5 things you can do about abortion as a believer

Tomorrow, January 20, 2014 is our day of fasting and prayer before God for Him to change us. 

I think it's important to realize what is happening around us- what we are asking God to change as we go before Him. {These statistics are from here, unless noted.}
  • About 1.2 million abortions happen every year. {When you break that down, it is over 3200 abortions happening per day...137 per hour...which is more than 2 babies dying every minute, of every day.}
  • More than half of pregnancies among American women are unintended, and about 4 in 10 of these are terminated by abortion.[1,2] Twenty-two percent of all pregnancies (excluding miscarriages) end in abortion.[2]
  • At least half of American women will experience an unintended pregnancy by age 45, and, at current rates, 1 in 10 women will have an abortion by age 20, 1 in 4 by age 30 and 3 in 10 by age 45.[4,5]
  • Nine in 10 abortions occur in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

  • from personhood usa
Here is a broad cross section of U.S. women who have abortions:
  • 58% are in their 20s;
  • 61% have one or more children;
  • 85% of all abortions were performed on unmarried women (CDC).
  • 69% are economically disadvantaged
  • 73% report a religious affiliation.
  • minority women were disproportionately represented among women obtaining abortions and had higher relative abortion rates than all women {credit}
  • The reasons women give for having an abortion underscore their understanding of the responsibilities of parenthood and family life. Three-fourths of women cite concern for or responsibility to other individuals; three-fourths say they cannot afford a child; three-fourths say that having a baby would interfere with work, school or the ability to care for dependents; and half say they do not want to be a single parent or are having problems with their husband or partner.[7]
Did you realize that almost 1 in 4 pregnancies end in abortion? I didn't. And the rates are now trending toward 1 in 3 pregnancies.

More than 3200 babies are dying every day. That is like a World Trade Center attack every single day for more than the last three decades.

As believers, we are called to rescue the dying:

Rescue those who are being taken away to death; hold back those who are stumbling to the slaughter. If you say, “Behold, we did not know this,” does not he who weighs the heart perceive it? Does not he who keeps watch over your soul know it, and will he not repay each man according to his work? Proverbs 24:11-12

For so long, I've felt inadequate to stop this sadness from happening- like somehow it was removed from my responsibility because it was so widespread, but I feel convicted that this is not the case. How can I love others and not care if the lives of the most innocent people are being thrown away around me? I don't think I can.

But what can I do?

I feel like God has been so gracious to show me what I need to change. Maybe we can all do these things for the glory of God, with His help. I know if we seek Him, He will show us where we can do His will.

1. Pray and fast.

Tomorrow {Monday}, I am asking you to join me for a day of prayer and fasting for God to change our hearts, to change the hearts of everyone to see what abortion really is, and for us to do something about it.

We'll be praying and fasting on January 20 for God to change us first. That He would humble and change our hearts first. That he would show us our own sin here, our own apathy and participation, and clean the hearts of His people first. That He would do mighty and powerful things, and that His people would be willing to risk our own comfort and convenience to share the Truth, even if it means being hated by the world. That He would give us the strength to stand against evil with the power of the Holy Spirit so that lives can be forever changed.

Scripture is filled with examples of His people being personally convicted of the sin of their nation, and praying and repenting before God for it to change, and HE ANSWERS them in a very big way! We can have faith that He can and will convict us to repent so that He can change the hearts of many.

Pray for the mothers, the fathers, for the doctors, and legislators and all family and friends involved. Pray that they would come to know the Truth, and find hope in Jesus.

2. Repent.
I don't know about you, but I realized this week that I live in a bubble. I have become apathetic and the fact that innocent blood is being shed, and that mothers and fathers all across the nation are lost and without Jesus has become far removed from my heart and my mind most of the time. I know I need to repent from apathy, from caring more about myself than the lost, from not loving those who need Jesus like I should. I need to repent from not caring enough to do anything about it.

I'm so encouraged that Nehemiah repented {himself}, and mourned and fasted over the sins of his people:
Nehemiah 1:4: As soon as I heard these words I sat down and wept and mourned for days, and I continued fasting and praying before the God of heaven. 5And I said, “O LORD God of heaven, the great and awesome God who keeps covenant and steadfast love with those who love him and keep his commandments, 6let your ear be attentive and your eyes open, to hear the prayer of your servant that I now pray before you day and night for the people of Israel your servants, confessing the sins of the people of Israel, which we have sinned against you. Even I and my father’s house have sinned.
I'm so amazed how God was willing to change a nation through Nehemiah! I pray that He will find in us that heart of mourning and grieving over our nation's sin.

