zane is 6 months already {progressive pics}

Oh my goodness, I can't believe my baby is already 6 months old!! 

It seems like yesterday I was waiting to give birth:

41 weeks + {probably a good thing I didn't know he weighed 10 lbs!!}
And then he came out lightning fast, and has been a sweet blessing to our family for half of a year already. We have been given such joy since August 13! :)

12 hours old
2 days
3 days old
2 months

3 months

first thanksgiving- 3.5 months

4 months 

4 months
4.5 months
5.5 months
5.5 months 
6 months minus 1 day :)

At 6 months Zane:

weighs about 22 lbs. {larger than any of our children, by far}
loves to "talk" baaababa, dadadaa, hi iii, 
is almost sitting up
smiles and laughs all the time
plays in his walker
rarely naps
knows when his mama or daddy isn't the one holding him :)
wears 12-18 month clothes mostly- has grown out of all his12 month sleepers
rolls around to different spots
dances with his whole body when he's excited
is easily spooked by loud sounds
chews on his finger or the paci
cries for the gym childcare girls :(
is getting really heavy in the carseat
sleeps 12 hours {not straight} every night
will grab anything in arm's reach and knock it to the floor
hasn't tasted any solid food yet
hasn't been away from his mama for more than 4.5 hours in his life
makes life without him unimaginable :D

It's been a long and short six months, all at the same time. I'm totally hoping the next six last a while too.  I know this stage is all too short. :)


  1. What a sweet little (or big) man! He is so precious!
    My little girl is about to turn 14 months, and I surely know that those early days and months go by way too fast!
    She also only weighs about 22.5 lbs and has just now outgrown her 12 month clothes. I can't imagine her being any bigger - her size lets me still think she is a baby, but she is way too independent for cuddles now :-(

  2. My baby is the same way as Jennifer Plotts. He is 16 months and has just grown out of his 12 months and can sometimes wear 18 months. He is actually the biggest of our three. lol. The other two at 12 months wore 9 month clothing, just because they were both tiny babies. The third was the smallest of the three.
    Zane is soooooo cute!! I just want to squeeze him. I wish they wouldn't grow so fast.

  3. You have such a beautiful family!

  4. He is just gorgeous! Your family is so precious! I can't tell you how much I enjoy reading your posts.

  5. Oh so sweet!! He is so handsome!! My James is 5 months 1 week. He is a little guy compared to Zane. I love your blog so very encouraging and REAL!

  6. WOW Mandy he is soooooo sweet and has gotten so big wow time flies seems you were just 41 weeks preggo lol Blessings to your sweet family :)

  7. My little one is 7 months :) He is also the biggest in the family so far weighing in at 18lbs and born at 6lbs 13oz all the others were 5lb. He is such a joy, noticed he's getting his first tooth today :( It's good but just flying by too fast! Want to enjoy every second!

  8. So sweet! Our little man was in the 90th-95th percentile for height and weight most of his life but now that he's almost one (Wednesday!) he's now 95th for height but 75th for weight - getting taller! He's 26 lbs, so I understand the clothes being way ahead. :) Enjoy your time!

  9. I just had my first baby 2 weeks ago...I hate that time goes so fast! right now he is sleeping (after being awake since 7 am!) and I miss him so much haha! your baby is beautiful :)

  10. My favorite part of your list about him is that Zane laughs and smiles all the time. That is a sure sign you have one happy family and one happy little fella. Your family is too adorable for words! Congratulations again!

  11. Oh my, 6 months already! Time goes so fast! My youngest's 6 months (my baby!!) are so far away ... He 's already 4 years. Fortunately there has pictures to remember ... Have a good day (although at the time I write it is still the middle of the night at your home!)

  12. Oh wow...such a chunk! Our little daughter is just 20 lbs at 8.5 months. And I thought she was chubby.

    The rolls are just too precious, aren't they!

  13. What a sweetie pie! Babies bring so much joy!

  14. It's folks like you who helped me to appreciate and savor the precious few days that my daughter was a baby. Sadly, I've noticed that I am not so loving toward her, lately. After losing my da a little over a year ago, I can't seem to appreciate much of anything. Except my husband, who endures with unflinching love and support.
    I'm sorry. I started out saying thank you, so much for sharing your love. There are too many parents out there who didn't have a very good example of unconditional love. This is a beautiful example for them (us), to follow.
    God bless you and your family.
    In an aside, can I ask for your prayers for my heart to be more open and loving toward my family? I know what a gift they are and how very blessed I am. I just can't seem to get out of my own head. If that makes any sense. :-/
    ow I would ask for you're prayers, please.


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