8 cute + thrifty walmart finds i love this week {summer 2013}

I mentioned yesterday one of my goals this week was to make a plan to pay off our house.... I'm super excited about the idea, but it wasn't all that long ago that we were on the Dave Ramsey plan to pay off all of our consumer debts and student loans.

I remember the gazelle intensity like it was yesterday, along with all the time and effort it took to save money to snowball on our debts. It was intense! I'm trying to mentally prepare to do it again- which means I'll be avoiding Target and the mall like the plague for a while. :)

When it comes to clothes and decorating, I'm a Goodwill girl mostly, and I love Target to pieces now that we have a 5% off debit card there, but sometimes even GW can't beat Walmart prices! :D I know I was shocked to find some cute stuff there this spring in round 1! :D

I couldn't wait to share the new finds I spotted at Wally World this week. {don't worry, I didn't buy them all! I just thought I would pass along the deals in case you needed to save some dough too!}

And I'm not sponsored by Walmart in any way, but I do spend a good percentage of my money at their store...hahah!

1. Coral summer knit dress for $9.97.

I picked this one up without trying it on yesterday, but I will let you how it goes. It's super cute in person! :D It comes in all kinds of colors too!

I loved it because it reminds me of this Ann Taylor Loft $40 sale version, {except the Walmart version is longer, yay!} what do you think?  :D 

It's too hot for maxi anything when you're 8 months preggo in the Texas summer heat, but if you live somewhere a bit cooler and/or aren't preggo, you might like this maxi! :D

And it comes in this cute color combo too! I really LOVE this one!

Here's a similar Gap version for $69.95 {wow}:

While our Dave Ramsey house payoff plan probably won't include buying any poufs anytime soon, I thought these were incredibly cute and a good size for the price!

I didn't see this ikat one in the store, but I found it online- isn't it colorful? It's my favorite, I think. :D

4. Starter men's dri-wear workout shirts, $8.47.

My husband loves to wear shirts like this to lift weights in! We normally buy the Nike version for $20-$25, but these are almost exactly the same. {shhh... don't tell- Rob's getting this for Father's Day!}

5. Colorful ties for $10. {in-store only}

We know from experience that it's so hard to find bright colored ties for a reasonable price! I LOVE these! {I was so tempted to buy one for Father's Day, but he doesn't use them often!}

While this isn't necessarily a "cheap" find, it's far less expensive than the World Market version. The only downside is that it's not real wood. But I couldn't resist snapping a pic. I really thought it was cute, even with the laminate wood, and it gets decent reviews! 

7. Multi-colored floral plates {in-store}.

I've seen plates almost identical to these at Dillard's for way, way more! :) These are bright and fun, and go with a range of colors you might have in your kitchen. $5 isn't too bad for one of these to hang on the wall! :D

And I loved their melamine plates {maybe even more} for $2.38. Aren't they adorable?

8. Drawstring dri-wear exercise tops for women, $5.96.

You already know I'm a big fan of Walmart's workout shorts, but I fell in love with these yesterday too:

I got this burgundy/purple version since it's a BODYCOMBAT color, and is long enough to hide my belly for the next few months. Even better, these tops are like 1/10th of the price of Lululemon! Unreal! :D

So those are definitely my favorite wally world finds right now! :D I am always surprised at the cute stuff they have if you dig around! :D

What are your favorite finds there recently? Any luck with cute stuff in round 1? :D

Are you on a Dave Ramsey/Walmart/beans and rice plan too? hehee


  1. I get more compliments on my Walmart finds than I do on my Bloomingdales or Loft outfits. Our Walmart in Ca has super cute summer clothes right now. I wait for clearance to get even better bargains. My workout clothes last just as long as my friends who buy at lulumon and other places. :)

  2. While I love Walmart prices, I really don't love the quality of their stuff. We've kind of decided that it's worth paying a bit more and getting things that are actually made and will last. Just our opinion.

    Go you for developing a plan to pay off your house. You can do it! We bought our house 6 yrs. ago and got it paid off last fall after 6 long years of gazelle like intensity. It was totally worth every bit of sacrifice and our friends sometimes thinking we were nut. :) Can't describe the satisfaction of knowing that we don't owe anyone a single penny! It's awesome!