3. Ask God for opportunities to shine light into the darkness of someone's life.

This is so powerful:
Abortion is one of the darkest works of the human race – it is child sacrifice. And the only way it can survive is for darkness to survive. Wherever the light of truth and love comes, darkness flies away. Therefore it is one of the great callings of the followers of Jesus to let their light shine in both ways: to do good deeds and to expose darkness. The aim is partly negative: reveal the error hidden in the darkness, but mainly positive: to bring people to love the light and be made light in the Lord Jesus. John Piper “The Darkness of Abortion and the Light of Truth” - January 26. 2003
Pray that you get a chance to speak that love and truth directly into the life of a soul who needs Jesus. Pray that God would show you an opportunity to show them the light, and to help them walk in it. We have all sinned, and fallen short of the glory of God, and this sin is no different than ours- but maybe God will give you a chance to save the innocent life of a baby before it is ended. There is grace for all- we are all the same in Christ Jesus! If you have had an abortion in the past, there is absolutely grace and mercy and forgiveness for you. We are all sinners, made clean only by the blood of Jesus. He is so good, and so merciful to us. I would love to pray for you, and email with you if this is your story. {email me at mandy @ biblicalhomemaking dot com}

If you're at a loss for who to reach out to, remember the statistics I mentioned in the beginning- the girl who probably needs you the most is the poor, young single mama. She needs your support, she needs your love, she needs Jesus.

And what about teenagers- the next generation? How can we as a Gospel community pour into the lives of teenagers today? How can we show them the love of Jesus and preach the Gospel to this next generation, before they make that same mistake? And this is true for the teenage boys as well- they need to see the light of Jesus to change their hearts to love. They need to see examples of what marriage should look like, and what a man is called to do for his family. How are we reaching outside of our bubble to shine the light in this area?

4. Seek out ministries who can help, love, and change our culture.

There are so many ministries who could use your help. You could volunteer at a pregnancy crisis center, help someone pay for their adoption, or you could help fund a ministry for helping single moms financially with groceries and diapers.

There are even ministries sharing the Gospel at abortion clinics you could go and love someone by sharing the good news right there as they go to make one of the worst mistakes they could ever make. Maybe sacrificing your time, your money, or your comfort could help stop the innocent blood that is being shed every 30 seconds.

5. Share the truth using the platforms God has given us.

Do you have a social media account? You can share the truth. It is encouraging to see that hearts can change by simply understanding the nature of what is happening. There is hope for all, and we can share the truth in love, remembering we are all the same- all in need of Jesus, and we can show them the light of God's love without being afraid of being hated. No matter how nice you are, if you stand up for the truth in love, expect that you will be hated.

Remember, the perfect example for us of walking in the Spirit was the most hated of all. But we never know what God might do with the words He gives you the boldness to share. It might be that we are pulling some out of the fire. We need the Holy Spirit to give us courage to speak and to love on every platform we have been given.

Here are two great resources to share and watch:

Here is an 
excellent resource on the Biblical mandate to do something about abortion

I hope that you will pray with me for God to change us tomorrow, and for Him to show us where we can shine His light into the darkness.  I know our God is so big, and if we pray to Him He will hear us. God gave us a second chance through the blood of His Son, and one of our highest missions in this life is to share that Good News so that some might be saved. 

Oh, Father God, please help us to do that for your Glory.


  1. ready to act like #4 suggests? find your local place of murder and subsequent ministry opportunities here http://sidewalks4life.com/

  2. Just a quick question from a (Non-American) Christian who is "pro choice":
    Does any of you - who are so avidly "pro life" - at least try to think about why abortion can be a good thing?
    Or do you just condemn everything to do with abortion? Has anyone actually tried to think the topic over (not just read the bible) or do you just mimic what your pastors say in church?
    It's an honest question and not meant to hurt anyone's feelings. I'm just curious. Growing up in a liberal country, I cannot understand where you're all coming from (yes, even while believing the bible). To clarify - I'm not pro abortion, but pro choice. I don't want to go back to the (not so far away) "Middle Ages", where women tried "abortions" by inserting wires into their vaginas, or used herbs to induce labor, or killed their babies after they were born, etc. To me, the availability of safe abortions is a woman's right (aka human right).

