pregnancy update: 34 weeks, baby #5

So the other night I woke up after a dream and had completely forgotten I was pregnant! Then it hit me all at once: I'm seriously ABOUT to have a baby in a few weeks. In the middle of the night {when it was all new to me again}, I couldn't believe it is really this close- just 4-6 weeks or so left to go!

{I've decided he's not allowed to be late to this party.}

The rate at which my belly is growing is quite phenomenal, I have to say. It's out there! :) I might have to do more frequent updates just to keep up with it! hahah!

How far along: 34 weeks. {Unreal!}. It's not very long left in reality, but when I'm fully awake in the daytime, a month or more left seems like a lot of time to grow! :D

Baby size: Around 18 inches and 5- 5.5 lb.

Gender: Boy.

Weight gain: Still average- feeling a major hunger surge/growth spurt this week though- I think he's busy getting huge. :) My babies average 8 lb. + at full term/ 40 weeks every time!

Belly: is now blocking my feet, and looks like a basketball. Very round!

Clothes: I have fewer and fewer options in the closet right now. :) I broke down and bought a couple of longer non-stretchy t-shirts at LOFT a couple of weeks ago. I also tried on a dress there that almost made me forget I have a big ol' belly at all {really though, it was more thanks to their very generous vanity sizing and ultra-slimming mirrors....hahaha!}

Movement: His body parts are sticking out constantly! My new favorite thing to do is to freak out unsuspecting friends by making them feel my belly when his bottom is sticking up... it's so weird!! ;) I think I will be happy when he finally drops his feet and bottom out of my ribs for good though. :)

Food aversions: Hanging on to the coffee dislike from the past few weeks- I have to have some form of sugar/milk/flavor combo to drink it at all. I still don't want to eat meat or any dairy like yogurt or cottage cheese. 

Food cravings: Mostly liquids of any kind... I'm so thirsty, and it usually means I'm gaining! Occasionally ice cream and smoothies sound good!

Labor signs: Much stronger contractions at night on occasion- like the ones that make you stop and realize they're happening. It gets a little uncomfortable sometimes!

Exercising: So far, so good- I've kept my regular teaching schedule so far, and generally can do everything I used to, except for big jumping moves, push-ups and planks on my toes. It is getting more challenging for sure with this big belly! :)

Comparison shots: left to right-19 weeks, 22 weeks, 26 weeks, 31 weeks, 34 weeks

What I miss: not gaining weight nearly every single week... ;) bending over normally, sleeping on my stomach, and not being tired every late morning/afternoon.

Preparing for birth:  There are few things you don't think about when you think about home birth, unless it's your own happening- like buying shower curtains and wash clothes and extra sheets... that's all new to me! I also have to make sure I have a crockpot, a thermometer, snacks, and lots of towels and extra pillows on hand. This is so different than a hospital birth! :) You just don't think about anything like that when you go to the hospital! :)

So those of you who have birthed at home before- what's something I REALLY need to have? Anything you forgot the first time at home?

Average birth weight of your babies? 

Non-pregnant people- would you be so kind to remind me how fast these last few weeks go by? 4 weeks isn't long, right? LOL!


  1. We keep the shower liner on the bed for the first few days since I've wanted the security of not messing up our mattress. I don't know about your midwife, but ours didn't give me any of those mondo postpartum pads...

    Squee! You don't have much time left! Can't wait to read your birth story!!!

  2. Our midwife has a list of items needed and has a kit you can purchase with everything in it including mondo post partum pads.

  3. I had three at home. Two were water births. My Midwife gave me a list of things but one thing that helped a lot with my third before I got in the tub was the big bouncy ball to sit on.. helped take pressure off my tail bone. The big chucks pads are awesome! And the big Poise pads for after are really nice. I also liked having soft playing music. I went over due on all of mine and they ranged from 9 lbs to 9.5. You look amazing btw!! Congrats... can't wait to see photos! I am a beginner photographer still learning but my dream would be to photograph home births :) One little bit of advice would be to stay in bed!!! Even if you feel great! And if anyone offers to come over and help.. take them up on it! Enjoy every moment and rest that first week!

  4. Baby number 2 just turned a month old. He came 12 days early and weighed 6 pounds 7 ounces. Our 28 month old daughter was 12 days late and weighed 7 pounds 3 ounces. Especially since Kenna was late I wasn't expecting baby 2 to come early so those last weeks went by REALLY fast. :-)

    Can't wait to hear your home birth story. I'm really torn as to what to do for another child. . . Kenna we had using midwives in a hospital (1 1/2 hours away - the closest place that has that option) and we were using the same for Spencer but things happened fast, especially at the end and we only made it to ER triage before he was born. (And for a few minutes there I though he'd be born at home :-))

    And you are gorgeous! Love seeing your pictures!

