10 fun + lovely online gift ideas for women {$40 + under}

One of my goals this week is to do my Christmas shopping, and so I figured I would share some of my favorite web finds with you while I was looking for deals!

My love language is gift-giving, so you know I had WAY too much fun making this list. I gathered up some of my very favorite gifts on the web! {most of them from Amazon because I shop there for everything now that we have 5 kids...heheh.}

Almost everything on this women's gift list is $40 or less, and I tried to cover several price ranges too. :)

Here are my 10 faves, in no particular order:

1. Botanicals Notebook Collection: 3 notebooks for $11.13 {+ free shipping with prime}. These are adorable! Rob bought them for me for my birthday, and I'm still using the first one. I carry it everywhere because I'm still a paper girl. :)

2. Swirled Anthro Mug, $10. A little different than a typical Anthro mug. Isn't it sweet?

3. Rifle Paper Co - Spanish Rose Iphone 5 Case - Inlay, $36 {$4 shipping}. This one is a bit pricey for a case, but the reviews say it's sturdy and really protects your phone. :D But I'll be honest and tell you I like it mostly because it's pretty. :) 

3. Sarah Watts Kitchen Linen Spice Adult Apron, $26.98 {free shipping with prime}. I am a little in love with this.

4. Aspen Bay 20 Oz Jar Capri Blue Candle - Volcano, $25 {free prime shipping} and so worth it. This candle it made it into last year's guide, and it's the only one to make a comeback for the girls this year!

5. Greenland Home Andorra Throws, Multicolor, $37 {free prime shipping}. It gets great reviews and I love the funky, colorful brightness of it. 

5. ESV MacArthur Study Bible, Personal Size, $39 + shipping {or $43 with free shipping}. While I don't agree with every single position John MacArthur takes, I love, love, love my MacArthur study Bible because of it's in-depth notes. This is the first smaller-sized ESV that just came out this September!

6. Cotton Gray Stripe Lightweight Soft Scarf, $13.99 {+ $2.99 shipping}. I wanted to go for wool, but since it's been 80 degrees here in Texas, it just doesn't seem right. ;)

7. Hand-stamped jewelry from Mary at Hope Homemade, $24. You can custom order a necklace with the words of your choice too! I think I would order one with beloved because sometimes I need a reminder of just how much the Lord loves me, and how I am His child. :) I love the leather necklace! :)

9. Passion: Let the Future Begin, $8.49 {free prime shipping}. This was one of my favorite CDs this year. It made me want to go to the Passion conference next year. I heard it was amazing! Maybe I should add Passion tickets to this list too...

10. 6.5 quart cast iron enamel dutch oven, $39. This thing has become an invaluable homemaking tool in our house! I got mine at Goodwill for $10 {total fluke!} but these are worth every penny at $40. They heat up fast, cook the food evenly, make everything taste better, and nothing sticks to it. I'm not even joking. I agree with the reviewer who said they'd marry one if they could. :)

Lodge Color EC6D43 Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven, Purple 6-Quart, $73
So there are my 10 favorites- some of which I already own and love, some of which I will be buying for friends and family! :) 

Can you believe we only have less than three weeks to go? {with a 3.5 month old, I can't say enough- I'm so thankful for online shopping!! hahaha!}

*disclosure- the Amazon links above contain affiliate information. Should you purchase the item through my link, I get a small percentage from Amazon. Yay for small percentages!!


  1. Great list! I love those Target notebooks too. So pretty! :) -Alexandra Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  2. I think we must be kindred spirits...I love your posts, your goals, your beliefs and values and your taste in things. I especially love the pretty things you posted on this list and am adding three of them to my list! :)

    1. Forgot to say I already HAVE some of them too! :)

    2. heheh! I think we must be! Which ones do you have? :D

  3. I love those notebooks, they're so pretty!

  4. I'd be curious to see a list of your ideas for guys! I have to take notes for a few months before Christmas/Birthday to know what to get my hubby!

    1. I am actually working on it today! :D hopefully it will be up soon! :D

  5. Love this list. I'm personally a sucker for Anthro mugs and pretty notebooks. :)

  6. Love the throw blanket and the dish towels....which would have made the perfect gifts....but they are sold out!!

  7. Be still my heart! That throw! So gorgeous! And I thought I didn't want anything for Christmas... HA! I love those notebooks, too... I'm a total old-fashioned paper kind of girl, too. Lastly, what does the candle smell like? Always looking for new candles! One is almost always burning in our home. Thanks for a lovely list!

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  9. Thanks for sharing these ideas! I have been looking for something to get my girlfriend for her birthday this year, but my budget isn't that great this year. She showed me some fuzzy slippers that she like so I'll probably get her those and probably something else to go along with it.


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