goals + menu plans this week :: semi-homemade pizza, and being worshipful

Here are this week's do, read, learn, and be goals! :D

  • make dinner at lunch time, and double meals x2 for the freezer
  • make a pillow cover with fabric/pillows I have in my stash
  • check into after school activities for the family {now that the weather is warming up! yes!}
  • rearrange pantry/cabinet storage units
  • list one item for sale online
  • go through Zane's clothes and sort out the small ones {is it just me, or do I have to do this really often these days?}
  • cancel phone plan 
  • plan dates/location for a spring trip with the kids
  • write a love note to Noah + Isabella
  • go on a special outing with Noah

finish Man- the Dwelling Place of God and the No-Cry Sleep Solution
read Proverbs 17

Psalm 118:-21-24
I thank you that you have answered me
    and have become my salvation.
22 The stone that the builders rejected
    has become the cornerstone.[b]
23 This is the Lord's doing;
    it is marvelous in our eyes.
24 This is the day that the Lord has made;
    let us rejoice and be glad in it.

worshipful. I've been so wrapped up in doing the next thing, but I want my focus to be on God and not on myself or my situation. I want to set my eyes on Him intentionally, and bring out the worship music every time I can so my heart will do just that. :)

And here are our meal plans for this week:

:: dinner ::
turkey burgers + fries 
{I make 5 lbs. of turkey for the week and try to use it for several days}
ground turkey tacos w/avocado + salsa
semi-homemade pizza :)
beans + rice
turkey spaghetti + salad + homemade bread {double}
white bean chili  x 2 if possible
dinner out

semi-homemade hawaiian pizza :) we bought a case of large pizza crusts at Sam's for a little over $1 each
:: lunch ::
grilled chicken + cabbage salad
pb sandwiches + carrots
beans and rice
ham roll-ups + multigrain tortilla chips w/salsa

:: breakfast ::
oatmeal or fruit

I had the craziest Blue Bell ice cream this weekend: Italian creme cake.
 Ice cream in the form of my #1 favorite cake ever.
It tasted so much like the real thing it made me want a piece of cake. :) 

Anything fun on the menu at your place? Please share! :D

How do you get your worship on throughout the day? We usually listen to music during lunch and dinner, and I'm thinking maybe we will incorporate it as part of morning homeschooling after breakfast! :)

Favorite pizza combo?
Not Hawaiian. :D I like chicken + veggie with garlic and a thin crust. :) And no black olives, though I could live with them if I had to. :P


  1. I love how you put in a bible verse to read and a bible verse to learn. How do you decide which ones to read and learn?

    1. Usually I pick 1-2 sections I haven't read in a while to focus on, but the chapter of Proverbs is for a Bible study I'm in, and I'm doing another study in Ruth with Hello Mornings right now and they give me an assignment too, and then the verses I memorize are just ones I love. :D

  2. I might just have to find a verse to memorize too... I am reading 1 John right now.

  3. I love your goals! We usually listen to a lot of worship music throughout the day, too, and pray a lot about whatever issues present themselves that day. Playing worship music is so calming too! :)

  4. Mandy,
    This is the second blog I read and the topic is Worshipping! I know that it is confirmation that the Lord wants me to be a worshipper. I listen to a Christian radio station on my computer at work, and when I am at home I also listen to Christian music on my cell. I think that while there are some songs that make me stop and lift up my hands, on a lot of music I sing along without really listening. I am going to start worshipping more rather than just singing. Don't you just love the way the Holy Spirit works in us to reach others and to get His message across? Thank you for posting about it.

    1. oh, yes! i absolutely love it! :D yay! Thank you for sharing girlie!!

  5. I really like the idea of ​​goals for the week. I think it could be really helpful for me ... For now, I just want to clean up my house before going on vacation!
    I see that you didn't make a list of lunch for everyday ... is it because it's more flexible for you? Are you three meals a day in US? We have breakfast, snack at school (just a small piece of fruit), lunch at 12.pm, possibly a snack at 16 pm, and then dinner at 19 pm.
    We also listen to religious music (but it's a good idea to do it during meals), we say a grace before eating (sometimes) and we try to pray together from time to time ... And I start a Bible study with GMG: I really, really love it (and the soap method)!!

  6. Hi Mandy!
    I've been reading your blog for a while now and I have a question about a meal you frequently make for your family. Rice and beans... I'm a Midwest gal and I eat both rice and beans but what does your meal look like using both of them? I'm just interested in how you prepare them and make it into a filling meal. Thanks! PS- Thanks for being an encouragement!!

    1. Oh yes, I'm curious too...Rice and beans isn't a current meal here...And Mandy, if you want french recipes - for a large family and on budget, just ask me!!


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