$25 later: I can't believe this before and after!

I mentioned earlier this week that we had an exciting DIY project going on at our house last weekend, so I wanted to share a little before and after today!! :D {reveals are my favorites!}

This reveal is not staged or clean or even finished, so don't look too closely. :P Maybe someday I will reorganize the shelves and put all the furniture back in for a full before and after with all the details. {the family closet system details are here!}

But for now we're focusing just on the floor! :) This pantry/laundry room of our very old house appears to be the original back porch when it was first built in 1895 {by wealthy furniture store owners!}. In the 1930's, another family remodeled the house to add more porch in the front, and I guess they enclosed the back too at some point. {Thus the sloped floor and the shutters inside}. This room also appears to have been the family kitchen too at some time. I love how much history it all has! :)

I've been itching to paint a floor for a while now, so when Rob said hey, let's paint the back floor, I was more than excited. :D It was looking very sad!! It was definitely my least favorite floor because it always looked dirty no matter how clean it was.

Here's proof: 

We used regular Valspar porch and floor paint. {It took about 8 hours to dry to the touch for each coat so we had to evacuate for most of the weekend to let it dry!}. He used a foam roller to roll it out on the floor.

The difference two coats later was incredible: {!!} White it was!! :D

I might be a little bit giddy. ;)

I may regret going with white floors at some point, but we're still in the honey moon stage right now, and I'm completely in love. 

It's so clean. So white. So new.

Who knew $25 worth of paint could change everything? :)


  1. Wow! A HUGE difference! Did you have to prep the floor at all? Besides normal cleaning........

    1. no special prep- we didn't prime it either. Valspar paint is amazing at covering and staying on!

  2. Looks amazing! Hmm...this has me motivated...which project should I tackle? The boys bathroom, guest bathroom, or the boy's bedrooms? Decisions, decisions!! ;)

  3. Even if it doesn't last forever wasn't it totally worth the $25 you paid just to have it nice for now :)

  4. The floor turned out great! What a wonderful difference!

  5. Looks pretty! You mentioned the sloped floor. Did you cut the bottom of the shelves so that it would not lean? I love that big shelving unit!

  6. We painted the entire upstairs of our house (built in 1913 with pine floors that are not thick enough to refinish) white. I have only 4 kids, but they are painted a dark grey/brown now. Yours might fare better. I do love my painted floors, and they are so easy to repair and touch up (we used Valspar, too)!

  7. How I love painted floors! Our living room, dining room, and master bedroom are painted a creamy white. The kitchen floor is taupe and green checkerboard. And our daughters' room is painted cream with grey-purple stripes. Painting floors is so much fun because you can play around with colors and patterns, and when you get bored, you can always repaint them! Plus, they are so light and airy. Did I mention I love painted floors? :)

  8. Your floor is lovely! If you ever wanted to change it up, you could always just paint a faux area rug in the scuffed up area. :-) But that white floor makes the entire room look bigger and cleaner and brighter! :-)

  9. I just have to say, you inspired me, Mandy. ;) I have an ugly little half bath in the basement that is being used while we host a student this summer and I really wanted to spruce it up for her. on a whim I grabbed a gallon of metallic orange we used to do a fun stripe down an upstairs hallway and painted that floor! It's tile so my husband is skeptical that the paint will stay unscuffed for long, but it was a quick fix and it looks SO much better than before. yay for painted floors! and thanks for sharing and providing the inspiration!

  10. My hubby said the same thing when we moved into our 150 year old farmhouse! We painted the floor a pale aqua... With white trim and pale grey walls and stellar bay windows... It's a favorite on our house tour. :) I'm even renting it out to a local well known blogger/seamstress so she can photograph her products up there in the winter. I'd love to add a diamond pattern over top it at some point. :)


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