homemaking hack: make your own cheap & beautiful storage solutions

I'm excited to show you another one of my favorite homemaking hacks today! :D 

Even though I'm probably the least organized person you know, for some reason, I really love pretty organizing tools {usually of the floral Target type}. And I really, really love pretty fabric covered boxes. :P Something about large, pretty boxes makes me feel extremely happy. :D

Luckily this one came free from Sam's Club:

It was a huge open paper box! The fabric is a drop cloth I painted in the pattern from Emily at Jones Design Company's famous stenciled wall. It started as a curtain and after two hours and two whole square feet of finished stencil, I gave up on that project and from that point it was designated as a small piece of decor fabric, which I then adhered to the box with this handy little product:

{this is the same stuff I use for my cheap Goodwill art!}

This is the box after years of using it... it's still in great shape! I usually have it holding extra items on top of my clothing armoire.

I love almost free storage!! :D

Here's how I did another free {with the diapers you buy} box with some fun fabric from Joann's. If I were really serious about the whole thing I could spray paint the box white beforehand, but I didn't care that much. And empty Luv's boxes are in good supply at our house these days.

I can't find the fabric anywhere online, but it's called "timeless florals" by Logantex. :) I estimated how much fabric I needed- a little over a yard to have no seams and cover the inside completely:

After cutting off the rest of the fabric, I left the whole yard uncut and started planning out how I would glue it on. When I found the perfect placement for covering the whole box, I sprayed the adhesive on the side and started gluing the smaller sides first- pulling them tightly over the sides:

I left the box flaps in for extra reinforcement.
You can cut the fabric to cover the flaps, but it's not necessary. I'm so not about perfection here! :D

I used the fold and tuck method for the corners to cover the excess:


Here's what it looks like from the side:

Tuck and spray and tighten smooth on all sides, and I was okay with imperfection inside too. I've left other boxes unlined and they look great, but I just loved this fabric so much I wanted to see it inside and out:

The spray adhesive is adjustable for a little while, so you can fix any mistakes you might make, and I'm happy to say it's held up very well on my other boxes. I didn't use as much since this time I had a brightly colored box, and the more glue, the more you could see the Luvs. :) I used a tiny piece of fabric to cover the Luv's on the right side, and had I used a white or spray-painted box, I would have been adhesive happy all over. :)

You could totally use a glue gun also, but I didn't want to see the glue lines and you have to be really good to just get it tight once. The spray adhesive is your friend in this project. :D

I won't lie- this orange little pop of color makes me feel happy! :D

It could have so many uses- on a shelf, under a table, holding games, dishes, or even diapers ;)...

It's definitely not perfect up close, but I think that makes it even more fun to have around. You could never tell from under a table or in the pantry that it was a Luv's box. And hey, you could never find a cheery, one of a kind box like that at Target! ;)

What's your favorite thrifty or creative way to have open storage? :)

Ever used spray adhesive? Do you love as much as I do?


  1. Found my Friday night project! Thank you for giving such a great option other than my Target storage obsession!!!! Thanks!

  2. Awesome project! I love the bright colored fabric, it's so cute and pretty! I have to make at least a few of these boxes for my place. Thank you for sharing!

  3. That is so cute. I love the idea of that. Got me to thinking.....

  4. What a wonderful idea!! I'd need to find a way to turn these into drawers or something with a lid...all storage here needs to 'close shut' because my children like to take everything out of boxes and dump it on the floor. Yours don't do that Mandy? Haha...maybe it's cause mine are so young.

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  5. Brilliant! Thank you! ...This will encourage me to say "yes!" when they ask if I want boxes at Costco :-)

  6. Oh my gosh, I LOVE this project!!! SO cute! Thanks for sharing :)

  7. Such a pretty box! I'm inspired

  8. That is one awesome idea! Thanks so much Mandie!!! :D

  9. I do this for my kids room (toys, socks, diapers, baby items, school supplies) but I use a roll of contact paper. I have green in two kids room and blue in the other two kids room. I have seen lots of different colors and patterns. Its cheap, easy, and surprising very durable. I have been using mine for almost 4 years now!!

    Great post. Love your home making hacks!

  10. This is so great! We have a small apartment and I do childcare (only 2 infant/toddlers, but still) and I am always looking for ways to make our place a little homey-er. Generally we have boxes of some sort taking up space, and I really like the adaptability of this project - no matter your style or colors, you can make it work. Thank you for sharing! One question though, if you no longer need the storage, or want a different look, can you take the fabric off and wash the adhesive away? Either way, it's still an easy, fun idea!

  11. So pretty!
    What a great way to store homeschool books that are not used everyday. I may match smaller boxes like cereal and the like with matching colors to create an "in-box" for homework too.

  12. Awesome idea! This will work perfectly for making my son a toy box :) Thanks for sharing!

    Amy @ http://livinglifetruth.blogspot.com/

  13. I was just telling my husband we need to get a box to keep my 9 month old daughter's toys in something when she's not in the living room so they're not scattered all over the floor. Thank you for this idea because we also are not in short supply of diaper boxes either! :-D

    Crystal @ http://crystalsdigest.blogpost.com


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