the best deal you could possibly get on shoes

Guess what! You won't believe it, but I beat every thrift store price I've ever seen at Kohl's a few days ago!

I was so thrilled to find these adorable striped flip-flops in the junior section:

The price?



I signed up for Kohl's rewards program a long time ago, and every few months they send me $10 to spend. The weird thing is that I don't earn the points or anything- they just randomly send me $10 for free! I love that! :) Most of the time, I end up spending a few dollars on top of the free money, but this time, they were $9.99 so I had a penny left over. :D

Free striped flip-flops for signing up for a reward program? Why yes, I'll gladly trade you my personal info for free shoes. hahaha! :P

Do you know of any other stores that give you free money like that? 
I want to sign up! :)

Flip-flops: yes or no?
Big fat yes here. :) I love those things. Though I do have to slip them off to drive every time I get in the car.

p.s. This is not sponsored by Kohl's in any way. I just like free stuff and I hope you get $10 for free too. :D


  1. Sophie from FranceJune 26, 2014 at 12:04 PM

    Oh I love your flip flops (which are called "tongs" in French, btw). Where I shop, I have a free member card a so I have discounts on my final receipt (depending on what I buy), and sometimes it can reach 20% discount (and furthermore there is often one buy-one offered...interesting when it's pizzas,isn't it???) . But it's only alimentary...

  2. Love those cute shoes! This is a random question, but do you happen to know the name of the font used for the word "biblical" on your blog logo and the tagline? Love it, thanks!

  3. I love Kohls. I got a pair of black leather boots for $8 (and I had $10 in rewards as well) so I got them for free. :)

  4. Awesome deal!! I love free!! I tried signing up, but it says the reward program hasn't come to my area yet. Hoping that will change soon!!

  5. Bummer- I just tried signing up for this and it says its not available in my area. :( Boo, Kohl's. Id be all over this if I could.

  6. Those flip flops are Really cute!

  7. If you don't mind online shopping, ThredUP is a great online consignment store that gives you $10 to spend the first time you sign up if you use a referral URL like this one: That would be mine, and I'll get $10 off if you decide to use it. ;) After that, every friend you refer to ThredUP will get $10 off, and so will you! ;)

    1. My girls LOVE ThredUP! It's great!
      Cute shoes!

      Always Experiencing Him,

  8. The gift certificates I get sent always say the purchase must be a minimum of $10, but I was able to snag a nice pair of sandals originally $45 marked down to $15 for only $5 with my card. A definite win in my book :)

  9. Sweet deal! I get similar "cash" like that from JCPennys. A couple times a year they send out a coupon in the mail that is good for $10 off a purchase of $10 or more! I've used it to score several free shirts. I'm signing up for the Kohl's rewards program now!

  10. I used to hate flip-flops and then I got married and my sweet unknowing young husband bought me this adroable pair with a palm tree and frog on them. I had to wear them and soon fell in love. Now I own more flip flops than I ever thought possible.

    I'm insanely jealous over those striped ones though, way to cute!

  11. They are so cute! And you know, it's been a LONG time since I got any of those Kohl's coupons. I think I need to look into why that is. :)

    A similar program that I've done really well with is Sears and Kmarts Shop Your Way Rewards program. They give you points that you can then redeem. I blogged about it here...although the promo that I mentioned was obviously only valid in April, the basics that I wrote about are still the same.

  12. I haven't joined that program for Kohl's (usually too far away to shop there.) But while I was in the States earlier this year, I did go into Kohl's quite a bit, and would get a credit to use between certain dates. It was the same thing, no minimum spending, just a free amount. That guaranteed I would go back. :)


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