lots of wedding pics + june plans

Can you believe it's June already? May flew by, like I guessed it would. :D Being busy with vacations, graduations, and weddings probably helped a little. :) Last Friday night, Rob's little brother got married, and we were the photographers, which means I get to share a little sneak peek with you! :D

They got married here, and it was gorgeous. I can't imagine a more beautiful day for a wedding! :D

Aren't they such a cute couple??? :D It was a perfect day for a beautiful wedding!! I'm still editing them but I couldn't wait to share a few of my favorites with you! :D

After the wedding, we had a few projects we worked on this weekend. Now that summer is here, the baby countdown is on! We've been making good progress on the pre-baby to-do list.

I have a tiny bit of finishing work left to do, but this weekend I made the baby's blanket:

I try to make every little one something specifically for them, and the floral pattern is also going to be the theme of the nursery this time. Florals might be a bit girly, but I think the primary colors make it more gender neutral. :) The baby won't care either way, right?. ;)

And remember these free end tables I scored a couple of weeks ago? 

Rob was my DIY hero and painted them for me this weekend! :D Here's one of the two:

I'm hoping to make a little more progress on the ginormous list today, but we'll see how it goes. We are in full summer mode at our house, so I'm anticipating less getting done with lots more of this happening:

And with all that Lego building happening, we just may have to head to Braum's for another round of these soon to refuel:

Any excuse for ice cream is a good one, I say.

Yay for summer! :) {And sleeping in!}

What are your plans for the week? Any fun June activities planned?
I'm working on the to-do list like a nesting woman. There's no stopping pregnancy hormones and a second wind! :D I'm also teaching a few extra classes this week, which will be fun!

Favorite ice cream flavor?
Chocolate frozen yogurt, and English Toffee. I couldn't pick just one.

What were your wedding colors {or what will they be someday?} 
Periwinkle and silver, with lots of bright summer colors in the flowers.

Did you have an indoor or outdoor wedding? How did it go? I want to hear the details! :D
Indoor- it was a small church, and we were grateful for A/C in August!


  1. Our wedding colors were dark brown and apple green. We had an outside wedding at my mother in law's hobby farm. It was a little chilly but at least we weren't sweating!

    1. oh, I like that combo! was it fall? I can just imagine!! :D

    2. Early spring! The trees were the perfect color! ;)

  2. Great photos!

    Our colors were navy & silver. I got married inside - it was HOT in July. The small country church we picked (my husband grew up in it) had no A/C. Ugh. And of course my dress weighed roughly 402 lbs.

    1. aww you were a great bride to do that for your hubs!! Were you in the south?

  3. What a pretty day it was for a wedding!!

    Our colors were chocolate brown, eggplant, and then pops of fuchsia. We had an indoor/outdoor wedding. We got married at a historic train depot and were married outside by the train tracks (and of course a train went by in the middle of the ceremony!) and then had the reception indoors. It was perfect!

    We don't have a lot of plans this week other than catch up on housework and get some exercise in!! My husband loves chocolate ice cream and if I had to choose mine would be mint chocolate chip but we're dairy free right now so I'm loving some raspberry sorbet!

    The Faithful & Frugal Fashionista

    1. oh how pretty- I can imagine your flowers, and the setting! :D I hope your week was awesome! I'm with you on the light sorbet, that sounds amazing!! :D

  4. the pics are perfect! i love the church pic and the one of them leaving the church. his face is priceless. you did a great job! ;)

  5. WOWSA. Great pics!!! I just got married in December - sunset on Siesta Key beach - a dream come true for an Indiana girl in the middle of winter!! If you're feeling sappy for a love story, I posted ours here: http://bekahsbits.blogspot.com/p/our-love-story.html

  6. We got married at the Wynn hotel in Las Vegas in 2009. I was hesitant to go to Las Vegas (husbands idea) but the hotel was beautiful and we had lots of fun with family and friends! Our colors were black and pink.

    The small white church wedding is so classic and perfect! If I had to do it all over again I would choose that only because not all of my family could attend our wedding.

  7. Love your photography!! So beautiful!

  8. I love how that little table turned out!!!

  9. My wedding colors was light blue and white, because I wanted to have a wedding similar to my parents. It was at our church our families have attended since it began in the early 1900's.

    It was wonderful! Everything was perfect!

    The best part? This June 25th is our 25th wedding anniversary!!! Wow! How time flies!

    You can catch a glimpse of our story on my blog at farmfaithfamily.blogspot.com. Go to the page, "My Journey" on the sidebar to get a peek. It isn't our entire story, I need to add that, because it is a great story!

    The church above is absolutely beautiful! Great job with the pics!

    Always Experiencing Him,

  10. Favorite ice cream flavor is orange sherbet.

    My wedding colors were pink and black and it was June in Oklahoma - indoor wedding, outside pics - SO HUMID AND HOT!! :)

    My week's plans are more organizing and general nesting, 23 wks preg :)

    Hannah H

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