  5. I just can't believe how well your abs hold that baby being nr 5 and all! :) You are one lucky woman. Will have to show you my belly pics some day - it's so funny we only took ONE belly shot during pregnancy number 2 and we managed to do it at the exact same day of the pregnancy and I wore the exact same outfit and hairstyle as with number 1. :D (Though happily for me one size smaller jeans. ;)) My babies have been born with "planned" c-sections. Or they aren't technically called planned when the babies decide they want out before the planned date, but still. They were born at 38 weeks and at 36+5 weeks respectively and were both 50 cm and weighed 3180g and 3200 g respectively. (That's a little over 7 pounds.)

    Haha I can assure you my weeks go a little slowly now too as hubs and I have started trying for baby nr 3. I have 2 c-sections behind me so we'll see when it happens, but I'm hoping it won't take too long. :)

  6. You do look great! I have to tell you I just love getting your posts emailed to me every afternoon. You are so inspiring and I too look forward to hearing your home birth story! :)

  7. I had a home birth for my 4th, and loved it. It was a water birth. My births go super quick (this last one was born 1.5 hours after I woke up!) so I don't have too many things to list as essential. My midwife suggested I make my bed up normally, then put a dollarstore vinyl tablecloth on top, the put a second set of old sheets on top of that. That way all you have to do is bunch up the dirty sheets when done, and you're good to go. And I'd recommend a birth photographer too ;)

  8. We had our little guy at home 2 weeks ago (as of tomorrow morning!). We bought a birth kit from that had items we'd need for the birth. We also got a pool liner (my midwife has three birth pools so we got one around 37-weeks). When I knew I was in labor I woke hubby up and he filled up the pool. A few hours later I birthed my son into my own hands and it was amazing.

    As far as what we used - other than the birth pool we had made up our bed with a clean sheet, then a sheet of plastic, then an old sheet we didn't care about ruining. We had a lot of towels on hand as well (if you don't have a water birth you might not need as many, maybe a couple to put over baby while you hold him skin-to-skin).

    If you do have a water birth we put down one of those vinyl tablecloths on the ground (fuzzy side up) to catch any blood and fluids and water, etc. and to prevent me from slipping when I got out.

    Just have plenty of water and snacks/food for labor and post-birth. Don't forget your camera (and fresh batteries) either! ;-)

  9. Did homebirth with our second 4.5mos ago :) Go ahead and have birthpool inflated if you're hoping to use one. And get a new watering hose to connect to the hot water connection for your clothes washer... fast way to get the water to fill the pool... was unable to use mine in the end bc I was progressing so fast and we had our toddler still around until a couple of hours before she was born due to logistical crazies trying to get him to a friend's place... would have taken too long to fill it. Also, get a photographer... wish I had gotten one... really wish I had! Our son came right at 40wks and was 7# 7.6oz, daughter came at 37wks 5days and was 6# 15oz. :)

  10. Hi Mandy, I was wondering what you do about drinking coffee during your pregnancies? Have you ever laid off or cut back at any point in your pregnancies? Just asking because I am currently trying to get pregnant for the first time and have been trying to mentally prepare myself to give up I was kind of excited to see that you're still drinking it :) Thanks! -Mary

  11. We had our fourth baby at home. How I/we prepared was I did lots of baking and stored that in the freezer. I was glad to have banana breads etc in there and was able to pop them out when hubs wanted one or right after I had baby. Stocked up on any drinks that I thought I would like to have while walking around the house & having contractions. Also the way we made the bed was this way: 1) reg mattress cover 2) good sheets 3) shower curtains (from $$ store) 4) old sheets. Then when baby is born you just lift from the shower curtain up and your bed is already made with your good sheets and you can slip back into bed. I personally always buy a new pair of jammies for myself after I have baby ;) Also I bought depends to slip under me after I had baby. I like that because it kept the everything tidy. But yes, I do believe the Midwife should have a list of suggestions to have at the birth. All the best.. many blessings!

  12. Pregnancy looks great on you! I just can't get over that gorgeous hair. As a mother of six, I would say the number one thing you need to have at home is...............your midwife! Mine was barely there 4 minutes before my daughter was born and that was because I was trying my best to not give birth until my midwife arrived. Also, Kotex Nightime Supers are an absolute necessity. Anything less than that will mean very frequent changes or even accidents on your sheets.

  13. I have had all three of my precious boys at home (so far) deff dont forget a heating pad. It feels AWESOME on your back or belly during contraction!!

  14. After all my births (4 thus far), I have used Depends for the first few days. So much easier and more comfortable than giant maxi pads. Try it :)!

  15. First off, you look fabulous!
    And second, yay to a home birth! I had baby #5 at home, as well (first home birth) and it was the most amazing experience ... very comfortable, my four daughters didn't even realize what was happening as they were in the other room watching a movie and it was so lovely to just have them slip into the room when all the labour was over and oohh and ahh over their baby sister ... honestly, it was fantastic. Of course, every story is different, but I think you will love it, as well.

  16. "mama of seven" - too many rats on this ship.
    When God said go forth and multiply, he did not say "without limits" or "do not use the brain I gave you".
    The earth will explode because of people like you


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