zane's nursery {the big reveal!!}

Zane's nursery is almost finished! Here's the funny thing- I am trying to let go of my perfectionistic tendencies, and decided to post the nursery pictures now... before every little thing was finished. {scary, right? haha!} :D I always want to perfect every last detail before I take pictures, but that will never happen in this stage of life, and I'm trying to accept that and go with it. :P

So here's what it looks like now! I'm in love with how it turned out- bright and fun, but mostly gender neutral I think! {in case we have more babies ;)}

Rob painted our old wooden crib to match the new nursery. All of our kids have slept in it, so it's extra special to us. :)

Here's the blanket I made this spring. It's a cheery Alexander Henry fabric:

Sshh, don't tell, but I didn't make the crib skirt below- it's an old twin skirt from GW for $1.99! I hated the idea of spending hours sewing {my nemesis} or tons of $$$$ for a bedskirt no one even cares about, including me! ;) The sheet was new from Target for $9.99:

A sweet gift from Haven's mom sits in the crib:

And I made these with old hoops I bought on Craigslist for less than .80 each. :) Those hoops are pricey new!! I couldn't believe how much they were at the store! I bought the letter at Babies R' Us for $7:

My sister-in-law Cayse made this art for Zane- she hand painted the stripes, and cut out the birds in matching paper- so adorable and matches everything! :D

I still have one place that needs another smaller art piece on the left wall by the crib, and when Amy Mattes sent me this personalized baby announcement art as a baby gift to match my nursery, I did a happy dance!! Isn't it perfect for that space? I love it! It even has the meaning of his name on it! So sweet. :D I hope to hang it soon. 

We love our IKEA rug in the middle for $20:

Rob painted this $40 craigslist dresser, the airplane print is from Hobby Lobby, and the bear was from our big ultrasound:

My super-creative friend Lindsay made this chalkboard art for my lovely shower at Abbie's house! Isn't it the sweetest? I'm so blessed to have such creative friends!

And on the left side of the room- we bought the mirror new at Lowe's for $29- it's one of the few new items we bought for the room. :) Circular mirrors are so fun! The ottoman was thrifted, and recovered for the living room back in the day. :D Behind the little door is our second closet sized bathroom and only shower:

And the right side of the room features two huge windows with 118 inch curtains from IKEA {$29 per pair}:

So that's our not-quite-perfect, re-purposed, thrifted, homemade, with sprinkles of new nursery in an 1895 home. ;)

Do you find yourself waiting until everything is "perfect" to call it done too? 

I have to tell you, it feels so good- so freeing- to let "undone and imperfect" be called finished. It's good enough! :D


  1. I LOVE it and thanks so much for including a pic of the print I designed for you!!!

  2. I love it!! So cute and I think it's gender neutral enough for future kiddos! We had our maternity pictures in our nursery the other day - I tried so hard to have the nursery finished but it just didn't happen and I sat there and dwelled on the "unfinished-ness" throughout the whole day. Never mind that no one but me knows that it isn't finished.

  3. I love the airplane!!
    Unfortunately, I am a perfectionist, but with 6 kiddos, I have to let go a little ... and I decided that this year, my children and my husband (and my friends) are more important than household or the details of the home improvment!

  4. I think it looks great! I love the airplane print, too bad I live two hours from a Hobby Lobby...maybe that's a good excuse to make a trip. Congratulations on your newest blessing, he's very cute!

  5. I LOVE IT! :) We're planning our nursery and though we know we're planning to have a girl I want to keep it gender neutral as possible. The little hints you can add with each child, but I want to design something that will grow with our family :) (And, especially since we're having a girl, I want to avoid overwhelming my house with pink!)

    And YES I really struggle with things being 'unfinished'. But, isn't it a sweet reminder that the LORD is never finished with us. That children's song "He's still working on me" is such an encouragement.

    Truly a cute nursery, Mandy!

  6. I LOVE IT!!! I have a nursing cover in my Etsy shop as we speak that is the same fabric as the blanket. I love the bright yellow and red with the brown. Such a cute nursery you have created for your little man.

  7. Ha, and yet what you present looks so PERFECT to me! I think you can let go some more. ;)

  8. I love cute for any baby. I'm getting some great ideas from you. And I love the artwork Amy did and your friends chalk art. Beautiful. I was chuckling in the beginning of this post because I am the same way with posting pictures, hence why it takes me forever to post them. But I am getting over that too. I just posted some fall pics and well they weren't perfect and that's ok.

    Thank you for sharing sis!!
    Adrienne R

  9. Adorable nursery !!! You have such a talent for design !! Did you get the email I sent you about the crib? Hope I didn't bother you.

    I miss those baby days. My youngest is 14!

    Janeen Daftary Pittsburgh, PA

  10. Hi Mandy-
    Love your blog. Can you tell me, what color grey did you use on your kitchen walls? I love it with the white. We are thinking of repainting my kitchen this winter.
    God Bless.


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