owlish deals on the web {great gifts $10 and under shipped }

I had lots of people asking me where I found this necklace I was giving away last week:

I couldn't remember for the life of me, and I shopped all of Amazon before I found where I got it- Hobby Lobby:

Hobby Lobby owl, $5 {no chain}

It was from the jewelry section with a coupon. But I figured since I searched high and low on Amazon before I figured that out, I'd show you what I found there that was similar in case you were looking for a fun gift. :D

I thought this was super cute on the high end of the price range- with a much different color combo, which I like too:

And this was just ridiculously adorable.

And then this one looked a bit more heavy weight:

And this one was just quirky fun:

And this one had a dragonfly {no owls}, but it is a watch too for $2.99 shipped

And I apologize in advance for the cuteness overload. Not recommended for wearing around your neck, but these were too cute not to share! :D

Cute owl salt and pepper shakers, $7.50 shipped w/prime

They look like the little owlings {?} that belong with my cookie jar from World Market:

Owls might be super popular, but I still think they're fun. :) I'm going to try to keep that cookie jar until I have grandchildren. :D

{p.s. this post contains amazon affiliate links- should you buy one of the items above, {bh} receives a tiny percentage! yay!}


  1. Thanks for all of the links!! I searched high and low as well and actually found one on etsy that I thought looked identical to yours and bought it! Here's a link if anyone wants to take a peak, not sure how many she has left though:


  2. I love owls! They are just adorable!

  3. I love owls, too. :) I've added a few things to my wish list. Thanks for sharing the links.


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