do, read, learn, and be goals Dec. 17 + meal plans {cheddar avocado turkey burgers}

We only have 8 days until Christmas! It will be here before we know it! :) We are finishing up school this week, and hosting my family for Christmas next week. I'll hopefully be working my plan for the next few days! :)

  • make 12 homemade gifts {I wish I could tell you about them but can't} ;)
  • install new flooring {husband- I'm just the helper/baby holder}
  • paint a piece of furniture
  • wrap presents
  • check gift lists again
  • buy last few items on my list
  • take family pictures + print them out
  • bake eggs and cook rice for the next few days
  • go grocery shopping for Christmas breakfast/dinner + make it in advance/freeze on Sunday
  • make cinnamon rolls {if you love cinnamon rolls, you have to try this recipe! And double the icing.}
  • attend Christmas parties and bring this dessert :)

  • best cinnamon rolls ever, even frozen! :)
  • Luke 1-2, Matthew 1-2, Psalm 145-150
  • 3-5 chapters of library books
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  • content with now- content with how many things are not getting done, and not be discontent with the state of now... how the floor needs to be swept, or the clothes need to be put away, or the amount of work I have to do... it all fades in the light of who Jesus is, and how short my life is. Worrying about today is not where my heart should be. I want to live in and enjoy today, because tomorrow it will be gone.

real simple cheddar avocado burgers
meal plans this week:

  • pinto beans and rice x2 {if homemade, I just soak them for 12 hours overnight, crockpot them for 6-8 in the daytime, then salt them to taste :D}
  • turkey tacos, corn, black beans, chips and salsa
  • cheddar avocado turkey burgers + fries {I might leave the avocado sliced though!}
  • chicken + cabbage mix italian salad
  • pizza/family night
  • dinner out
  • sandwiches + pretzels
  • leftovers
  • cereal
  • oatmeal
  • eggs

:: Favorite avocado recipe? 
I have 5 of them to use up this week so I'm all ears!! :)

:: Have you ever baked eggs before?
I think they taste so much better in the oven! I like the Egg Genie too though.

:: What foods are you most looking forward to eating next week?
I'm hoping to make these cinnamon rolls {best recipe ever, though I haven't tried PW's} and poor man's toffee this week. They're both my favorites!


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  1. Oh PW's cinnamon rolls are soooo good! We'll be making them for the 3rd year in a row!

    1. I am going to have to try them- they have maple icing, right?

  2. I just had to answer because... I made this avocado recipe a few weeks ago and my kids LOVE it! I just make some chicken salad, and then half the avocado, put some of the salad in it, top it with some shredded cheese, green onion and broil. Fantastic with some fruit salad!!! Blessings on your week!!

    1. oh my that's yum!! what kind of chicken salad is it?

  3. I find the dough to be not that great for the PW's cinnamon rolls, a bit dense and grainy compared to other (and easier!) recipes.

    1. oh good to know- do you use her icing on a lighter roll?

  4. Here is a song of those verses:

  5. I am not into avocado. I ate it before and I didnt like it!! But your making turkey tacos, I made last week Turkey salad sandwiches!! Almost like Chicken salad but using Turkey instead. The kids love it! Next week I am looking forward to eating sweets and desserts. The cookies, cupcakes, and pies are my favorite!!

    1. oh, you have to start with guacamole first :D A good, Tex-Mex guac will help you fall in love :D I'd love the recipe for turkey salad!!!

  6. This is an excellent recipe for sticky buns from King Arthur Flour. They're easy and soooo yummy!

  7. -I'm making my overnight cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning. Looking forward to those. And the fact that I get up, take them out of the fridge, and bake them about 30 minutes later. All the work is the day before.
    -Making buckeye bark (peanut butter ball bark). Looking forward to that too.
    -I also make the PW's whiskey glazed carrots every Christmas. My husband calls them drunken carrots (the alcohol cooks out so kiddo safe). They are soooooo good.
    -Hate avocados so no help there.
    -Never baked eggs before. I'm curious how they turn out though.

    1. LOL I like the carrot name! hehehe :D I need to make you some guacamole so you can fall in love with avocados too! :D

    2. I've never liked guacamole either. I have a friend who makes amazing guacamole (according to other friends) and I just don't like it. But my husband and my daughter hates all things avocado too so it's okay. :)

  8. I have never baked eggs before but very interesting....I had never heard of it. Do they tend to bust open??? My biggest problem is peeling the things!!! So frustrating:o) We've started making homemade guacamole and really like it. It is harder now that it's winter. No fresh cilantro from the garden:o( And produce is not as good/fresh. We've decided to order Chipotle when we get together with my in-laws two days before Christmas and I'm looking forward to that...HA!

    1. I just heard not too long ago that when you have a hard time peeling eggs it means they're less fresh? Maybe that and the ice water bath will help? mmmm chipotle sounds yum!! how do you order for a crowd? :D I'm all ears!

  9. Mandy,
    I had a kind of random question for you. I have been eating a primarily meat free diet for the last 11 months, but am pregnant now and craving turkey and chicken like crazy. I noticed that when you were pregnant you added meat back in to your diet. Did you have any negative reaction when you added it back in? Do you have any advice on good ways to do it? I'm having some pretty crazy food aversions and cravings, and I'm a little nervous about trying it again. Any thoughts you have would definitely be appreciated! Thanks!

    1. I didn't have any bad reactions- I never eat much red meat anyway, so the meats I added back in were mostly poultry. :) I would eat as much as you want to eat of it if I were you- I really and truly believe that your body tells you what you need in the form of food cravings- when I'm pregnant I need much more protein and bland carbs, and couldn't drink acidic/bitter things or eat acidic dressings, and when I'm not pregnant I can. Your regular appetite will come back eventually, so don't worry about it too much, just eat the kinds of foods you feel like you need to eat {in moderation, but as often as you feel you need to eat them for sure!}. :D

  10. Avocados are my favorite!!! I try to add them to meals whenever possible. I guess you could say I'm an addict. This is my favorite recipe right now. It is SO delicious, I could eat it every day... and I always add avocado to it. Don't worry, it's not as hard a recipe as the title makes it sound.


  11. How do you get this all done?

  12. I really enjoyed the standard Pioneer Woman cinnamon rolls with the maple flavoring. The icing goes down into the whole roll rather than a frosting on a normal roll. I cut her recipe in half or 4ths. I do not remember which amount I made.

  13. I love your simple meal plan! Seriously! I always get so stressed out trying to come healthy/affordable meals. I am totally going to copy you! We are mostly meat free except for deer meat once a week or so but it is getting so hard to stay meet free and please all of the family members. Do your kids not mind eating beans and rice twice a week? Do you just serve beans and rice? Love your blog! You are such an encouragement!


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