pregnancy update: baby #5, 39+ weeks

39. weeks. pregnant. This is the end! 

{right? right? please say yes...?}

Last week was rough on my body- I woke up several nights at crazy times because my uterus was exercising in the middle of the night. ;) And a lack of sleep + a huge baby + end of pregnancy hormones = a less than fun week, you know? It was hard.

But God has been teaching me so much in this not-so-fun time- it's been a huge lesson in waiting on Him, and trusting Him. He's given me specific passages of Scripture for comfort over the last few weeks, and I can't wait to share them here. He is SO good- He never fails to encourage your heart when you are weary!

I know I certainly don't have any right to complain about the hard last few weeks of pregnancy- having a healthy pregnancy itself is a great blessing, and my body is still working just fine. :) 

I've just been reminded that the old saying is true- that God makes your body prepare for having a baby by waking you up every few hours a night until you deliver. ;)

I won't lie- I'm really hoping that delivery comes soon! I'm ready!! In the meantime, though, I figured I'd do another pregnancy update since it's been over a week now. :)

How far along: 39 weeks + a few days? I can't believe I'm typing that...

Baby size: fully grown. And large. LOL!

Gender: Boy.

Weight gain: Still average, and I'm hoping to lose at least 10 lbs. this week! heheh.

Belly: looks like a watermelon, and not one of those wimpy seedless ones- one of the full grown, oval-shaped, right off the farm truck ones. ;)

Sleep: I'm not sure what that is?? I nap for a couple hours at a time when it's dark outside...

Clothes: Oh, man- I can't wait to be able to wear regular clothes again.

Movement: Much tighter, smaller, strong movements- you can tell he's pretty squished these days! :)

Food aversions: Gone except for coffee, and as of a couple of weeks ago, I can eat salad again!! Hallelujah!!! I've been so excited about that! :)

Food cravings: I'm mostly thirsty all of the time- but I've really wanted carbs for the last few weeks too. The hunger kicked in again last week, and I've been raiding the kitchen in the middle of the night. I'm HUNGRY too these days! :)

Labor signs: Contractions wake me up on a regular basis now, but I can usually tell they aren't going anywhere. They've been too light. And no pain = no gain! ;) When I wake up with very strong ones, I know it's close to D-Day. 

What I miss: Moving around/bending over like a normal person, sleeping comfortably, and not waddling?

Preparing for birth: I think we're completely ready, and have been for several days now. We had another fun Friday with special kid activities and even repainted a whole room this weekend, which I'll update you on soon! :)

Comparison shots:
19, 22, 26 weeks:

31, 34, 36 weeks:

37, 38, 39 weeks:

So the big question on my mind right now is this: will there be a 40 week update on Friday?? 

Oh my. I might need some kind of serious distraction to get through the next few days! :)

Non-preggo people, do you usually wake up in the middle of the night or do you sleep straight through? 
I rarely had a night I slept without waking up several times. My arms fall asleep a lot, and I toss and turn, even when I'm not pregnant! I remember going to bed and waking up and it was morning back when I was a teenager. I miss that feeling! :)

Any tricks for keeping yourself sane in the last few days? :)

Any ideas for healthy low-calorie bedtime snacks that aren't dairy products? 
I have been eating a protein bar in the middle of the night to tide me over 'til morning, and I have a feeling nursing will make me even more hungry! 


  1. sometime when I'm really hungry at night after a long workout or a schedule mess up I like to eat oatmeal with a little brown sugar and maple syrup (only a little of both) or just brown sugar and a banana mixed in.. I hated the last couple weeks too, you can never get comfy! praying for. quick delivery and soon ;)

    1. oh, I like that idea!! I'm thinking it sounds good right now!! :) thank you for your prayers!

  2. Oh Mandi I remember this week vividly! I don't remember how I got through it so I'm just wishing you luck and sending my prayers. Can't wait to see pics of the baby boy!

  3. Protein was my go to for end of pregnancy/nursing snacks: nuts, celery with peanut butter, veggies with hummus, lactation cookies (yum!) for non-diary (I enjoyed cottage cheese and yogurt as well, for anyone open to dairy products).

    1. lactation cookies? I must look this up! :)

  4. Prayers for you in this last week! All 4 of my kiddos were 40-41 weeks, then I got to have c-sections (I've been blessed with "running hips"). Trust God for that perfect timing. The change in your belly shape since last week makes it look like something is happening!

    Check out . They have a long list (like 100 things) of real food snack ideas that are good for you, and super easy!

    1. oh, I like that website! I follow them on fb but need to go look around! thank you for your prayers, girlie!

  5. I'm at week 38 and am SO ready for this little guy to show up!! It would be great for him to be here by Wednesday this week, because my mother-in-law is having surgery Thursday and will be on a strict weight restriction and won't be able to travel for quite a while. We would love for her to be able to see and hold him before then. All in God's time, though... Children are definitely a lesson in patience right from the start. ;)

    1. how's it going mama? I would love to hear when he comes!!

  6. Oh sis I'm praying for you...I vividly remember the last week...since it was 8 yrs ago. And I have no good ideas for snacks. But def in agreement with the other ladies and will not to self on that. I'm def not looking forward to those last weeks. I love this post your so funny. I'm always blessed reading them and can't wait to see your bundle of joy!!

