foods I now love that I used to hate + goals and menus {june 18, 2013}

Happy Tuesday! :) I intended to post this yesterday, but hey, we worked out in the yard instead! :) We are getting closer to my crazy nesting goal of having the entire yard redone! {it already looks so much better than this!!}

I was also very happy with the progress we made on the to-do list from last week:
    pinterest source
  • plan Ava's first party : it's going to be a rainbow princess party! {I'm pinning lots of pics here
  • make a loose summer schedule {download a copy here}
  • list two more items on Craigslist: listed and sold them!
  • figure out house payoff schedule/timeline
  • wash baby clothes we have, figure out additional clothes we will need to buy for his first few months 
  • work on planting grass in the corner
  • make wall decor for baby room 
  • write a love note to my husband
  • write a love/encouraging note to my oldest 
  • take the kids swimming and to the library 
  • reschedule midwife appointment 
  • arrange Father's day plans/gifts :D
  • buy summer homeschool books for each child 
  • make lots of dinners at home {I was super busy last week, and we ate out a lot!
  • teach pump Saturday

here's the baby list progress I made:
  • make quilt/bedding
  • make 1 wall decor piece for over the bed
  • paint crib and dresser {still working on this, but mostly done}
  • wash baby clothes
  • buy diapers, wipes, and nursing supplies 
  • wash car seat + bouncer covers
  • hang curtains
  • order or find a pack n' play travel lite on Craigslist {decided not to get this after all- will use old playpen we already have instead of buying unless we find a good deal}

and here's the new goal list for this week:
  • hang curtains in the baby's room
  • start cleaning out the attic
  • make grocery list for Ava's party
  • wash kid sheets and blankets
  • list/sell 2 things on craigslist
  • buy home birth supplies we need
  • organize + purge kid toys upstairs
  • sub extra BODYPUMP class {+ burn off extra cake and Mexican food...LOL}
  • change phone plan
  • organize husband's dresser/clothes
  • add light fixture to bathroom {not me, LOL}
  • put girls' bed together {not me again}
  • take the kids swimming and to the library

Here are this week's menu plans- it's summer, so I'm shamelessly repeating most of last week. I've decided my goal this summer is to make as many paper plate /one dish/microwave meals as possibly I can. :) 

  • dinner with friends
  • ground turkey tacos {I have pre-cooked meat in the freezer ready for the microwave}
  • crockpot turkey spaghetti + bread
  • seasoned grilled chicken, pineapples + rice
  • griddle turkey sun dried tomato quesadillas + corn 
  • beans and rice {crockpot + rice cooker}
  • brown rice +/- lean beef {me}
  • zucchini pasta with homemade marinara {I hope I can find good zucchini at the store now!}

english muffin toaster oven pizzas
lunch out
pb + j with frozen fruit

cereal {frosted mini wheats or honey nut cheerios now that it's summer! :D}
bagels for the kids {I stocked up at the discount bakery a couple of weeks ago}

Have you tried any good summer {no-oven required} recipes lately? 
I would love it if you'd share- we are trying not to heat up the house this summer with our electric bill getting so much higher already.

Sun-dried tomato basil lover or hater?
I used to detest basil and then sometime in my 20's I fell in love with it. My children don't really like it now either, but I have a feeling they'll come around after they grow up. Ha! :D

One food you used to hate as but now love as an adult?
tofu, mushrooms, onions, eggs, fresh green beans....and the list goes on! I can't believe how much your preferences can change over time!


