boys' room before and after

The white paint struck again! :) We loved it so much in our family closet that we went for it upstairs this time!

The boys' room had this basketball floor since we moved in. They loved it, but it had seen better days:

Here's what the room looked like 4+ years ago when we moved in, was slightly better than this year:

And then- the ahhhhhhfters, a gallon of primer and porch paint later: 

Oh, happy day!! :D It reflected so much more light that it suddenly felt like a huge room!

You can tell what we're doing in our free time this summer, right? Paint, paint, and more paint! :) It's so much fun to see big results for so little money.

If you're wondering how living with white floors is practically- so far, the white floors do show dirt more than the old ones that already looked dirty but the white is way easier to clean them than the previous ones. You can see what to sweep and scrub instead of feeling it with your feet! ;) Also- we don't allow shoes in the house {which I find really helps keep our floors cleaner in every room}, so the white has been great for us so far. :D

Have you ever had a shoes-off rule in your house? :)
We didn't until the last couple of years, but I LOVE it. Having kids and a baby crawling around really changes the way your see your floors! ;)

Do you have the 10 second rule instated at your house? ;) 
My kids will eat pretty much anything off of the floor, unless it has hair on it...hahahah!! :P It's good for the immune system, right? :)


  1. The white floors make such a huge difference - love it!!!

  2. Nice change!

    We don't have a shoes off rule, per se, but we're ALWAYS barefooted. The rule is to put shoes away in the shelf right by the door when we come in, but the reason isn't the floor. It's for organized-ish leaving next time! (six kids, ages 8 and under)

  3. I totally agree, sometimes it is the little things (read: inexpensive) that make the biggest differences. We have tried to have a shoes off rule, since it is just my husband and me, but it never lasts for long. We have never lived in a place with a garage or an easy to get to kitchen entrance so bringing in groceries kills the rule every time. Besides, with 2 dogs it is pretty much a waste of time. :)


  4. Yes, to the shoes off rule and eating off the floor! I never thought about painting a wood floor white, it's looks so nice in that space.

  5. I simply love your white floors! I've tried the shoes-off policy so many times, but somehow it never works out because of all the visitors we have. Do you ask people to take off their shoes? If so, I'd like to know how you do it, i always feel like some sort of unwelcoming clean freak (which I'm so not, except when I'm influenced by pregnancy hormones... ;-))

    1. I have friends who ask that you remove your shoes when you enter their house. I've been taking my shoes off at the door at their place for so long, I don't remember how they first asked us. I think it was something along the lines of just explaining why and politely asking. No big deal.

  6. The white looks great, will probably be better for the boys as they get older, but, honestly, I really loved the basketball floor, too.

  7. Ha! Yes, we definitely have the 10-second rule. With 5 kids, I have other more pressing matters than caring who is eating what they dropped on the floor. They're healthy so I guess it's okay. ;-)

  8. I've always like attic rooms. They just seem like a good get-away room.
    I tried to make the rule of no shoes worn in the house. It didn't stick.

  9. We always call it the 5 second rule. Since rescuing three indoor cats we never eat anything dropped on the floor. Even though we vacuum at least once a day if not more I always feel like hair is lurking on the floor.

  10. We have the same no-shoes-in-the-house-rule too. Mostly because of my hubby's Hawaiian background. Our close friends know it already, but when guests come over, we politely ask them to remove theirs as well. In the winter (we live in Ohio) I leave slipper socks by the door, just in case our guests get cold feet :) It has made our carpet look nice much longer, I it just feels cozier.

  11. Lovely photos. We have a very strict shoes off at the door rule for family and guests. It makes a massive difference. There are slippers by the door for everyone to wear.

  12. It looks great! :) We do shoes-off mostly...but sometimes, summer days have children running in the back door, through the house and out the front door and I don't let it upset me. We sweep/vacuum the floors daily so it's okay. :) As for the food rule...I have a dog (Ruthie) and she's our food kids don't stand a chance of picking something up to even try to eat it because she always gets to it first! ;)

  13. What a difference! We have a "shoes off" rule too. It does help. When baby #3 arrived I knew I had to do something, because our carpets are pale... Now I just have to do battle with food marks. (Whoever thought putting carpet in the dining room was a good idea was VERY silly indeed. And we are renting at the moment, so there is no way we can rip it up.) Hope the boys love their new lighter, brighter space. :)

  14. Your floors look fantastic!!!! Love the white. Great idea! We have a shoes off policy too!!! It makes such a huge difference and my precious babies crawl around on that floor. It seems like my hand is already attached to the vacuum as it is between toddler and baby meal times. Most people are so very considerate when they come over and take their shoes off right away. Plus I did buy a cute lil wooden sign I bought on Amazon a simple (please take off your shoes) and hung it in our mud room so that people who come in will see it. It's not so awkward that way too. :)

  15. I'm so glad you have a shoes-off rule. it makes such a difference. I have an whole blog on this: Shoes Off at the Door, Please


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