playing catch-up :: friday to-do list

Friday is usually a school day at our house, but we are only doing a half day today so mama can catch up on things around here. We've had a busy week so naturally the laundry has fallen way behind. :) {side note: I'm not sure if having so many clothes is a good thing- on one hand, less clothing means less laundry...but then again, what would they all wear on weeks I fall behind like this one? What would it be like if we only had two sets of clothes? I'm tempted to hold an experiment...wouldn't that be interesting! I think I could be okay with it... :)}

Anyway, enough dreaming... ;) On my to-do list for today: 

1. Replace this IKEA couch cover with a clean white one:

2. Light the candle. {already done!!! man, I'm fast...}

3. Learn BODYCOMBAT 58 tracks for practice at 3:30 today:

4. While multi-tasking, of course... ;)  because I have this mountain of laundry to conquer:

5. I'd also like to spend some special time with these little humans. We might go to the library and for ice cream if we can. :)

6. And hey, if you aren't playing catch-up like me today and have extra time, you might be interested in reading the Mombassadors interview I did with Abbie over at M is for Mama {you still have a few hours left to enter to win the candle/Bible giveaway}, or checking out what's on her heart this week.

7. {just because it's a good number!} wish you happy weekend, sweet friends! 

I am blessed to know you! :)


  1. I just want to tell you that you and Abbie both are such huge inspirations to me. I struggle (as I'm sure everyone does) to stay strong in the Word all the time and I stumble on my walk with the Lord. I'm new to really examining and working on my relationship with Him and you have no idea how refreshing and uplifting it is to see the two of you really include him in all aspects of your life. Thanks for having this blog and being someone I can look up to :)

  2. We're in the same boat. I'm getting some work done for a client, tackling laundry, cleaning the house and then heading out for groceries in freezing cold weather. At least we're blessed with health to plow through our to-do list and have little ones that keep the piles of laundry high, wouldn't trade for anything else in the world. :)

  3. I feel like laundry is a never ending task for me. I am lucky most weeks to get it put away, most of the time it sits on the couch (clean) to grab from lol

  4. thanks you for the link to abbie's blog. it really speaks my heart's thoughts on abortion. i will be following her. i wish i could figure out how to comment on hers but alas...i cannot.

    as for your blog, although i am a grandmother, i can totally relate to the overwhelming needs of keeping up with your house and family. two of my grandchildren live with us, as well as two more visit us at least twice a week. it keeps us busy and behind schedule but it also blesses me in a huge way. i love reading your posts. you are doing a good job Mama.

  5. The more I follow you, the closer I get to God! Have a great weekend!

  6. Our house went on the market today so we are finishing up last minute details like the dreaded garage :/ And laundry ;) always laundry.... Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Sophie from FranceJanuary 25, 2014 at 6:23 AM

    Laundry is (finally) updated! But it remains the bathrooms clean, the kitchen, bedrooms ... fortunately today the kiddos are skiing with their dad, I have only the 4 YO with me so I can playing catch up too (I hope)! Have a great week-end!

    1. oh wow!! I hope you have a great weekend Sophie!! :D

  8. Hi Mandy, having less clothes makes a huge difference! You should give it a try. It really helps.

  9. I love the interview! I haven't been a Momma for a decade, but the biggest two things I have learned in the 3 1/2 yrs I have is that I need to be thankful for everything and believe all of God's promises. My 3yr old has more faith than me lot of the time. It saddens me and gives me something to work towards.

  10. I don't know about eliminating clothes--but I did it with dishes :-) Our dishwasher was broke and we wouldn't be fixing it for awhile, so hand washing dishes became a nightly ritual. Then it didn't. Then the mountain of dishes would grow and I would spend Saturday morning catching up. Oh, and did I mention I became really irritated? :-)

    Inspired by the background in a Francis and the New Baby book where a shelf held three plates and three cups, I packed up all our extra dishes and left one plate, saucer, tea mug, glass, and set of silverware for each person.

    There is never a mountain now!

    It also taught us a good lesson, we were always grabbing another cup, another plate, and no one was thinking about how lucky we were to have them and how lucky they were to have a mama washing them :-)

    The older ones also now rinse off and wash their dishes right away.

    It has been a nice experience.

    Now, clothes, that one is trickier!!!

  11. Thanks for the shoutout! I saw this earlier, but forgot to comment. : ) I meant to talk to you more at the gym tonight, but I had to run out to grab my notes/water and then clock in, and by the time I got back, you were gone. I feel like I had something specific, but my brain is just to tired to come up with it at the moment. I'm sure you have no idea what that feels like. : )

    Anyway, thanks again!


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