    1. I assure you as someone who believes abortion is wrong that I am not mimicking anyone, but believing what God has placed on my heart.
      You speak of human rights, but why is the unborn child not a human? Why does the mothers career, etc, dictate if her baby gets to live or not? And I understand the fear of not being able to care for a child. I have several close friends who are single moms and i know it is HARD. But there are so many people waiting to adopt infants.
      I am saying all of this in love and would love to continue our conversation via email if you like. eatprayreadlove@gmail.com

    2. Yes I have thought about that aspect of it. The availability of a safe abortion may be a good thing, but as Christians I do believe that we should fervently pray to change the hearts of those that would use them so that no abortions would ever need to happen on God's beautiful world. Just as no woman should have to suffer from a horrible self-performed abortion, no innocent life should be taken too soon.

  3. Thank you for your kindness in asking, it is very much appreciated. I am so thankful we can discuss things without tension here! :) I believe the Bible is the only source of truth and that we have to believe in it before we can believe anything man says, so from the Bible I know that human life is formed by God from the very beginning, and a tiny human is created at the moment of conception.

    What is interesting to me, is that the first time we told our children {8 and under} what abortion is, they couldn't understand why anyone would kill a baby. They had no preacher, no previous discussions address it, and yet they couldn't understand why anyone would do it. They knew that isn't right to take the life of another person, ever. The movie I posted above is so thought provoking on when it is okay to abort a baby in the womb.

    I agree with the responses above, and would like to add this article in response to your question if you are looking to find direct answers- it responds to the coat hanger issue you bring up: http://www.abort73.com/end_abortion/what_about_illegal_abortions/

    Thank you again for your grace in asking a question. :) I also would be happy to email with you as Kelli said. :)

    1. Thank you for your replies.

      Well, for me, when I pray about the 6th commandment, all God tells me is to do something against the military.

      (Sorry to be anonymous. I don't have a blog or Google account. I'm Evelyn)

      ... and I'm German, so the video deeply resonated within me... in a way. But to compare abortions to the Holocaust is absolutely horrendous. Truly horrendous. Yes, an embryo will become a full-grown human being. Do you really think there is no difference between killing a child or an adult, as compared to an embryo?

      Legally, in Germany, the right of the mother is taken into account when it comes to abortion. Abortion, as such, is illegal, but exempt from punishment in certain cases. Either, before the 12th week, at the mother's discretion, and after she has been counseled, or before the 12th week out of criminological reason (i.e. rape), or because of medical reasons, meaning the danger of continuing the pregnancy for the mother's life. Abortion is not allowed out of reasons concerning the child (genetic disease etc.), although if a prenatal diagnosis has been made, medical reasons (of the mother - even psychological ones) can be stated as reason for abortion.
      Anyway, to value life for me also means to value the life and wellbeing of the womand and mother(to be - or not).

      Other than that, I find it interesting that you bring up foster care and adoption, sadly, very overlooked issues. (I liked your comment, Lara, and Elle's too).
      Also, better access to birth control, and adequate education about it, is paramount.

      Question for Mandy: Do your kids understand why anyone would kill another in a war? Why humans invent weapons that can literally blow up all mankind?

      And @ Mandy: The article you linked up "What About Illegal Abortions?" doesn't make sense. I don't have English language sources, but I know that contrary to belief, if abortion is available legally and uncomplicated-ly, the numbers go down, not up, and that if it is illegal, that yes, women still do it (and unsafely do so), as opposed to "laws against abortion would deter most women from having one" as cited from the linked article. Oh, and the logic is compelling:
      "First, it doesn't address the ethics of abortion." (True - although women should be part of ethics too, not just their unborn children)
      ("Second, laws against abortion would deter most women from having one.")
      "Third, there is no evidence that illegal abortions are more dangerous than legal abortions." (Maybe, but now you DON'T address the ethics either. So you are against abortions for ethical reasons, okay, and knowing that illegal abortions are no more dangerous than legal ones, you figure that the evil people can get their illegal ones. Alright?!)

