costco winners + baby transitioning questions

Monday? How are you here again already? 

I think the weekends go by 3x as fast as Monday and Tuesday do. I'm super happy when Monday and Tuesday finally pass by each week. :)

Weekends are my favorite for sure. :) On Friday night, we hit up our new friend Costco again. It had only been a month, but it felt like forever since I visited this amazing place...

It's a long trip for us, but it's more of an adventure than anything. You know you're a family who loves food when everyone gets excited about a trip to a new warehouse store. ;)

We wore little Zaner out shopping up and down the aisles:

I loved seeing everything they had. They have so many healthy options. :D You have to give them props for their gorgeous salads:

Man, I love that store. :) And I really love that our whole family can eat dinner there for $14, and I get a big salad in their cafe! {!!!!}

I pulled this new dressing out of our cart for instead of opening up the caesar. I am happy to report yet another Costco winner:

Zane was as happy about his Costco banana as I was about my salad: ;)

We ended up with quite a few items we wouldn't normally buy at Sam's- the apple chips are my absolute favorite new snack, and the ancient grains are good too {though I have to avoid the almonds for Zane}. And I love that they have large avocados for the same price as Sam's small ones:

Even though we spent hours browsing Costco, we still had an hour left before HomeGoods closed. heheh. ;) I roped the family into shopping with me here too:

And this sofa??? Oh my goodness. So cute. It looks small here, but it was a full-sized one for $800. Too bad we didn't have room in the Tahoe. ;)

The kids {usually} entertain themselves when we go shopping at places like this. They all talk to each other about everything while they follow me around, but trips with Daddy are way more fun because he asks them lots of questions about everything. :) 

Zane even found ways to keep busy while I walked around:

I wonder what he will be like when he's older. It seems like he'll be a funny guy like his brother Noah and his Uncle Josh.

The rest of the weekend was full of adventure, house remodeling, and a three hour nap {!} after a playdate with a sweet friend. It was raining outside yesterday but Rob and I still managed to drive around and go out on a little date after church. :)

This week Project ReOrganize is ON. My goal is to have a garage sale this weekend, and I'm in clean out mode again. I'm trying to simplify as much as possible so that there's less housework to do on a daily basis. Last week I cleaned out the kids drawers and left them with one drawer full of clothing... and it's been amazing already. I only had 2.5 loads of laundry to catch up this weekend!

I'm hoping to also get Zane into his own room this week so we can all get more sleep. I've done it four other times, yet I still don't want to do it. :) I know it will be good for all of us, but one of our main problems this time around is that the main bathroom we use {the only one with a shower and our 2nd toilet} is in his nursery- and the kids all need to use it multiple times at night.

I'm trying to think of other places we could have him where he would be undisturbed by six other people, but it's got me stumped for the moment! He usually sleeps in our room for naps and nighttime, but I can't sleep with him in there these days. He wakes up so many times a night, but I think it's more a habit of comfort rather than need to eat.

I'd love any transitioning tips you have for moving babies to their rooms? 

Any creative ideas on quiet places for babies with lots of siblings? 
At this point I'm almost considering moving him in the office at night. :)

Have you ever tried apple chips? What do you think? Do you love them as much as I do? {and can you make them yourself- or would it even be cheaper?}


  1. When we moved our youngest, my wife spent the first few nights letting him cry then soothing, but would steadily increase the time between soothings. And the soothing time would decrease each time. This gave the little one comfort knowing mommy is still there when needed. It only took 3 nights to transition.

    1. oh wow- 3 nights would be awesome!!

  2. I'm right there with you wanting to transition my 7 month old into his crib/room but dreading it. He us still sleeping with us right now. I just downloaded the book The Sleep Lady's Good Night, Sleep Tight by Kim West so I'm hoping it will have some helpful advice. Hope it goes smoothly for you! Love your blog! ��

    1. please do let me know if it works! :D

  3. We just got our sweet boy in his crib. I love cosleeping but there comes a time when it's just best for baby (and us) to have some space for rest. I don't mind if he decides to come back to bed when he's a toddler but at this stage he could easily tumble out of the bed and get injured since he's so mobile AND he was getting really cranky next to me all night. I just knew it was time.