    1. and you always bless me with your comments! thank you girlie!! and thank you for the prayers!

  7. Praying everything goes well and that little one gets here quickly!!

  8. Eggs or carrots dipped in hummus maybe?

    Haha I thought since you haven't posted for a couple of days the next post I'd see from you would be one of you with a beautiful baby and an annoyingly thin and fit mama. ;)

    Good luck with everything now! <3

    1. hahaha! :D you make me laugh, ulrika!! :) eggs might be the perfect thing!

  9. I'm right there with you. I'll be 40 weeks on Friday. Thankfully I have been able to sleep a good bit at night. I went from about 2:00am to 8:30am straight last night so that was nice. :) Can't wait to hear you've had the baby and hear about the birth!!! Any day now (hopefully for me too). :)

    1. Any news?? :D I'm waiting with you!! :) And I hope your little one comes soon!!

  10. I'm a non-preggo tosser-and-turner! I do know how good I feel after a full nights sleep, so it mustn't be very fun for you, adding baby kicking and dancing around while you try and get some rest!
    Love your idea of midnight oatmeal Faith... I'm going to have to try that!
    Happy last few days of baby inside!

  11. I wake up several times a night to roll over.
    A medium baked potato is a good late night snack

  12. Said a prayer for you today!

  13. Thought I would mention that I put lavender oil on the bottoms of my feet and my wrist to help sleep at the end of my last pregnancy. I delivered at 39 wks +4 days and was able to get in 5 hours of sleep the night before I went into labor. This was baby 4 four for me and I've never been able to get that much sleep in before.

  14. You are radiant. Just thought I'd say! :) Cass @

  15. I love apples dipped in peanut butter. But when I was pregnant peanut butter game me horrible heart burn. So maybe almond butter instead?

  16. I'm a new reader and 28 weeks pregnant with no5. We have four boys already and are keeping this one a surprise.

    I know all about waiting. My boys were all 'late'. The latest being no4 who was 11 days past his date. But it's just a date anyway. Hard to remember when all you want to do is bend over and reach your shoes properly!

  17. Oh! Bless your heart! I know how hard those last few days are. My littlest one is 13 months and I think my pregnancy with her was the hardest. I will be praying that you will have that sweet comfort soon and a precious new baby in your arms.

  18. Oh Mandy, I know how LOOONNNGGGG these last days and weeks go...I commented before that I was the full 2 weeks late with my 4th which, of course, makes no sense when your body is so used to labor :) BUT, as I look at my 5 year old now, running around, I CHERISH those 2 extra weeks I had...I was up most nights, fretting about when that baby would come...I had so many thoughts and desires about my labor and delivery...and all those plans came to fruition, just not in the time I expected. I even had to put my foot down and explain to my OB that I was not going to be induced and that I guaranteed I'd see him before 42 weeks...I went into labor the night before and delivered on the 42 week mark :D

    As you said, you are so blessed to carry your babies well, to feel relatively good and the privledge of encouragement from God Himself...I agree with a previous poster: don't hang your hat on the due's just a date and baby boy will definitely be coming out!

    I will pray it's soon, but in the meantime pray you can feel joy, peace, and contentment at the miracle that is pregnancy!!!

  19. I've heard it said that the discomforts in those last days can help dash away those final fears about birth - they help prepare you and make you WANT to give birth, ha ha! I so cannot wait. I have another friend in her 39th week. I'm waiting with bated breath for baby news!!!

  20. Hey girl! So excited for you!
    Well I had the no sleep for several days with the first 3. However, I was gestational diabetic with Canaan and so was eating almost no sugar. I slept perfectly until delivery! So maybe try cutting sugar esp at night?
    Can't wait to see baby boy's name and pics!

  21. Hey Mandy, you look amazing! I came across this recipe early last month. Sounds delicious, haven't tried it, but hopefully in the future I will :)
    Here it is:

    Mama's Milkin' Cookies

    (makes aprox 40 cookies)
    * 1 cup butter (preferably with olive oil or flaxseed oil), softened
    * 1 cup sugar
    * 1 cup brown sugar
    * 4 tbsp water
    * 2 tbsp flaxseed meal
    * 2 large eggs
    * 1 tsp vanilla extract
    * 2 cups whole wheat flour
    * 1 tsp baking soda
    * 1 tsp salt
    * 3 cups of thick cut oats
    * 1 cup dark chocolate chips
    * 1/2 cup of slivered almonds
    * 4 tbsp of brewer's yeast (this is the main ingredient for milk production)

    * Preheat over to 375 degrees F
    * Mix flaxseed meal and water, set aside
    * Sift together dry ingredients (flour, brewer's yeast, salt and soda), set
    * Blend butter and sugars well
    * Blend in eggs, one at a time
    * Stir in flaxseed mix and add vanilla, mix well
    * Add dry mixture in three equal parts
    * Stir in oats, chocolate chips and almonds
    * drop on backing sheet 1 inch apart (I use parchment paper so they don't
    stick and for easy cleanup)
    * Bake 12-15 mins, cool on rack


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