the frozen section. ;) They all get their own that way!

But I didn't go for the nutty cone yesterday- notice the chocolate M&M mix in the picture with us:

I shared two of those with Rob this weekend, by the way. I can eat about 1/3-1/2 of one, and I'm done. It's so awesome to have a husband who will share with me {and it's not even his favorite kind}. He doesn't mind taking one for the team. ;) 

It's a good thing we're launching BODYCOMBAT this afternoon...I need to burn a few extra calories after this weekend. ;) It's going to be a crazy week! :D

We actually have a busy, busy month ahead of us too- lots of classes to teach, a midwife appointments, major grocery shopping, projects to do, end of the school year/kindergarten graduation, a family wedding {yay}, and we are getting ready for a fun 10th anniversary vacation on top of that. :D May is going to FLY by. 

Is May a busy month for you too?

Do you like going to weddings? How many weddings are in your summer plans?
I seriously love going to weddings. I try not to miss a single one I get invited to. They are so much fun! {and I really want to throw another one for myself now that Pinterest has been invented...lol}.

Did you have a good weekend/Mother's Day?


  1. Regarding the question about weeds under-mulch: They sell underlayment at Lowes--either plastic or mesh that you can lay under your mulch. You just cut holes for your plant stems to pass through.

    Or...if you way to DIY--I've heard the you can layer newspaper in a similar fashion.

  2. I tried the newspaper trick under my mulch and I would say that it helps but weeds do still manage to get through a little bit.

    1. thank you- good to know! how many layers did you use?

  3. WEDDINGS! I so love weddings! They are incredibly fun, and since I haven't had one of my own yet, I'm storing up mountains of ideas for the future (Lord willing). ;)

    I LOVE the Mother's Day rose buds! That was such a sweet, gorgeous idea! You have a creative husband!

    1. He is so creative- he always makes things so special! :D so cool that you're collecting ideas now- your wedding will be so much fun! Mine was the first wedding I'd been to as a teenager so I didn't have the chance to do that- definitely write them down! :D

  4. In response to your question about weed control.....lay cardboard under your mulch. You can put it right over top of weeds, and the card board will kill it. It also disappears eventually.

    1. oh, that's a good idea! We have lots of boxes in the attic! thank you!

  5. May is the busiest month for us. We have multiple birthdays to celebrate, along with Mother's Day and our church campmeeting. And we start our Historical re-enacting season in May as well so we will be stepping back in time to about 1775 in a couple more weeks, where we will also be having an 18th century wedding!! I do like weddings because everyone is happy and celebrating!
    I'm glad you had an great Mother's Day!!
    My sweet husband made a huge breakfast for me for Mother's Day and I did a little shopping but mostly we just relaxed and didn't do much of anything, which is rare and
    pretty great:0)

  6. I want to be you when I grow up! (Of course I'm actually older than you-LOL.)

  7. Have used the newspaper idea for years. The more layers the better. Also overlap the papers well to avoid weeds growing up "in the cracks" between the newspaper sheets. Helpful to use your garden hose to wet the newspaper as you lay it out. You don't want the wind to undo your work before you get the mulch down. Just don't use the slick advertisement-type paper. It doesn't break down as well. On the same note, if using cardboard, pull off any slicky address labels, packing tape, etc. Anything like that will eventually work its way to the surface (not attractive!). Have fun!

  8. May is so busy! We just got back from vacation. Celebrated my birthday, Mother's Day, and our 11 yr anniversary is this month! 2 boys start soccer, one boy has an award ceremony this week, another a concert, and hopefully getting some gardening in like y'all! Can't wait to see pictures! I hope you all have a wonderful rest of May. :)

  9. In Sweden we have mother's day a bit later than you - this year it's on May 26th so I'll share my day with Noah who turns 3. :) The week after we're babysitting my sisters boys (5 and 2) when she goes in to have a c-section with her 3rd and final baby so that will be a busy week. We're going to have mom staying with us to to help us out thankfully. :)

  10. Sophie from FranceMay 14, 2013 at 1:27 AM

    In France, mother's day is also on May 26th...June is busier than May, because of school trips, the fair, and the end of the school (July 5) ...And your husband should give lessons to the mine (which has no imagination but many other qualities!): I see a few things like "how to make a gift at low cost but little effect" (in French the sentence rhymes:"comment faire un cadeau à peu de frais mais beaucoup d'effet"): the roses are so cute!!!

  11. We use newspaper for our whole garden, topped with mulch. My father in law has the process perfected. Five sheets (?) Is perfect if you want it to break down by the next year (like for our veggie garden) . I would put more layers down for flower bed because you are probably not going to til every year. The process requires more work up front but we have very minimal weeding the rest of summer.
    Newspaper is not only great at blocking weeds but also helps keep ground hydrated during hot spells. If you opt to use cardboard make sure to soak good when watering.

  12. I love the shirts! Each summer my mom would make us "matching" shirts so that when we went somewhere with crowds (amusement parks, etc) it was easy to identify us. One year they were frogs, another was somehow Sun themed, but my favorite was our Smiley face shirts that she painted with fabric paint. It was particularly handy when I was 8 and describing my family after having wandered off in 6 flags!


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