    So our nursery is in our master bedroom. We have this little, separate room in our room with it's own archway entrance but no door (I assume someone was *going* to make it a walk-in closet before they were foreclosed on). Before he was born I painted the room a cheery yellow since we didn't know the baby's gender, hung some cute blue curtains from Target and just this last week I hung curtains in his archway for even more privacy and feeling of being in his own space (which has definitely helped because before he could see me and would freak out, it was hard to keep the light on to read because he'd wake up, etc.).

    So I kind of did what John Rosenbaum mentioned above. I would get him ready for bed, turn on a little space heater (his space doesn't get very warm and it makes white noise), nurse him in the glider. Sometimes I put him down fully asleep but sometimes drowsy. No rush. If you need to put Zane down once he's asleep that's fine. I don't know why some people get their hackles up about baby's NOT being rocked to sleep but I think it's a precious habit and it, like everything else, only lasts a season. He won't need to be rocked forever.

    Anyway, nurse baby and then put him down. The first several nights there were moments I had to stand there and rub his back. I had to reassure him. Sometimes he'd fuss for two minutes and other times he'd start screaming in terror. If the latter I always pick him up and soothe him, try nursing and/or rocking again. But I don't take him from his room! Once he's calmed down I try again. He may fuss or he may start shrieking again. There's such a big diff between sleepy fussing or initial fussiness and screaming/pain/terror. I always respond to the latter! I help him calm down, reassure him, lay him down and pat his back until he's asleep.

    This week has been awesome because I'm able to put him down and he only wakes at midnight (which is when I'm in bed reading so I'm not asleep yet) and then at 4-5am but he goes back to sleep. We're almost there. I'm trying to ease him slowly so it's not a traumatizing shock. We're all getting much better, deeper sleep now (which somehow makes me MORE tired than when he was in my bed and I slept so lightly but deep sleep is better for my health and coffee cures the fatigue, ha!).

    1. I will add that Silas is 10 months old now. We started this process with him last month, at 9 months old! In case anyone wondered. Other babies of mine transitioned roughly the same age, all with different experiences. One of my more recent blog posts is about this if anyone wants to take a look at it with more info on sleep transitioning from a momma of five. :-)

    2. oh that's good to know!! Zane tends to be a screamer when he starts but he's gotten in the habit of laying down on his own in the day time, but the all-out crying is hard on me, LOL! I'm encouraged that it worked well for you again- I can't wait to feel normal again with deep sleeping... :) do you wake up with him being so near to you? thank you for sharing your story!

  4. First, my kids never stopped some night nursing until weaned (whether or not they slept in my room). But, I found that following The Happiest Baby on the Block techniques to be a lifesaver in teaching my babies to go to sleep separate from nursing. I have kids that are 10+ years older than my current youngest. We employed white noise to help her sleep through the noise of teenagers that are up many hours later than her. Without realizing it at the time, it helped us to sleep well with her in the room (until she turned 2- we had nowhere to move her to). We use a big, loud fan. It just helps mask those little noises/shifts everyone makes when they sleep.

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  6. Maybe switch out your oldest to the room with the second bathroom instead of the baby? Older children I think would handle the noise and sleep through it better from the other children coming in to use the second bathroom than the baby would. Plus then they'd get their "own bathroom"in a manner of speaking. lol. Could always double up the baby in another child's room. If not, white noise for both of my children worked wonderful whether a sound machine or fan. Also, black out curtains to make the room really dark always helps. It was always hard for me to transition our babies to their own rooms. It was more me than them being ready. We were always so grateful to do it though in the long run...more sleep!!! lol. Happy Transitioning! :)

  7. I agree with you... Weekends definitely seem to fly by so much more quickly than weekdays! Your weekend sounds good though, shopping with the family and having a nap and a date with your husband as well! I don't think we have anything quite like Costco here in Holland, I would love to be able to shop there once in a while! About moving Zane to another room, is it an option to let him share a room with (one of) his older siblings? I've read some successful stories about that, although I haven't got any experience with it yet. We might have to go for that option though, if the Lord chooses to bless us with another baby.
    And, oh, I've been wanting to say this for a long time: thank you so much for your encouragement through this blog! :-) You are an example to many women, I love the way you honestly share your struggles as well as your victories in Christ. May the Lord continue to bless you and use you to bring others closer to Him!

