pregnancy update: 41+ weeks, baby #5

You know how you wake up in the morning and for some strange reason, instantly start singing a song you haven't thought of in forever?

I woke up with a childhood song in my head that wouldn't leave me on Friday morning like that, and I honestly think God planted it there. :)

The words? 

This is the song that doesn't eeeeend... 

yes it goes on and on, my frieeeennddd... 

{if you haven't heard this song, you must watch this. I'm sorry.}

I think the Lord has an incredible sense of humor. ;) The song was so funny to me that morning, and it still makes me laugh now when I sing it. {I have no idea what I was thinking, but I also had to sing it to the kids- they'd never heard it before!} 

It's been so long since my "due date" {9 days + now, and 3 weeks from when I hoped he would come}, that these extra days feel a lot like that song :) It feels kind of strange that I'm even still pregnant altogether sometimes. Like I've entered the time warp of pregnancy. It's so weird. I kind of feel like I'm living the movie Groundhog Day. Every morning I wake up and look and the alarm and realize all over again that I'm still pregnant. :)

with Bella, 5, Ava, 4, and their baby brother, 41 weeks along

how I'm feeling physically: I'm getting more sleep, and I feel great physically other than more tired than my non-pregnant self. In fact, I still feel less likely to go into labor than I did at 38 and 39 weeks. I feel big and the baby feels huge, but I'm not swelling or hurting in any way. That's such a GIFT from God, because I've been miserable at the end before, and it's so much harder!

exercising: I worked out a few times last week, and did a couple sessions of BODYPUMP and BODYCOMBAT and lifted, punched, and kicked my heart out. It's amazing how good it felt!

I've decided that if the Lord allows, I absolutely cannot miss more than a handful of workouts now or after the baby comes- my body needs the endorphins to feel normal now. Oh goodness, I LOVE exercising. It's such a wonderful gift and blessing to be able to do it. If you're feeling down at all, go do something vigorous for an hour {even walking fast!}- I think you'll feel 100x better.

how I'm feeling mentally: Every morning I wake up pregnant again is incredibly hard for me mentally. I'm sure it's partially physically related- I'm tired and have low blood sugar first thing in the morning, but it's also such a disappointment to not have had this little one for another day. Some days I feel like crying {and do}, and sometimes God makes me laugh with that silly song.  :)

{again, I'm asking for grace from you here- I'm so not complaining about having a healthy body that works perfectly and a healthy growing baby inside for a little longer than I expected, and I know that this is a gift, and totally trust that God's plan is best, and because of that, I'm waiting for Him to bring this baby into the world. 

It's just that I try to tell you everything openly here, and honestly, every morning I wake up and I really, really want to meet my sweet little boy and be done with a hard labor instead of waiting longer and longer for it to get here, like I feel almost any mama who has been pregnant for 41+ weeks would want to be. I know it's probably selfish, and I know these days will end soon enough, but they are feeling long right now, and I'm really looking forward to seeing this little {big!} blessing and being through with this harder stage of pregnancy. :) }

baby: he's still growing! We had an ultrasound yesterday, and the sonographer said he was too big for the machine to calculate his age and weight correctly. Ahem. So he's quite healthy! :) {and it's no wonder my clothes won't fit anymore!}. 

I keep remembering that God made my body to give birth to the babies He gives me, and I trust that He will lead me through the birthing of what appears to be a large little boy. :) I saw his sweet chubby little face for just an instant {in the b/w regular ultrasound- ours didn't have 4d}, and it was so precious, and I keep going back to it in my mind. He's a cutie, and I can't wait to see him in real life!

Comparison shots: 

top to bottom, left to right: 37, 38, 39, 40, 41 weeks

Phew. I think the pictures don't do this belly justice. It's out there. :)

They've even started a new page of charting for me at the midwife's office. That tells you something!

I'm getting better about waiting and expectations, or at least I think so- I'm now fully expecting to give you a 42 week update next weekend.... ;)

If you happen to remember, will you pray for patience, peace, and quickly passing days for me this week?


  1. Hang in there mama! I'm praying for you!! ((HUG))

  2. Well you still look adorable. :) It will be over SOON. :) <3 I'll pray for you and please continue to pray for us. Had another negative pregnancy test today. :(


  3. I am certainly praying for you! My little guy was a week over and wound up having a c section because he was breech...God soberly has a plan...we just have to find the strength to trust in His plan and that He knows what he is doing. (Even though it can be incredibly tough, especially when we fell like we are about to pop!)

  4. Hang in there momma! No one has ever been PG forever :) #1 was a few days early but #2 was 10 days past my "due" date and #3 was 8 days past. I was totally unprepared for #3 because at I thought surely he would hold out longer than #2 lol

  5. It definitely looks like he has dropped. Praying!

  6. Definitely agree that he looks lower. I went 41 with one of my 6 and 42 weeks with another one. Those overdue weeks do feel like they last forever. Blessings for peace, joy and endurance in these last days before your new little man makes his entrance.

