sweet weekends, tex-mex favorites, and why didn't I think of this?

I'm planning to post my weekly menus and goals later on today {hopefully}, but first of all, I have to say- this is pure genius:

Why didn't I ever think of having Sam's shop for me? I HAVE to do this soon. It would save me at least an hour a week. I may never have to shop for groceries again. 

And another thing that makes life easier? These cards:

Isabella was having trouble counting by 5's, so I had to think of a way to help her other than just verbally counting- she just wasn't getting it at all. I found these cards, and she arranged her rainbow train and could count by 5's after a couple of days. {well, other than the 95, 10...she needed a little help that day ;) I love it when things click for them!

Last night we had the chance to go on a little date to our favorite Mexican food place. I always order a chicken taco salad with the cheese and dressing on the side. I love this salad. The shell is my favorite guilty treat too. Forget ice cream when fried taco bowls are on the table. Mmmhmm.

I love their Tex-Mex food, but I'm avoiding the salsa like the plague. I miss it so much, but here's how Zane feels about salsa these days:

:P His smile will melt your heart, I tell you. I can't believe he's growing up so fast. :) He's so big it's crazy. 

But {random but necessary segue... :P} it's only slightly more crazy than finding a pair of Arturo Chiang heels in bright coral patent leather for $12 at Dillard's. ;)

That was incredibly fun. Rob really liked them when I wore them yesterday! I wasn't sure how they'd go over, but it was a win. :)

Cuddly babies, Tex-Mex dates, and clearance coral shoes my husband liked? Pretty sweet weekend if you ask me. :)

How was your weekend?

Have you ever had Tex-Mex? 
Chuy's is my favorite. I had it in Austin for the very first time nearly 8 years ago, and we've been hooked since. They put every other chain restaurant to shame. :)

Have you ever shopped for food at a warehouse online?


  1. My weekend was actually quite nice. My husband took all 3 kids to his parents' house for a few hours which gave me enough time to have a few cups of hot tea and take a nice, long shower without interruption. Our youngest is either cutting more teeth or is getting a cold so she didn't sleep well the past few nights and we had to miss church on Sunday morning.
    I can't say that I've ever had Tex Mex, but it sounds delicious! I'll have to see if there is a restaurant close to us.
    Those shoes are gorgeous!! I'm going to have to keep my eyes open for shoes in that color now. Maybe I'll be brave enough to wear them.

  2. omgosh chuy's - LURVE LURVE LURVE that place - how could one not?? you have determination of steel to not eat their creamy jalapeno dip. we always ask for one apiece. my 8 yo (omgosh WHEN did he get old enough for me to stay that?!) will each his and half of mine. and I luv the atmosphere you don't have to worry if your kids get too loud.

  3. can I just say how much I luv you for that tidbit of sam's info. grocery shopping is the bain of my existence (I know insert the worlds smallest violin) I will absolutely be trying this out in the VERY near future! thank you! (I got so excited about Chuy's I forgot to mention this!)

  4. I actually use Sam's Click-n-pull pretty regularly, and I'm only shopping for 2! I find myself tempted by all of the other stuff in the store that I don't really need, plus I never can seem to find a couple of the products I KNOW they have, so it's so much easier to just place my order, and then pick it up.

  5. I've never done the pick up at Sam's Club (I belong to a BJ's) - BUT I do do PeaPod for stop and shop :) LOVE IT! so convenient. just order my groceries online and pick them up the next day... and I don't even have kids yet! I'm sure I'll appreciate this very much once I do have kids :)

  6. Thank you so much for this post! After sharing the information about Sam's with my hubby we have decided to give it a go! I can't wait! I've always done BJ's but this seems so much better! :-) Thanks again!

  7. I had a super blessed busy weekend. It was my youngest bday party, my nephews bday party, my oldest soccer game-which they won and topped it off with fellowship ping with friends. That fall sat, sun we went to church, and mall afterwards. My prego feet were going to fall off sun eve...but it was all worth it!!for tex mex I like chipotle. I usually at cost but not online I will def check that out.

    Adrienne R

  8. Chuy's is our absolute favorite, too! We're on year three of being stationed in Germany and cannot WAIT to get back and order one of everything on the menu.

  9. Being able to shop online through Sam's is AMAZING!! I almost fell out of my chair when I discovered that little jewel a couple of months back! Saves so much time and $$$ if you're easily tempted (ahem, surely not me). I also LOVE LOVE LOVE tex-mex but we don't have many options here where I live. But I would have to agree....Chuy's is el numero uno! ;)

  10. Sounds like a great weekend! There is a Chuy's in Nashville but we've not tried it yet. After seeing some of the comments, it looks like we need to:0) I LOVE tex-mex and Mexican! I really love spicy food.
    I actually like to grocery shop. I know, strange.

  11. Thank you so much for sharing the Sam's Club idea! That will save us so much time and with 3 kids, that is going to be a life saver!

    Thanks Mandy!

  12. DUDE! I had no idea about that Sam's deal. Totally doing that!


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