11 years... flew by

Holy moly- I can't believe I'm seeing these cinnamon roll numbers already:

This handsome fella turned 11 last week:

We celebrated early with a trip to a local fall farm where they had all kinds of strange chickens:

This giant rooster {?} baffled the kids for days! :) They couldn't figure out how that guy was riding it. {One of the best things about being a parent is knowing the answer to the riddle and not telling them :P}

They are all growing up so quickly. I am savoring these days when they're all kind of little and like farms and zoos and playgrounds. These are such good days. Hard, but good.

I loved seeing them enjoy the pig races. :)

And one of my favorite things about grandparents is that they will fork over $5 just so their grandkids can shoot apples out of a machine gun. :)

I'm happy to report that we made it all the way through our first corn maze:

I was worried about that one. ;)

I am so thankful for 11 years with this boy. He is full of life and loves so very deeply. He may not kiss his mama any more but he is sure to tell her he loves her every day. :)

They are both growing up so fast.

Little boys are turning into young men already. Oh, what a gift it is to be a mama. Somehow the years fly away before you even know it.

Happy birthday, my sweet Elijah boy. I am so thankful for you.

{This from a year ago already? How is it possible? I tell you no lie, this life will be over before we know it.}

Mamas of older ones tell me- how do you deal with the fact your kiddos are this.close to growing up? I may need to cry on your shoulder! ;)


  1. Aww, what a sweet post! Happy birthday to your little man! As the mom of a 14 year old (8th grader) and an 18 year old (college freshman)...I guess the best way I deal with it is to just CELEBRATE it! I can't say that I've ever looked back with sadness or regret and wished for "by-gones". I tend to just look forward to each new milestone and celebrate it. I love that we can do things together and have conversations together...even though they're my sons and I'm still "teaching" and instilling things in them...they are growing up and I look forward to spending time with them as "people". It's nice because they hang out with each other and I love listening to them talk with each other. It's also nice because my hubby and I can go out on date nights and not worry about sitters! Then there's DRIVING! If I need something at the store, my son can run to the store for me! I recently went back to college and my older son is helping me with math! These are all of the awesome things when they start growing up! So I don't look back with sadness...I enjoy the present and all the joy it brings! :)

  2. Still dealing with it myself!! My son will be 25 in November and just got married in May ~ UGH!!! How did THAT happen?? My daughter will be 23 in November as well . . . Looking forward to the alone time with my hubby :-) But, definitely miss the park, zoo, farm days!

    1. Forgot to add that we homeschooled from K through graduation, so that makes it that much harder . . . . .

  3. The time does go by so quickly! I have a 21 year old son, he is a grown man and out on his own. (I started early. :-)) Thankfully, I still have a 15 year old daughter at home. It is SO HARD when they leave. Nothing can really prepare you for it. You have to trust God as your child walks the path that He has set out for them.

    The good part is that you get to see the Lord at work in their lives, and it is truly amazing! Pray, pray, pray for them every day. I think you already realize that each of your children is a gift from God, and your time with them is limited. If you remember to be thankful for that, you will be fine.


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