do, read, learn, be goals this week {Oct. 8-14}

I was happy to get back to my regular goal system last week! It was so good to feel like I accomplished at least a few things. I feel like the "be" goal made the biggest progress in our home- but I still have some serious word retraining to do. :) It was a great thing, I think, even though I wasn't perfect at it.

Here is the progress I made on last week's goals:

    {the plan} and {this week}
  • exercise 4-5 hours this week/teach fitness classes- 3 BODYPUMPS and 1 BODYCOMBAT
  • plan out October activities with kids/birthdays/etc.
  • plan out my days and weeks on paper again using the plan and this week
  • do devotions alone at lunch time {the baby and I haven't been getting up earlier than the kids these days} this was SO awesome.
  • list 3 items {watch out- more pop-up closet posts coming soon!} - took pictures, listed 1 item
  • make dental appointments

  • Isaiah chapters 40-55

  • family verse we are memorizing together: Isaiah 55:6-7 {we are still working on this one- didn't get in the practice last week}
  •  patient. {still working on this for the rest of the month- I am trying to retrain myself to answer with "yes" instead of "what"- my husband particularly loved me answering him with "yes, Love." That made me very happy. :D}

And here are this week's goals:

  • teach fitness classes/ exercise 5 hours this week
  • learn/practice new BODYCOMBAT release
  • work on new project :)
  • list two items for sale
  • write an encouraging note to my husband
  • find activities for the 4 y.o. to do during school
  • take pictures of another project
  • do devotions at lunch time {ongoing}
  • take kids to dental appointment
  • go on special date with the hubs
  • buy birthday gifts for Elijah and Rob

  • Isaiah 55-60
  • 2 chapters of To Live Is Christ to Die Is Gain by Matt Chandler. I found this at the bookstore last week, and started it. It's really good so far! 

  • Isaiah 55:6-7 {2nd half}

  • patient: still working on answering with "yes" and this week, adding a smile to it as much as possible. :) When I'm concentrating or tired, my face tends to look pretty serious most of the time- so I need to smile more altogether. :) I think Rob will really appreciate this one the most. :D I used to smile all the time when we were younger, and I think it will also work backwards- smiling more will make me feel less tired! We'll see! :D I'm excited!

What are your goals for this week?  Do you have a link? Please share!! 

What are your favorite easy table activities for a 4-year-old to do?

How much do you smile at home?
I probably smile more in public than home- something that needs to change quickly!

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  1. My favorite activities for a four year old are puzzles, coloring, and also using rubber bands on a board with nails. We got one with school this year and my five and seven year olds LOVE it! Great way to be creative also! I just have to say how much I LOVE your blog. It is encouraging and motivating. I just started a 90 day challenge for fitness and weight loss today from Hiit mamas! I also am working on daily devotions and memorization with my boys! We have four boys ages 11, 10, 7, and 5.

  2. Love, Love, Love your blog and how you set up your weekly goals! Do you currently have a printable available set up for the "Do, Read, Learn, Be" format for your goal setting? I love how clean and colorful your printables look and would love one that I could use each week as I set my own goals! :) Thanks for all you do and blog about! You are an inspiration and I truly see Christ working through you!

  3. I love your focus on smiling more at home! Its a shame we can be more pleasant with others, but rob the ones who love us, of our happy rejoycing selves!

  4. 4 yr old activities are Play-do, watercolors, Legos/Duplos, puzzles & sensory box (get a plastic tub and fill it with asstd items such as rice & cups, flour, sand w/brushes, cotton balls etc. switch when kids get bored). My goal this week is to get the house clean and kids packed for a weekend with Grandparents! Smile, I know I don't smile enough. The more I go w/o quiet times in Scripture the crankier and frown-ier I get. :( Need to work on this!


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