unexpected answers from God: when it's not what we think.

Oh I just wanted to pop and share this Desiring God article with you before the weekend. It was so encouraging to me!! It's about receiving unexpected answers from God:
...we pray for greater faith, love, holiness, wisdom, discernment, experience of God’s grace, boldness, joy in God, and less satisfaction with worldly things. 
Such longings and prayers are sincere and God loves them and loves to answer them. But we do not know ourselves very well, nor the depth or pervasiveness of our sin, nor what it really requires of us in order to receive what we ask for. We can’t help but have unreal, romantic imaginations and expectations about what God’s answers to our prayers will be. 
Therefore, we are often unprepared for the answers we receive from God. His answers frequently do not look at first like answers. They look like problems. They look like trouble. They look like loss, disappointment, affliction, conflict, sorrow, and increased selfishness. They cause deep soul-wrestling and expose sins and doubts and fears. They are not what we expect and we often do not see how they correspond to our prayers.
I'm still surprised by how God answers my prayers! I know He refines in the fire, but somehow I'm always thinking it should be easy if I want to be more like Him. But it's not- it's so sin-revealing, humbling and heart-wrenching, and very painful sometimes!! 

And that's okay- we are being made like Him in our sufferings- He's molding our hearts to rely on Him fully. His ways are higher than my ways- and so, so much BETTER. He knows what He is doing and we can always trust Him- even when the battle gets harder! If you're in a season that's hard right now- take heart- He is was, and is, and is to come. He is Holy, just and the Almighty God. He is worthy of your praise, in all situations. Draw near to Him.


  1. Thank you for sharing this, Mandy!

  2. How useless. I'm a believer, but you're offering no practical help here, merely platitudes. Give me some meat with my potatoes, im tired of the sweetsy, trite, pretty words. I need something I can grab hold of and USE!

    1. She is offering practical help, Draw Near To God.... the more we draw near to our Father the more secure we become in the answers and the outcomes of those answers. How do we draw near? Prayer, reading His Truth and studying it.

      Have a blessed day.

  3. Beautiful. I have recently learned that we can become like Christ and it's fully expected of us to do so. We aren't to stand by the age old adage that we can't be perfect because we have sin. Christ has taken care of that sin, we still have to ask daily for forgivenss sure,but God demands us to look past that and walk in His sons footsteps.

    And you're so right so steps are so hard sometimes, but the amazing outcome is always worth it.

    Thanks for the inspiration today!

  4. So true! Yesterday at church our pastor discussed how sometimes God uses pain to show us that something is not right in our relationship with Him, but it's so easy to just praise Him when everything is going well. Thanks for the beautiful reminder!

  5. God we will love to obey and his wisdom are so exciting blessing today again with grace and knowing his the ways in favor and be content in care of the lord in glory for him daily,thanks and bless,keijo sweden


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