  8. we put our youngest in the office at night, bc he is a light sleeper. I recommend the book Happy Baby, Healthy Sleep Habits. It's been so helpful for us. our 15 month old and 2 year old are now sharing a room. I NEVER thought that possible!

  9. Our 8 month old baby's crib is in our small office, it's the quietest place in the house :) We plan to move him to His own room once he is sleeping all night regularly

  10. We moved our little guy over to his own room at 6 months. My husband was more ready than I was. He did okay for a little while but not long after we started having issues. He would want to be rocked to sleep and as soon as he would fall asleep and I would lay him down his eyes would pop open and the screaming would start all over this would go on for hours every night. This was so stressful and I was so exhausted. I had to stop the rocking and slowly let him cry it out. I did something very similar to what John mentioned above. I would let him cry for so many minutes and then go in a sooth him-not pick him up but I would rub his back and whisper to him and then leave the room - then he would cry and then so many more minutes later I would go back in and do the same thing. This usually lasted about 45-60 and it took a couple of times to work but within a week he was sleeping all night with no fussing at all. There were tears from both mommy and baby but it worked, and this is what was recommended to me by our pediatrician. I'll be praying for you!!

  11. Have you tried having him take naps in his own room? One nap, then maybe both (if he's still taking two), then bedtime.

  12. OK Dear Mandy ... I'm going to give you our solution to transitioning baby. But it sounds way worse than it really is. LOL. So, be slow to judge ... ;)
    As a large family living in a small house, we put our last ... in the closet! Hahaha. Sounds terrible (and its so fun to tell people!) But, this little dear woke every hour or two all night long until we made that move after she turned 1! Once she had her own little "nest", she has slept soundly through the night! (I'm thinking she's a light sleeper just like me!) All our rooms were taken and in our living room there is a large closet space that fit her crib amply (with room to spare and a large high ceiling). We always keep the door open when she's in there and there is plenty of ventilation (a point to make sure of first for sure!) We used a monitor, too. We painted it pink, hung a chandelier, and a picture wall. It's like her own murphy's bed(room) space (so really like recessing a bed into the wall like a 'built in'). She loves it and proudly shows it off to everyone who comes over! She will eventually move in with the other kids and share a room with a sibling, but for now this has been a great solution until her sleep schedule matches the older kids' schedule. Although it sounds dreadful ... it's really quite darling. In the morning, she gets up and shuts her door (it also opens from the inside and she is able to do this, just in case ...). Out of sight and tucked away until naptime! She likes her little space so much, when we travel and have use of beach house bedrooms, she always tries the big space and inevitably asks for her own crib in a tucked away corner. It's been just the thing for a house filled with older kid's noise!

  13. I love that the brownie mix box is already open in the picture of what you bought at Costco!

  14. No idea about the baby stuff since my little one is still in our room, but I have made apple chips before and they're SO delicious! If you get them on sale they're definitely cheaper, but I highly recommend getting an apple peeler/corer to make it a more enjoyable experience (unless you're skilled with a knife, which I am not!).
    Bake at 275 degrees for one hour and then flip. Bake for one more hour, checking them halfway. I like to sprinkle cinnamon on mine! If you want them to be sweet and have the shiny coat on them you can dip them in sugar water before baking... but I think they're just as good without!

  15. We just moved our 5 month old little guy into his own room and he has slept through the night twice! He is our last baby and I was enjoying having him in our room with us, but we are all happier now that we are getting some sleep. I would say put him in whatever room he can get the most sleep, even if it is not his bedroom right now. Our older two boys started sharing a room when the younger one was 6 months, it worked great for them.
    Can I say how much I miss Costco? We moved to Paris last summer and I love living here, but there are a few stores that I REALLY miss and Costco is definitely on the list.
    Good luck with baby transitions, I feel like a new woman now that I am getting some uninterrupted sleep.

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  17. Our two-year old naps in our walk-in closet. We put a portacrib mattress in there on the floor with a pillow and her blankies and bear. The closet has a vent in it, so it's heated and air-conditioned. We call it her cozy spot. People laugh when we say she sleeps in our closet, but she sleeps the best in there! At nighttime, she is up until all hours when her big sisters come in their room to sleep. I hear you on needing sleep and finding creative sleeping arrangements in a big family!


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