    1. Lydia, I completely agree. I am choosy in what I get, because I do find sometimes the quality is lacking (more specifically in things that I might use more heavily or for longer periods of time.)

      That said, I have had really good luck with the George brand of apparel. I have to be business casual at work, and the basic bottoms and simple tops really mix well with my "investment" pieces. If it only lasts two years, I'm not as bothered by dropping $20 on a piece instead of the heartbreak when my $80 Macy's sale "investment" piece literally fell apart on me.

  3. We have that 3rd ottoman in our Walmart and I LOVE it! I keep trying to think of somewhere to put it.

  4. You did find some cute stuff! I just love those dishes! I found a great maxi dress at Target yesterday on clearance for 7.56! I was so excited! I also ran into a new Goodwill (new to me) and bought a pair of Old Navy jeans for 3.00. They didn't even look like they'd been worn!
    I'm not a big shopper, it's mostly necessity that makes me buy things but I always get excited over great deals!
    We try to be frugal, we're not exactly following Dave Ramsey but we are paying off debt (student loans, bla!!)
    One of the things we save money with is our garden. If the deer will stay out of it, it shoudl be really big this year. I also make my own cleaners, laundry detergent, and body lotions. It helps that I love doing that sort of thing:0)

  5. PAY. IT. OFF, sweet girl! NOTHING is more fun than gathering your kids and husband around you and hollering out "We're debt free!!!!" on the Dave Ramsey show. It will come faster than you think and your kids will remember it for a lifetime! We picked them up early from school (6 years ago! wow!) and took them with us to the bank to wire our last mortgage payment. We even have a little Wells Fargo stagecoach on our Christmas tree as a reminder of the day. Enjoy the journey and make lots of great memories! The life you are working toward is waaaaaayyyyy cuter than color blocked dresses and ikat poufs! I'm almost envious of the adventure you're going to enjoy!!! XO!

  6. You are the second blogger to post that adorable coral dress! I've got to get to wal-mart! I love their workout clothes and usually throw a cute workout tee in my cart when I shop for "groceries"! I'm short, so a lot of their maxi dresses don't work for me but the shorter ones do and I love them! I'm also in Texas and am living this summer in dresses & skirts!

  7. I just bought three of the tank tops today (I'm wearing the purple one now) and love them. I'm contemplating buying more!

  8. I found a Hanes tank top that I just loved at Goodwill it was three dollars. Went on line looking for more and found Walmart sold the exact v neck tank top I had bought. I got four more all different for twenty one dollars plus shipping. It's something like 114 degrees in the small desert city in AZ where I live. We have a Walmart but it was worth getting them mailed to me. Hanes is a namebrand and these are guaranteed not to fade. Plus I know the fit is perfect cause I own one. Have a great summer and good luck with paying off your house. I have no house note and love it.

  9. Wal Mart has a sort of 'niche' in my shopping world.
    Firstly, I only visit on Saturday mornings @ 5:30 AM. The night crew is finishing up stocking the shelves, the meat has just been marked down, available parking less than a mile away, shoppers are scarce, waiting in line for checkout - unheard of! It's GREAT!
    DONE by the time the kids are waking at home and the other shoppers start trickling in.
    Much of the stuff there is junk, but for grocery and household staples ( they often have oddball healthy things like WASA crackers I can't find elsewhere) and some clothing, electronics, etc, it can't be beat. The free site-to-store is nice too.
    It's popular to 'dis' the place these days, but I find it offers some real deals.

  10. I must check out that Coral dress! So cute!

    We're working our debt snowball now...we're almost Gazelle intense. We have about 2 years left if our income stays where it's at right now...it should go up so yay! Can't wait to scream "WE'RE DEBT FREE!!!!"


  11. I broke my femur this summer and bought some dresses like the one shown at the top in blue and black. I couldn't get pants up and down over my leg. They are super nice and so cute under a jean jacket, shrug or sweater.


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