a whirlwind week, joy unspeakable + having your cake and eating it too

The weeks are flying by this April! We packed so much activity into just a few days. It was a whirlwind. :) I baked two cakes{?!}. Can you believe it? I can't. It's been so long since I've baked anything. :) 

This one was a sugar-free mix cake for my dad's birthday- we went out for dinner and then came back for cake and presents:

And then we took off for Good Friday and went to the zoo with Abbie's crew. It was a gorgeous day, and before we went in I had to record this sweet memory:

I had a specific photo in mind when I took that one. It wasn't so long ago we went to the zoo and they were this size! :(

Oh my goodness, this was only six years ago:

Babies grow up way too fast. I never really believed all those sweet older ladies who told me they would, but I do now.

Speaking of growing up fast- these little twin cuties are starting to talk and run around:

Two little ones in the stroller, one at home here = still lots of little people all around. :D I think we're so used to our clans, we don't realize how many people do life with us until we see a pic. :D

I still can't believe they're so big. And even more funny- as Abbie said, this was only 60% of our kids! :P We've truly been blessed with babies. :) They are a gift from the Lord.

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After the zoo, we squeezed in a trip to the bread outlet to stock up. We scored this cart plus more full of bread for $35!

The outlet is across the street from the factory, which means we get to try all kinds of breads we've never seen before- like this pull apart bread we were excited to find:

I get excited about new kinds of bread. :) I only eat bread regularly when I'm pregnant or nursing, so I am living it up. :P That one was a little too dense/sweet/processed for my taste, but it was fun to try.

And you know me- I also get very, very enthusiastic {ahem} about new kinds of cake. I made this Tres Leches cake this weekend from scratch, and it was good. It's different- you really have to be willing to try wet cake, but I can honestly say I enjoy anything sweet soaked in condensed milk! Are you kidding me? Yum. The only thing I would change is possibly using cake flour versus all purpose next time. With the liquids, I felt it was a bit too heavy/coarse, even after whipping the egg whites separately.

We brought the cake to my in-laws lovely house for Easter:

And we canoed as the sun set on their lake. :) It was fun.

Nana {Rob's mom} kept little Zaner for us so we could all go together!

And after church on Sunday, my dad bought us lunch out. It was a very good weekend in terms of food and fellowship. :)

We took communion at church yesterday, and for some reason, instead of feeling sobered by it like I normally feel, I was just so happy. Jesus died and rose again for ME! I realized as we were singing yesterday that Jesus said to me, "Mandy, come forth!" And I did. I am alive because of Him!! He called me and brought me out of death and into life. It's too incredible to even understand.

He lives, and because He lives I get to be with Him. Nothing is impossible for the Lord.

It's only Monday, but it's already a good week. :)

How was your Easter weekend?

Did you enjoy good food and fellowship in celebration of what Christ did?

Did you have cake too? :P Do you have a great recipe for Tres Leches I could try?

also, from the archives: 

the day after Easter: 


  1. It has been a blessed weekend for us, too. I'm still tired, though! My husband got a surprise on Friday that they would have Saturday off and for Easter we decided to just have a small, quiet one and after church, we went to the park to eat lunch and feed the ducks. Our Easter service was very uplifting, too. I'm feeling refreshed and convicted once again.

    1. oh I'm so glad you got a chance to enjoy the weekend! What a wonderful surprise too! :D

    2. Thanks! I love your blog! It's cool that you're a fellow Texan, too!

  2. I just found your blog on Pinterest last week, but I really like it. We have a lot in common!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful week! And you're right, they grow up so fast and we don't even realize it!

  4. My Easter weekend was great. I spent time reading the word and basking in it. Then my son turned 8 on Easter so we had some outdoor boy fun. Of course we spent Easter dinner at my mom and dads. The tres leeches cake looked yummy. I love it.

  5. We had an amazing weekend. We spent Saturday with my in-laws, mom and grandfather boiling and eating all the crawfish we could stand. AFter everyone went home Mike and I decided we would work off all that food by spending the day working in our flowerbeds. There is something about working in the ground with flowers that just reminds me of the awesomeness of God.

  6. Where is the bread outlet you visit? Is it in Tyler?

  7. Mandy do you mind if I ask what foundation brand you use? I also have pale skin and find it so hard to find s good foundation...and yours looks so natural and pretty!


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