do, read, learn, be goals for this week

Can you believe it's almost November! How is this possible? The months after you have a baby fly by! ;)

Here are this week's do, read, learn, and be goals! :D

make 3 dinners ahead for this week
plan out November dinner list
list 2 more things for sale
drop off Goodwill donations
take 4 kids to dentist appointments
make a list of gifts I've collected for Christmas/birthdays
nurse the baby without doing anything else 2-3 times a day
clean out kid summer clothes
teach fitness classes/ exercise 5 hours this week

Look at that belly! The Zaner, 10 weeks old! :)
the book of Philippians
2 chapters of To Live as Christ to Die is Gain*
finish reading The Skinny Rules* {I love reading food/nutrition/diet books- it's one of my favorite genres and this book is great so far!}

Isaiah 55:6-7 {totally skipped out on the last two weeks, so we're not giving up}


We've been running really hard in October so I'm hoping we get to calm down a little in November. A lack of sleep combined with multi-tasking all day long is making me feel a little crazy- my words won't come out right and I feel a bit like I'm spinning in circles. I'm just brain-tired, you know? Strangely enough, this happens every October because of birthday/event month, and this year it's even harder with a 2 month old. {go figure! haha!}

It's important for me to get a little more sleep and just focus my mind on Jesus more instead of worrying about all the things I have to do and all of the things I haven't done yet.

I'm aiming to spend more time away from the computer and phone this week so that I feel more focused on what I'm doing, like nursing the baby or reading a book, or cleaning out the closets. My plan is to pray and focus on Jesus or listen to worship music while I do those tasks and leave the beeping phone behind in the other room, and from Wednesday on, I'm planning to turn off the computer by 10:30 p.m. this week and go to bed instead of working late. :) I'm hoping taking these little steps will help my brain in the next few weeks!

Do you feel like you're distracted by the internet too? {we'll talk more about this on Wednesday too!}

How do you focus on being more focused on your family?

* amazon affiliate links- should you purchase that book using my link, I'll get a tiny percentage! hey! :D


  1. I do get distracted by the internet and I try not to. Sometimes I think it's my link to the outside world since I'm home 6 days a week and don't leave to do many things through the week. It's a great tool but also can be bad.

  2. I definitely get distracted by the internet, but the best thing we did was buy a desktop computer that is in the guest room/office. Then, I want to finish up my online time to go out and join my husband in the family room. Although I'd love to have a laptop or iPad, I know that having an actual "computer" keeps me from spending lots of mindless moments when I need to be chatting or just spending time in the SAME ROOM as my Mr. Thanks for sharing the printable. I love your blog and find all your goals so inspiring! Have a great Monday!

  3. Please tell me HOW you get that week's list done?? I am a nursing mom of an 11 month old and homeschooling ONE 10 year old. I barely have the time (or energy) for the basics let alone the extra reading and such. I miss my reading time but as soon as I stop long enough to open my book, either I am asleep or the kids "happen". :) I love your blog. Our family has recently regrouped on our "down time" activities and reduced our tv/internet time (about 1 hr a day - some days none). But I do not know how to get the rest done. I used to keep a pretty clean house, read constantly, craft and put up vegis before baby Hurricane was born. Now I nurse, run after him (to get stuff out of his mouth usually) and school my big girl....and then it's bed time! :) And I drift off dreaming of my own blog space one day!

  4. I am horrible at distractions keeping me away from what I am supposed to be doing. I am working on it, but it's a process. Love your worksheet!! Printed me a copy to try this on my own.

  5. I love your printables! And, I admire how organized you are. I want so badly to be organized and it's just not coming together, for me. Never mind, I prayed about this morning, and I'm sure God's going to work that out in me.
    Since you love health and fitness books, you might want to check-out "How to be Schoolgirl Skinny" by Dr. Crystal Green. I know Crystal from my Church-based writing group. She is a Christian who developed a lifestyle plan when she was struggling with her weight and pre-diabetes. She is now fit and healthy. I love her book because, like Candace Cameron's "Reshaping It All", it uses Scripture to reinforce why we should amend some of our behaviors towards food, fitness and wellbeing.

  6. I cannot tell you how much I needed this. Less social media is EXACTLY what I need!!!

  7. I agree with less social media as well! It's an easy way to fill my time with nothing. As a mom of 4 under 7 I am able to focus on my family better by getting lots of sleep. If I don't get my 8 hours I wind up irritable and unfocussed, something I can't afford at this stage in my life. I just found your blog and really like a lot of your ideas. Good for you for always trying to be better in every area of life. As a Christian that's the only way growth can happen!

  8. I'm just finding your blog and LOVE this idea of Do, Read, Learn, Be. Awesome! Thanks for sharing Godly ways for growing as women :)


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