our week in pics: getaways, tornado meal-prepping, and it's happening again

Oh, the crazy fun of summer! Can I admit that I've been sleeping in this summer, and it's been wonderful? I feel like a new person when I sleep 8-9 hours a night. The baby still wakes up a couple of times at night, but with the extra hours in the morning I've been making up for the last year of lost time. :)

We have some exciting things happening at our house, so our days have been full to the brim. {I can't wait to tell you soon!} I haven't even had a chance to tell you yet, but we celebrated our 12th anniversary with a weekend away in Dallas:

My awesome dad kept the kids and I enjoyed waffles not made by me. ;)

We did take the munchkin along with us, and if you were wondering what hotel breakfast with a little is like, I snagged a pic for you:

I have a good man, because he took one for the team and fed him while I enjoyed this:

Good times. :) And you know any weekend at a metroplex is sure to include a trip to Anthro:

I didn't find much I needed there, but I did end up with one cool, very inexpensive-for-anthropologie thing I'll show you soon! :)

For the first time in I can't remember, we got dressed up for a date! :)

I really need to branch out more, but the heart wants what it wants. ;)

We might be a little predictable, but hey- we did try two new things. Did you know gas station fudge can be amazing?

I would have never thought. And we already know Restoration Hardware is pretty amazing itself:

All kinds of eye candy there. That place is something else. :) I have never liked so much extremely expensive furniture at one time! ;) {Which reminds me of something else I want to tell you soon!}.

My feet were back on the ground last week with a birthday, grocery shopping, and getting back in the saddle with cooking:

Last night was a late night flurry of trying to cook this week's meals in advance:

I made dinner last night, and got this ready for the week:

And speaking of getting back in the saddle...last week, these came in the mail:

Once we the rest of the girls' books arrive, I suppose we'll dig in. :) I can't say that I'm ready, but the kids are! They've already arranged their desks, plugged in their computers, and can't wait to start. :)

As for me, I'm still going to enjoy every minute of sleeping in that I can. :)

How was your week/weekend??

Are you back to school yet?

Ever tried something from a gas station that you never thought you would love? :D


  1. Hello! Thank you for the work you put into your blog! I love reading it and think you are a God-filled woman from whom I can learn a lot (is that even grammatically correct?). Would you mind sharing your favorite make-ahead meals? I think that would be so super helpful at my house (even though I only have one toddler!). Thank you again for sharing your heart!

  2. I really want to start making freezer meals, maybe i'll have more time now since soon my oldest will be off in Kindergarten and another son at preschool so i'll only have my 3 year old at home. It will be so quiet, lol.

  3. Hubby & I recently celebrated our 26th anniversary.
    Some friends treated us to wild game.
    Our son went back to college today.

  4. The meals look delicious, Mandy, and I'm taking a break from all my school planning to marvel over all your advance preparations. I clicked through, mainly, because the "it's happening again" teaser on Pinterest made me think, perhaps, #6 was on the way. Ha!

    1. Ha! I totally thought the same thing!! :)

    2. me too! it might be news thats coming later....

    3. Yes, Miss Mandy, you've got me wondering too! Lol

  5. Sophie from FranceAugust 18, 2014 at 2:52 PM

    We'll start our first homeschool year the 1st september! I'm so excited! And I 'll try OAMC ( once a month cooking)...I hope it will help me during this year (or during september...or during the first week...ok, it may be a OAWeekC, ha!) What is your favorite meal freezer?

  6. I absolutely adore your blog. I am hoping to get into the blogging world, but on top of that am going back to work work about 20 hours a week.....that being said, I'm thinking some advance meal prep is in order. I too would love to know your go-to freezer meals (assuming all those lovelies in the picture are headed to freezer?) More than likely though, I'll be doing the "cook for the week" method. Thanks!!!

  7. As I'm in Australia, Miss 11 has already been at school for 5 weeks so we're halfway through Term 3 :) I've been wanting to start pre-cooking meals to freeze so this is just the incentive I need!! Our weekend consisted of packing for our move in a few weeks, laughs with friends over dinner and family time at the beach :)

  8. Mandy, I love reading your random life-updates! Probably my favorite posts of yours that you do!

  9. I was wondering if you have recipes for those meals? That is such a great idea and something I'd like to start doing more of. Saves so much time to have dinner made ahead of time :)


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