Jan 20 = a day of fasting and prayer for God to change abortion

After almost two weeks off from blogging, I have so much to tell you, but before I talk about anything else this year, I want to share what has been heavy on my heart since last month. It kind of came out of nowhere in my prayer time in December.

That day, I posted this over on facebook:

oh friends. For some reason, my spirit has been heavily burdened since my prayer time this morning. I feel called to pray for abortion to end. Like face-to-the-floor aching, seeking the face of the Lord for the lives of the precious little ones who are being pulled apart limb by limb from their mother's wombs. It is overwhelming to me. 
I've never fasted before in my life, but I feel called to fast in prayer over this. Will you fast with me? 
The day to fast that immediately came to mind during my prayer time is MLK day, which is January 20th. That day is 7 weeks from today exactly. 
Would you maybe be willing to join me that day in fasting for the lives of these little ones? That somehow God would intervene and save them? 
Maybe God will work a mighty work and we might have believers across the nation praying and fasting together on that day? 
I know our God can save those babies. I can't change the hearts of those doing it, but I know WHO can. 
Will you pray about joining me?
MLK Day, January 20, is 2 weeks from today. This nagging thought keeps swirling in my brain for these last few weeks- what if what we are missing in this praying about abortion thing is for our own hearts to change?

These are our people, our nation, our friends, our families, our neighbors- the men and women who checkout in the same grocery store lines as we do. They are no different than we are. This is as much our problem as it is theirs. It was our own grandparents and parents and you and I who have allowed our culture to become this way.

Maybe our minds have drawn lines in the sand- and "we could never do that" has become the secret language of condemnation that we have had toward those participating in it. Maybe the mental separation of ourselves from those doing it keeps our hearts from repenting from the sickness that is happening all around us. Maybe we as believers, are just as guilty.

How do we go on with regular life knowing that innocent lives are being taken? I know I am completely guilty. 1000% guilty. I am guilty of thinking I could never, and perhaps that hardness of my heart has only helped Satan in his mission to kill and destroy and devour. Who knows that I haven't done the same unknowingly?

I don't have all of the answers, but I feel certain we are called to repent before the Lord for our own sins and for the sins of our nation. We need God to open our eyes to our own sin, and break us first, so that our prayers will not be hindered. We need our God to clean and purify our hearts so that we can love the ones around us who desperately need Jesus as much as we do.

And crazy enough, first thing this morning, I saw this article from Matt Chandler. He says it all so much better than I can:
Who is more vulnerable, who is more the least of these than the unborn? Who is more fragile, who is in need of more protection, who is in need of more help than the unborn? So what are we to do as the people of God? The first thing we need to do is repent. Some of us need to repent for actively being involved in this. There’s grace and mercy for you. I started the way I started on purpose. There’s forgiveness and mercy for all. 
and he goes on to say:
The second thing we can do is we can pray, guys. This is a spiritual issue. You don’t have the science in front of us that we have in front of us and not be moved to do anything about it unless your eyes are blinded, your conscience is seared. So we can pray. We can pray for judges. We can pray for those working with women. We can pray for advocacy and pregnancy centers. We can pray.
Will you join me in praying for our hearts to be broken, for us to share the love of Jesus with everyone around us, so that we can love them as He did? So that maybe, God will hear our cries and confessions and change our attitude to see the brokenness that is happening around us? That He will put a fire in our bellies and a burning desire in our hearts to save these precious little babies and to show Jesus to the mamas and daddies to whom they belong?

Oh, this burden is so very real, so very strong.

Do we see it? Souls are at stake. Living souls.

Our God is so big, He can do GREAT and wonderful things and change our culture, if we seek Him. I know He can do it.

I'll be praying and fasting on January 20 for God to save us. That He would humble and change me first. That he would show me my own sin here, my own apathy and participation, and clean the hearts of His people first. That He would do mighty and powerful things, and that His people would be willing to risk our own comfort and convenience to share the Truth, even if it means being hated by the world. That He would give us the strength to stand against evil with the power of the Holy Spirit so that lives can be forever changed.