      Also, I don't know if it's an accurate picture of reality - but around here, if we talk about USA and abortion, all that comes to mind are the pro life protesters shooting "abortionists" in front of "abortion clinics"... and I hope I'm wrong, but I heard that there are states that teach "abstince" in sex ed, leaving std prevention and birth control aside...

      Thanks for reading, and sorry for the long post.

    2. Mandy says: "What is interesting to me, is that the first time we told our children {8 and under} what abortion is, they couldn't understand why anyone would kill a baby." Children are such magical creatures and they know living in fear is wrong, so hearing stories of fear is quite confusing to them, indeed.

      A child under the age of 8 cannot understand abortion issues because it is impossible for young children to imagine being 16, pregnant, fearing being disowned by parents, fearing losing all of their friends at the risk of being labeled a {insert derogatory label from peers here} and so on.

      Reacting to fear is shared, learned behavior (culture) and an 8 year old cannot fathom the peer pressure experienced in high school, college, etc. Caring what others think continues until death, at which point the hard questions are often asked, but it's too late to change anything.

      How to stop abortion? How to stop war? How to stop all bad things in the world from happening? Stop living in fear (which requires selfishly focusing on self for 1 full year so that patterns of fear can be observed and changed), stop teaching children to live in fear and live peace by example. 99% of people in the world have neither the time nor the inclination to focus completely on themselves and spend at least 60% of time in perfect nature, where the truth of my role in reality resides. Did Jesus carry the Bible around or live His truth? I wasn't there, but I suspect it was the latter and then others wrote about it...

      At any rate - WWJD? Live fearlessly and live by example. After all, one cannot walk on water or turn water into wine if one is afraid it is impossible. A fearless life is the answer. :)

  4. I agree it is a shame that so many women end up with unplanned pregnancies and feel social or economic pressures not to keep their children. I'd like to make a couple of more suggestions as to what believers (and anyone else, really) could do to reduce the numbers above:
    - Support easier access to/better education about birth control. Lots of people make mistakes, and God forgives, but it's better to make a mistake that only affects you and your partner than a mistake that also affects an innocent child.
    - Work towards providing a better social safety net for single and/or low-income mothers. Women who feel that they and their child will be supported are much less likely to abort.

  5. Our pastor had a great insight yesterday. A pro-life stance means not only helping to end abortion, but being passionate and pro-active about foster children and orphans. What better way to say to the world that we value life than by saying, "We will take the children that you don't want?" If one in every 500 families in America adopted, there would be no more need for the foster system. Amazing, huh?

  6. God has allowed me to be in a special place on this topic. I am not single, i am happily married, and we are able to provide for our needs. I do not fall under the normal "at risk" of choosing abortion factors. But in this i do; i have a disease 1% of women get that when i get pregnant, it causes me to throw up until i die. If my vomiting cannot be controlled, i will starve, dehydrate, and eventually tear something inside myself through the violent, unstoppable vomiting. Unlike someone choosing a career, or having fear of being able to afford a child, my life is pitted against my unborn child in a will to survive. In many cases of people with my disease, a woman chooses abortion. This is not done lightly, these women want their babies, but the unimaginable suffering that pregnancy is for us brings women to the choice no one ever can imagine choosing- me, or the baby.

    Through the last few decades their have been discoveries of medication that can aide in trying to gain control of the vomiting. i chose to use these, instead of what i felt was a greater risk, to try and survive without them. Although my suffering was immense, i made it through 2 pregnancies and have 2 wonderful children. The amount of work, help, medication and cost to have this children was heavy. Praise God for insurance and loving family, friends and doctors.

    My first pregnancy, i did not know what was wrong with me. I suffered horribly and was almost driven mad by not understanding how my doctor could be telling me what was happening was "normal". She didn't pay enough attention, didn't check my keytones, let her nurses see me, etc. She had never had a patient like me, because there aren't many like me. After my pregnancy, we discovered what i had, and we lamented over having only 1 child. Our daughter was not the single child type. We wanted a friend for her, but wondering how i even made it through one pregnancy, we couldn't imagine getting through another. We checked into adoption, but the Lord closed the door. After a couple years we found an obstetrician who specialized in my disease. She knew how to care for someone like me. Although i suffered horribly still, and it took a lot of work, i was well taken care of, and we were blessed with a second child.

