the thrifty girl gift guide {sweet October deals}

Note: some of these links are my amazon affiliate links, if you should decide you like the items as much as I do and buy them, I receive a tiny percentage. Hey!! and if several people buy something, I might be able to afford that owl necklace! 

It's been a few weeks since I did the last set of thrifty finds, so I thought I would share my October finds with you today! :) I love finding good deals on gifts and stocking up through the year, and Amazon is rocking with the accessory deals this fall! {p.s. if we're related or girlfriends in real life too, you might need to avoid this page if you don't want to know what you're getting for Christmas...heheh!}

Here are seven of my faves right now:

1. This necklace is only $2.19 shipped- I thought it would be so fun over a cardigan with boots this fall:

2. And this seahorse necklace is highly reviewed- $1.29 shipped:

3. And here is the silver version of the infamous owl necklace! :D It's $2.76 shipped:

4. This gray chevron scarf is a pretty good deal at $7.44 shipped. Other colors are about the same price shipped without prime. I think it's soo cute! :D

5. And this butterfly pendant necklace is just $2.19 shipped too! Rob surprised me with one the other day! I meant to take a picture of it for you. I love that man. He's always got something up his sleeve to surprise me with. It started back when I was in high school at 17, and he's consistently been surprising me ever since.  :)

6. This isn't from Amazon, but if you're looking for a fall flat that is cute, affordable, and generally comfortable, you might like these Target shoes! I have this one in glitter and I've had it in pink/magenta, and it's a tad wide, which I like in my flats, but probably too big if you have super narrow feet. If you have a Target red debit card, you can buy these flats and have them shipped for less than $7.48!

Target Odelle Flats, $7.48

Oh, and here are my magenta faux suede ones I found at Goodwill to give you an idea:

7. And this one is a sweet little rose ring that reminds me of James Avery jewelry- a little higher than $2, but $12.97 {+ $4.99 shipping} is a great price for sterling silver, and it's very highly reviewed!

What steals and deals have you found lately? :D

How soon do you start Christmas shopping? 
I just started! I have a few deals put away so far. :D

Does anyone else love cheap Target flats too? What's your favorite brand?
I also love Gap flats- anything that doesn't have that wrinked heel thing. Those kill my feet for some reason and they're everywhere! Do you have that problem too or is it just me?


  1. I love it when you post deals!!! I have gotten several of them. You are a girl after my frugal heart! :) I would love to know your favorite etsy shops! :) That would be a great post. Also- Did you get my FB message last week about wanting to do the goals on my Monday posts as well??

  2. Since your last post about the Amazon jewelry I went a little cray cray and bought about 6 necklaces as well as the CZ stud earrings...haha...I have a few owl onces and even a globe one. Thanks for posting these great deals...I am now checking out those flats from Target!

  3. I just bought 3 of the bronze necklaces! 1 for me and 2 for friends:)

  4. I/m getting some of those necklaces!

  5. love these deals! thanks for posting!!

  6. Found this cute layered bracelet on amazon! love! Thx for sharing.... I'm going to go grab me an infinity scarf!

  7. Bought the owl necklace for me and my bestie!

  8. Thank you! My two sisters have birthdays coming up... your Christmas deal suggestions were a huge hit with them last year. Thank you for making my life easier. :) Louanne

  9. I love shopping at target clearence for shoes, my fav is metro a or mossimo brand. Ustinov bought some for $4.50. All summer shoes @ 70% off right now. I am making plans for Christmas shopping already. Love the jewelry deals...thanks for those.

    Adrienne R

  10. hey mandy thot about ur girls for this link I saw:

    1. oh my goodness that is AWESOME!! thank you so much michelle!! I'm in for 2!!

  11. I just grabbed for pretty pieces on Amazon for less than six bucks! All but one was per your suggestions so thanks bunches!


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