Oh friend, will you prayerfully consider joining me on that day?

if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land. 
2 Chronicles 7:14

{I also made a facebook event you can attend and share with your friends as well if you're over there...}


  1. AMEN!!! The story of the sweet baby Olivia that is circulating is cause to remind people that late term abortions are performed very similarly to how this baby was injured during birth (severing the spinal cord at the base of the skull). My heart breaks for that family who lost a baby they desperately wanted and lost. But it also calls us to be reminded of the UNWANTED babies this happens to daily (whether legal or not - it does happen). Why are people horrified when an infant is killed as Olivia was, though unintentional, because she was wanted by her family... but those same people are NOT horrified when it IS intentional and done at the MOTHER'S request. Mind boggling.

  2. I am joining you in this repenting, praying and fasting!

  3. Of course, I am joining in!! I would like to pray for those who live in my city who are constantly going into clinics to get this done. I would like to have God place fire in my heart to not be afraid and minister to them about God's grace and mercy!!!

  4. Are you familiar with Sanctity of Life Sunday? It marks the anniversary of Roe v. Wade and this year is January 19th. You are definitely in tune with Holy Spirit on this, and I will definitely be joining you!
    Also, may I recommend that everyone become familiar with their local crisis pregnancy center? These are great resource hubs for women facing unplanned pregnancies, and if everyone knows the address and phone number of their local clinic, think of how many people could be helped as soon as the need arises. Care Net is a national organization of repute.

  5. I will pray with you! I can't fast because I'm currently 20 weeks pregnancy with our 5th but I can pray!

  6. We definitely ought to be on our knees about the state of this country, beginning in our own hearts. God have mercy on us.

  7. We are doing an 8 day fast at our church right now.
    I would love to join you
    Will you give us a reminder closer to the day, maybe with prayer points... Some verses etc?

  8. Mandy, I will join you. You are so right. I, for one, have thought, "Well at least I never did that." Thank you for bringing this issue out in the open. Abortion is no greater than the sins I have committed, including that type of condemnation. I will pray from now, and I will join you on Jan 20, that God changes and moves things. You have been a vessel in which the Holy Spirit has used to convict me of my sin, my blind sin. That my heart be changed from not only hurting for the babies, but also for the parents that, for whatever reason, are making these choices. Love and blessings, Bea.

  9. I think people need to go out and help the girls and women who see abortion as their only choice. Take them into your home, provide child care for them to return to work or school. Help them in the hard ways, where the rubber meets the road so to speak. If you cannot do any of these things yourself, then support programs that do these things.

  10. I am in. In December I attended a fundraiser for a Women's Center. I bought a ticket to support a neighbor but had no idea that my heart would be broken for an end to abortion--there was talk how one abortion clinic in a local city that had existed for several years and performed thousands of abortions had recently shut its doors--thanks to prayer warriors and resources for girl's in crisis--they simply couldn't sustain the building. Now a couple years later THAT SAME BUILDING IS A RESOURCE CENTER FOR WOMEN!!!!! The night of the dinner we raised enough money for an ultrasound machine!!! Only God--Only God--I was so moved, I will definitely join you. . .

  11. I'll be sure joining you on January 20, I have told everyone at my church about the fasting also and showed them this post, and they are all keen and willing to join as will in the fasting January 20. May God bless you Mandy for bring all these these people to pray and fast for something very greatly needed prayed for but is enough overlooked.

  12. Such a beautiful post and a true cause for writing and fasting! I am in!

    Thank you for your Spirit led post, and your faithfulness to obey.

  13. Why don't you spend MARTIN LUTHER KINGS day say contemplating on what he stood for? Why does it have do be a day about abortion? Can't you do that on any other day? Seems almost offensive.

  14. ProLife is so much more than just being against abortion. Today we watched a Focus on the Family video clip at the start of the church service that spoke to this--http://www.focusonthefamily.com/socialissues/promos/advocacy/be-a-voice.aspx.

  15. Mandy, Prayed much for and with you on this Day of Freedom. Thank you for sharing this thought, encouraging this day of fasting, and pressing on in this beautiful fight to free many to a Life of Opportunity and Love.


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