  1. Any suggested methods of washing bouncer/carseat/rock n play covers?

    1. I take all of mine completely apart and throw the covers in the washing machine with regular detergent and let them air dry, and it works perfectly for me! :)

  2. I washed a couple things for my hospital bag when I had a scare a week or so ago, but haven't done any of the rest. My mother in law will be here next week so I'm going to put her to work. I need to wash all the baby stuff, sterilize bottle and pump parts and move the pack and play into our room. The kids' sheets need to be washed and the bathroom needs a good cleaning as well. Hope my little one stays put until I get most of my list done, at least. ;)

    1. I know what you mean- I just washed the clothes but still need to put his room together. I guess if he comes before I get to it, he probably won't notice, but I'm hoping I have enough time in the next month to get it done! :D congrats again on your little one!! eeek so exciting! :D

    2. Thanks! We're thrilled! ;)

  3. I've been cooking almost exclusively from the Dashing Dish website lately. Katie Farrel's recipes are amazing and healthy - and several are done in a crock pot! Last night we did buffalo sloppy joes. SO GOOD. Food I used to hate and now love? Spinach. I grew up with mom warming it up in a can - YUCK!! But now I love it freshly cooked. (And in something. Not all by itself.)

    1. I love her recipes! she's sooo cute too! :) this is so weird- I grew up on canned spinach too, and liked it, now I only will eat the fresh version and don't like the canned anymore! :D how do you cook yours?

  4. I rely on tons of cold pasta salads for dinner in the summer. Just cook some regular or wheat penne/rotini then run it under cold water until cool. Then choose a theme: Greek, Italian, summer garden veggies with pesto, etc. My favorite is the Greek with cucumber, tomato, red onion, kalamata olives, Greek salad dressing, feta crumbles, and sometimes some chickpeas.

    1. Oh YUM! that sounds amazing right now!! thanks for sharing!

  5. I used to hate lentils when I was really young. I love them now, we eat them alot, especially in the wintertime.

    We love to make different types of "bowl" dinners - beans and rice with fresh veggies and salsa, quinoa w/tempeh and veggies - I also cook alot ahead of time and just use one pan to re heat.

    1. oh lentils are good- I never had them until the last two years! I can't believe it! : ) I need to try the quinoa and tempeh idea!

  6. I see you mentioned a home birth? Have you had one before? Although I had both mine in a hospital, I always thought a home birth was so interesting and inspiring. :)

  7. Can you believe that my husband hated Mexican food up until a few years ago?!?!?! Insanity! I'm glad he loves it now since it's one of my faves.

    So I see "buy birth kit" is on your list. Are you having a home birth?!?! I didn't think you were so I had to ask. Just had our home birth last week! My little guy is 10 days old.

  8. Sophie from FranceJune 19, 2013 at 1:57 AM

    Cheese! I used to hate it when i was young...but now i really love certain cheeses (but not all!)
    We love to eat rice or pasta salads, or grilled vegetables with pita (is it the same word in english?)and parsley/basil/chives...mayonnaise. And fresh fruits (it's the strawberry season!!)
    I love your summer schedule, I try when my kiddos will be on vacation (even 3 weeks! So long! But,hey, we finally have the sun and heat! it's summer!)

  9. A rainbow princess party sounds so lovely, can't wait to see the pictures! Some people are always surprised by my favorite food which is salad. Since I was a teenager I could eat salad everyday and well that didn't change as an adult. My husband doesn't like when I make a list, but it is astounding how much more I can get done if I make a list first. I think he just realizes that he will have to do more with a list.

  10. As far as easy meals go, we have started doing wraps about once a week. Tortillas, a little ranch sauce, a bit of shredded cheese, chipotle lime veggie chicken strips, red lettuce, tomato slices, and avocado. So yummy and pretty easy! (I make the chicken strips in the toaster oven) We also like breakfast burritos - tortillas, scrambled eggs, tater tots, cheese, and if we want, salsa/sour cream. I made a pasta salad by accident, it was supposed to be a casserole. But it was better cold, the next day, with a little vegenaise. :) I used the veggie pasta, sautéed onions, peppers, squash, and zucchini; after I mixed those together with the vegenaise, I chopped some cherry tomatoes and black olives. A touch of Italian seasoning and salt and pepper to taste. Really easy (for me anyway) and sooo good! :)

    Thanks for sharing your ideas and goals. It's nice to know there are other ppl out there with lists that get done when they get done. ;)



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