    I say all this to say, i am in a unique position. I am the one they speak of when the doctor throws around the words "high risk, acceptable abortion to save the mother's life". But, it is not acceptable to me, and it is not acceptable to God. As we moved forward in the process in having our second child, i told my husband, "I will not take a life to save my own, but I would gladly give my life to save another's. And if God decides to take us both, than that is His will and i submit to it, but do not take this baby's life to save mine."

    I stand in that place in which people say the word "acceptable" and i can say, it is not. It is not fair that I have this disease. But i have it. And we don't make choices based upon what situations are, or are not, fair. We make them based upon objective truth. God's word is truth, and if I am a follower of Jesus Christ, then I submit myself under the law of that truth, and I choose to adhere to it, no matter my situation, because My God is gracious in life, and in death. I do not count my life so precious that i would not allow the one who created to take it back at His will. But, God counts me as so precious that whether in this life, or the next, He will be with me. And nothing can be sweeter than that.

    I feel for those in unwanted positions, I am in one. I understand. I just know, that i can go through any unimaginable suffering because of Christ. I can get through any situation because of Christ. And if this insufferable situation was to kill me, i can rest in Christ.

    1. Beautiful, practical, real, honest...thank you for sharing your story.... "My God is gracious in life, and in death. I do not count MY life so precious that I would not allow the one who created it to take it back at His will."

      I'm almost in tears....THIS is what believers in Christ need to see when it comes to these topics: abortion, capital punishment, euthanasia...until we see and know and conceive and believe in our Creator and understand His holiness, perfection, compassion and mercy in the light of our own sinfulness, I don't think we can see any "topic" clearly...

      I appreciate so much what you shared and hope other women might be encouraged by your identity in Christ, no matter the outcome of all situations.... wonderful sharing <3

  7. Thank you for speaking up! That John Piper quote is powerful. (Just shared it on FB...) And from someone working at a crisis pregnancy center, I can say, it's a wonderful experience! I have never felt so blessed. It is truly God's work!

  8. Thank you for using your platform to show leadership on a topic that is too easily forgotten. Thank you for leading us to Christ to be bold enough to stand up for what we believe, especially on this day. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!

  9. I appreciated #4 in particular on this list. I find that many Christians love to harp on abortions while refusing to lift a finger for the millions of unwanted children in need. A pro-life favourite slogan is "no child is unwanted", but the sad fact is, some children are unwanted. Some unwanted children are abused and neglected. The foster care system is full of leeches who care nothing for their foster children and everything for the paycheck they receive. (Sorry, I really had no intent to get this passionate....) I'm not saying those children should have just been aborted, but I am saying that Christians need to step up and take care of the children who WERE born.

    Another baffling thing I've witnessed is pro-life Christians who oppose easy access to birth control because they think it encourages sinning. Obviously, people are going to have sex whether or not they have birth control. Restricting access to birth control only leads to unwanted pregnancy and abortion.

  10. We are foster parents, and I wish there were more accurate info available about foster care! It has been such a blessing to our family, and I thank God so often that these babies parents chose life for them. I will never forget the moment that I saw that one of our emergency newborn placement precious baby boy had a Bible in his bag of belongings, a Bible inscribed to him from a worker at a community pregnancy center. ♡ We can't all do everything, but we can work together for the sake of these little ones. ♡

    1. Hi Anonymous... I am so thankful that you are taking care of the babies that no one wants! I have a hert for those foster children - have for a longtime. Could you recomend any blogs or websites? All I can find are generic lists of warnings and checklists of what you need. I would love to read someones stroies who have 'been there', and not just for the paycheck. :) Thanks!

    2. Unfortunately, it really is hard to get accurate info! When we first came to a place of being open to applying, we called a couple foster agencies and were told that there was no need. Later, we learned that through the county, there is a huge need! Especially for families with a stay at home parent and for families open to both short placements and the possibility of adoption. Because of the ages of our bio children, we were only certified for babies, and we got calls whenever the county learned we were available and sometimes even when they knew we weren't. Every little one has blessed our family and brought joy to the other little people in our home. It is heartbreaking to say goodbye but so worth it. We are in the process of adopting a little guy who came to us as a newborn over a year ago. ♡ If you are interested in pursuing foster care, I'd recommend calling your county and find out what their requirements are, as each is different. I'll message you a copy of this comment with some links to a few blogs. :)

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