Ava's 4th rainbow princess party: a ginormous tutu and lots of sparkles

We had Ava's 4th birthday party this weekend! It was a rainbow princess party, which {of course} meant lots of colors were involved! :)

I probably had a little too much fun with the theme, and even found a few things to go with the rainbow things I'd made! :)

Instead of doing the 3000 rainbow-related things I pinned on Pinterest, we focused on the baby to-do list and just kept the party simple. Which means I now have a lovely new section of fenced yard, and Ava had fun at her party too. Hey! :) I only made a few things for the party, but I was happy with how it turned out! :)

I bought all the food at Sam's, and Target had rainbow party hats and cups to match the homemade pennants on clearance! :D

Ava couldn't believe all the presents were for her. :) It was her first real party, so the experience was all new to her! :)

I made nothing from scratch, and it was wonderful. :) Shockingly, no one CARED the cake and cookies weren't homemade. hehehe. Why do I normally even worry about things like that? Somehow being 35 weeks preggo makes you not care, and it's a good thing. :)
these cookies went quickly, along with the rainbow twizzlers! :)
The girls both dressed up like princesses, and the rest of the family wore bright colors {actually, I just wore what still fit... lol}

I got Rob's shirt at Walmart for $4! :D I have to say, I love this man wearing heathered purple. :) He was the party hero- he worked so hard to get all of our big to-do list projects done. Seriously, he's so amazing. 

I made this little tutu for Ava, and she was so thrilled. :) It was so easy- I totally cheated, and I can't wait to show you how! :) It pretty much got wrinkled right away, but oh well. It was still fun! :)

We had homemade sub sandwiches- the easiest party food in the world {and even easier thanks to my sweet family helping me chop and assemble and put the food out!}.

The other kids were just as excited as Ava was. :) It's so fun to have lots of brothers and sisters to share life with:

She loved opening presents....

But blowing out the candles was a different story. :)

It's taken us a few years to figure out she's an introvert... ;) Or she just doesn't prefer to be sung to, no matter if she's 4 or 2.... ;)

Ava's 2nd birthday- how she's changed! :)
She's no introvert at home with the family, though. :) She loves to talk our ears off. Good thing she has a sister who can match her {and dress up with her}:

Oh, the days of the princess dresses. I'm glad they are still here. 

I will hold on to them as long as I can. :) Someday they'll be wearing a princess dress of the wedding kind, and I have a feeling it will come all too soon. 

Do your girls love princess stuff too?

What's your favorite/easiest party food to serve? :)


  1. My daughter is turning 4 at the end of July and we are doing a princess party too. (party place in our little town went out of business so I got some cute princess stuff. Our daughter is an introvert as well (although not with her brothers! :) ) so it'll be a low key party. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to make her a tutu (she would adore it). I can't sew worth a hoot, so please post directions REALLY soon!! Thanks so much! I love reading your blog!

  2. What a great party! The birthday girl is just adorable!!

  3. You are right about it coming too soon. Before you said that when I was looking at the sweet princesses pictures. I was thinking back to my daughters' princess party that they shared together. They both have December birthdays so it was easier to combine. They were 5 and 3 that year. A little over a week my oldest is getting married. Thanks for sharing your little princesses.

  4. Such a wonderful party Mandy. My Ava turned 4 last month. You probably don't remember me but my name is Erica Frisk, I blog over at friskpartyoffive.blogspot.com. I believe we also both turned 30 last October.

  5. Sweet! Yes my 2 little girls(4 & 3) LOVE dressing up like princesses and ballerinas. It's such a fun stage, even if there are times all the dressing up and changing clothes every 15 minutes overwhelms me. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!!

  6. This is so sweet! I love how it's decorated, you didn't go crazy which means you got to enjoy your daughter's party!!! Love it!

  7. such a lovely party & pictures too. i can relate with not doing anything from scratch, and no one caring about it. haha! sometimes i wonder why we even bother, right? anyway, you have such beautiful girls and congrats on the next one on the way. :)

  8. Sophie from FranceJuly 4, 2013 at 2:21 AM

    My daughter is turning 7 saturday, and we are doing a fairy party.It will be his first birthday party. And of course, she loves princess and fairy stuff!! I think i will serve a chocolate cake,and candy, and that all...but I note the idea of sandwiches, it changes a little bit of sweet food (candy and cakes...)

  9. The easiest party food is pizza but deli trays are my favorite. People seem to love making their own sandwiches. Put out the trays plus a bowl of chips and you're done!

  10. Sabrina MatthewsJuly 8, 2013 at 2:15 PM

    My sweet Daughter is having her 4th birthday party this Saturday...we are also doing a rainbow theme :) You comment about a princess dress being a wedding dress made me choke up....how quickly these little moments pass. :*)


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