a very good weekend: the maker's market, the best popcorn, and things I'm crazy about

You know it's going to be a good weekend when Friday starts with a garage sale. :) A local church hosted a Maker's Market where 100% of the proceeds went to missions and outreach. Could thrifting get any better than that?? :)

I bought this yellow frame with clips {from the handmade booth in the picture} for $10: 

Along with a potted flower and one of the best ideas I've seen in a long time- a painted baby jar full of popcorn with a heaping tablespoon of coconut oil: 

And now I'm officially addicted to this salted coconut popcorn. {For some reason, I'd never thought to put coconut oil in with the popcorn?!}. If you wanted to try it, I measured out the ingredients to estimate- it's about 4 tbs. of popcorn kernels to 1 heaping tbs. of oil. :)

And after thrifting, Friday gets even better when your little girls fill your window with this sweetness:

These little girls bring so much special joy into our house, I tell you. I think little girls were made to love on their mamas and daddies. I'm so thankful they're ours. :)

And of course, I had to remember this special moment by recreating it in a watercolor painting. ;) If had the skills like my girls Lindsay and Ruth, I wouldn't need an awesome iPhone app called Waterlogue to do it for me. ;)

I honestly have way too much fun with that app. ;) {I'm even thinking of printing this one for the wall!}

Our weekend festivities continued with much food, like this bread kit bread with cheddar cheese added on top. Oh my. Even overdone a little it was so good. 


And I made a BBQ chicken with spinach, and two more pizzas on Saturday night:

turkey pepperoni is the best.

I wasn't feeling the pizza {usually don't eat it too often anyway}, but I had a slice of the thin crust veggie one and I liked it okay. I find that I really prefer freshly made crust to pre-mades, though the Sam's crusts are far more convenient. :)

We ate lunch at a hamburger place with my dad on Saturday and then our favorite sandwich place with my in-laws on Sunday, so food and fellowship were definitely some of the highs of my weekend. :) That, and something else I hope to tell you about very soon. :P

And oh my goodness, I had to laugh because this pic represents Sunday morning at our house- the mascara gets put on in the car, and the baby's shoes never made it on to his feet at all. :) And big praise- even with the forgotten {and rarely used!} shoes, yesterday was the easiest Sunday morning we've had in a very long while. I seriously love those little kinds of surprises. :)

Thank you Father God for restful, happy weekends, and very good days in the midst of harder ones. :)

I'm praying that your week goes well! 

How was your Friday- Sunday? :)

Have you ever made coconut oil popcorn in the skillet? 
I know I'm so late to that game, but if you haven't you must! :)

What's your favorite bread topping?
If I ever eat at Subway, I order the three cheese italian bread kind of like the homemade version above. Next time I think I'm going to add a bit of asiago and garlic too! And I used to be on the fat-free wagon in my early 20's but now that I'm past 30, I'm in love with butter again. And fresh bread and homemade butter? Ridiculously awesome. My kids love the whipped honey too!


  1. yesterday was my easiest sunday morning too! i was thanking all day for that grace. my husband was already at church serving, so it was just me trying to get everybody ready and out the door so i could get there to serve too. there wasn't a fuss or cry! thank you jesus!

    1. oh that's awesome!! thank you Lord!

  2. Awww such sweetness from your little girls. I miss mine being that age... Now they're all old and teenagery, trying to leave the house and everything...

    That frame is so cute. I'm totally digging bright colored home accessories lately, which is new for me (I tend to lean toward neutrals and deep earth tones).

    My favorite bread topping is honey butter! For the life of me, I can't remember where I was that I had this particular honey butter but I kid you not, my eyes rolled into the back of my head and I never wanted to eat anything else again, it was that good.

    As for my weekend, it was wonderful! My son was in the Mr. JHS competition at school and came in 1st runner up. Usually, the hubs isn't in town for these events, but he was there this time and got to see the boy in action. I'm so glad that God blessed us. And that He provided for the boy to receive 3 scholarships for college next year. Happiness and praises all around.

  3. I love this blog. Every time I read it I get a good reminder of what I wish I was more like instead of how I am. It's good to have that mirror of truth held up to me sometimes.

  4. As soon as ia read this I mixed a tablespoon looking wad of of coconut oil with 1/3 cup of popcorn seeds. OMGsh...quickest, tastiest popcorn ever!! didn't even need butter?! stop the madness!!!! Thanks for the heads up!

    1. oooh I'm glad you liked it!! :D yay!

  5. Yes, yes to the popcorn! That is our favorite way to make it. Isn't it yummy? But with our big family, a skillet won't do. I use my stock pot with a lid. We also sprinkle just a smidgen of sugar along with the salt. It takes the place of dessert (so really, not so bad considering) and tastes just like kettle corn that way!
    I love the picture of your sweet girls. My girls are definitely thoughtful, but my boys love to bring me flowers. I have told them since they were little that "dandelions are my favorite" ... so they pick those which are plentiful rather than the bulbs and I am always delighted by their sweet gift. ;)
    ~Amber (Oregon)

  6. Yes! To the popcorn! We always use coconut oil, except, for our all adult family of 6, we use a stir crazy, and put a couple spoonfuls of oil, and 2/3 + popcorn, and then mmmm mmmmm de-lish! If we have company we end up making 2 or 3 stir crazy fulls. It is the best thing to make popcorn in! :D

    Always Experiencing Him,

  7. Sophie from FranceMarch 18, 2014 at 2:46 AM

    I''ve never tried coconut oil, I'll buy and try with popcorn.
    We returned from vacation Saturday, so yes, the weekend was good! A whole week just with the kids and hubby: it was wonderful! And Sunday, we all clean the garden ... it only remains to plant vegetables (and wait until it grows!)
    ps: your girls are so cute! Their smiles are contagious!

  8. Oh yumminess! I LOVE coconut oil with popcorn! Now that I am hooked I dont like it any other way! LOL :) You are such an inspiration to me! Thank you for your godly example and sweet spirit :)


  9. I love the idea of the frame with string and clips. I might just pull out some of the old frames I have stashed away and get crafty!


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