  7. You look wonderful!
    Praying- can't wait to see his beautiful face!

  8. You belly SOOOOO looks like baby has dropped! That's a good sign! :D I think of you and send up a prayer for you every day. Hang in there! Do lots of squats and walking and he will come soon. : ) (a doula's "orders" ;))

  9. Praying for you! I definitely understand how hard the overdue days are! All three of my babes were late. #4 is due in November, and I'm already counting on her being at least a week late.

  10. I went 10 days "overdue" with my son. I say he was holding out for the full moon, because this June 23rd 2 the biggest full moon of the year! Babies certainly do come in God's timing and will challenge your patience. I went into labor at 4 am in the morning with only 3 hours of sleep, labored and delivered a healthy boy with no pain medication. Not easy, but God, my husband, and doula were necessary for those 27 his of labor (it was my first - I'm sure it will go quicker for you!) I'll be praying for you!

  11. I went to 41 weeks the first time and 40 + 5 the second time, so I feel your pain! You know it HAS to be soon now. :) Thanks for sharing this journey with us! I'm 20 weeks along with my third and I can say that I discovered the power of exercise during my second pregnancy. It is amazing - I tell my husband it's the only time I feel normal while pregnant. It's harder to motivate myself when I'm not pregnant that's for sure!

    You'll be posting a birth announcement any day now. Can't wait!

  12. Bless your heart, Mandy! My mom always tells me when I'm overdue: "The good news is, no one ever stays pregnant FOREVER!" Praying for grace for you for each day!

  13. Totally understand!! I went long overdue with all four of my pregnancies! Even though you know the baby has to come out it can seem like you will be pregnant forever!! But I am so glad I waited till each one was ready, I had great , quick deliveries! Though still painful, but it was quick;)

  14. Hang in there Girl!!! I'm right behind you, I'm 37 weeks and already feeling tired, its a blessing your still working out! Praying that all turns out well for you, baby and family!

  15. Hang in there! He looks like he has dropped alot this week!!

  16. Oh Mandy!!! I am so encouraged by your attitude in all this! He will be here soon. I know exactly what you mean about feeling stuck in a pregnancy Groundhog Day.

    Also, if I can deliver a 10 and 9 pound will be just fine! God designed our bodies and their heads to fit!! You can do this!!! Can't wait to hear all about it!!!!!

  17. My biggest baby, yet easiest labor by a long shot was also my latest. 9 days late, 8 lb 9 oz. Id go late everytime if it meant having a labor like his! Hope yours ends up just as easy. With my history of being late I was totally unprepared to go into labor a week early with my 4th a few days ago! Good luck, it is a very difficult thing going overdue, but it will be over before you know it, and that baby will be in your arms!

  18. You seem to have a pretty great attitude considering.. :) Everyday seems like an ETERNITY when you're past your due date. It's so hard! You look amazing!

    I prayed for you! :)

  19. Hey Mandy! Loving your positive attitude, my third child (boy also) was seven days past due and the hardest part was all the phone calls of concern. I just had to stop answering the phone and politely tell everyone we would be sure to notify once the baby was earth side. Ha! What was great about having a baby later than expected was that The Lord led me to the book of James where I was reminded that patience produces character and perseverance and I also learned that most women of the world give birth between 41 and 42 weeks gestation. So you can do this! God is sooooooo Awesome and worthy of your continual praise as your baby gets ready to enter the world. Also, my 41week baby came quick, 2 hour labor in my living room! So I'm praying a swift and beautiful home birth for you!
    In Christ Alone,

  20. OMG you poor thing !! That baby is coming this week for sure I can feel it friend!! I am praying try not to become weary :)easier said then done I know :)

  21. What is it about 5th babies - they just want to stay in there! Just had our fifth baby. She was 14 days overdue! She's 12 days old today.
    It's so hard to wait!!! I feel for you. He'll be here soon!!!

  22. Just remember that unless you know when you conceived and are going by that date, then they are counting you two weeks ahead than you really are (which is why most women go "overdue") 20 weeks is really 18, 40 weeks is really 38 etc. So you still have lots of time! But I
    still feel your pain, and despite the little talk I just gave you about dates, I still felt like dying at the end of my pregnancies! You'll get thru it, and you look great!

  23. Maybe all this waiting will pay off with a quick and easy delivery!? You are SO much more patient than I was at the end of pregnancy with our 5th! Sometimes my "schedule" can become an idol (ugh!) Praying for you too. Also wondering about your BodyCombat class. How did you get involved in it? I've seen the DVD on beachbody's website, but wonder if it's as great in a home setting? Looks like something I'd enjoy!

  24. The waiting is so hard, isn't it? Praying that Gods appointed time for this little guy to arrive will be SOON... Like today even. Now go eat something with chilli in it and put your feet up. Babies like to know all is well on the outside before they decide to come out.
    Sheree x0x

  25. You look awesome! And it looks like you've dropped. That's always good right?

  26. I'm praying for you! It is very hard after 30th week of pregnancy. I was pregnant twice, I have two baby girls. The pain I had delivering the both girls was unexplainable. It was unbearable.

    I wish you don't go through that much pain.

    Best Regards,
    Kunik Goel


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