I'll never forget, a double win, and a not-so-friendly visitor

Last week was a doozy. 

It started out pretty awesome with a run to the big D/Costco:

And we double-won with a Freebird's date:

My partner-in-crime loves to help me eat these days:

But the baby got sick the next day, and by Monday I wasn't feeling quite normal either... but school had to go on:

And then on Monday night, the dreaded and not-often-seen stomach bug hit our house big time. Thankfully, it had been years since we had a round of it, but it got nearly everyone this time:

I didn't leave my bed for 36 hours. Rob took care of all of us as we took turns losing our lunch, and Abbie risked her life week to bring us activated charcoal, grape juice, and flowers! What a good friend!! And I can't say how lucky I am to have a husband who will stop everything to care for us.

The kids recovered fairly quickly, and I felt much better the day after, but the effects kept lingering.

Good thing Noah wanted to make breakfast for us on Saturday morning.

It was the first time I gave Noah and Bella full reign in the kitchen to make breakfast for us on their own:

I was um...nervous...when I spotted the marshmallow bacon rolls. But the biggest surprise of all? 

Eggs- with candy corn mixed in. 

Starburst candy corn eggs.

After the week of vomiting. 

I tried, I really did. I took a bite. I sure love those munchkins {bless their little hearts}, but I couldn't handle it. Oh. My. Goodness. The memory alone still haunts my belly. I may never be able to forget it. Or eat scrambled eggs ever again.

You know one thing is for sure- life around our house is never dull these days. :)

Has that awful stomach bug hit your house this year?

Have your kids ever surprised you with their creative cooking? ;)

Favorite Halloween candy? 
Mine used to be candy corn. For real.


  1. Noah and Bella are too cute! Hope y'all are feeling 100% better today! My favorite candy has always been M&Ms. :)

    1. we are, thank you!! And M&M's are SO good!!

  2. O my goodness. Yuk!! How sweet of them to make breakfast, though! And I give them props for the marshmallow bacon sushi. ;) hey, at least it LOOKED cool. ;) lol! Good momma!

    1. It did look like sushi!! hahah! I didn't even think of that! :D

  3. Glad to know everyone is feeling better! My goodness, that must have been a tough week. I have a smaller family, but we have had a week where everyone got the stomach bug and it was rough!

    I love that you let Noah and Bella have free reign in the kitchen, you are a very brave woman! Creative cooking surprises in my house have included peanut butter, marshmallow, and molasses sandwiches. Favorite candy (Halloween and every other day as well!) Candy Corn. It's hard to imagine them being cooked in scrambled eggs. :-/

    But seriously, glad everyone is on the mend!

  4. Oh my. Glad you are all feeling better. I'm praying that we keep the stomach bug far away from us this year.
    Very creative cooks you have. I haven't let mine loose in the kitchen yet, I really need to work on that.

    The eggs would have gotten to me too,but the bacon marshmallow... I would have had to try that.

  5. Ohmigoodness!!! How funny! Yes, good mama!!! Reminds me of the scene in "Mom's Night Out!" Such a great movie, and full of truth!!!

    Always Experiencing Him,

  6. The stomach bug hit our house the week that baby #3 was scheduled to arrive. My daughters had it two days before my due date, my husband had it on my due date, and I had it the day that I was scheduled to be induced. God knew, and the Labor and Delivery unit was overcrowded, so they had me come in the next morning. All of the sickness sent me into labor on my own, so it was a blessing in disguise.

  7. I love how the minds of kids work... ha! One day they will figure out that just because two things are good by themselves... They are terrible together!! =-/ My girls try very interesting combos all the time! I am glad you all are feeling better.

  8. I love me some good old Hershey's chocolate ( and Kit Kats) best part is we are only about an hour away from Hershey Park and Chocolate World! Yummy :) We haven't had the bug this year but we had it two years ago. I was sick for a whole day but my Hubby got the worst of it. He was down for the count for Nine.Whole.Days!! It's the worst I have ever seen him. Thankfully, it hasn't hit us since!! Hope you are feeling back to normal!! :)

  9. I love anything chocolate!
    Stomach bugs are terrible :/ 5 of us had it two weeks ago, but thankfully my husband stayed healthy. I'm glad you are all feeling better!

  10. Bless them! What sweet hearts they have...and what better future homeschool lesson than cooking? Specifically breakfast cooking.

    Haven't had the stomach bug yet this year but I'm really researching essential oils right now to prepare for the winter & accompanying germs.

  11. *Had to enter this twice - sorry if it repeats!* Hey Mandy! A while back I noticed you had stopped you WIWW series. I personally could never decide if I liked it. I liked your thrifty finds, but wondered if it was making others feel bad for not dressing so nice each day. Though I know it was your personal motivation for getting out of sweats as a SAHM. Anyway, just curious what your reasons were for stopping!


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