late, late for a fun birthday date

I had the chance to get away for a late birthday date with this handsome fella. I won't tell you how old he turned the other day, but let's just say we're firmly in the mid-30's territory. ;)

Good man that he is, he wanted to visit Anthro for his birthday. 

{kidding :P} Going there is probably more like the equivalent of me wanting to visit the auto parts store. :)

Of course, Anthro is my favorite birthday place to shop but I had to wait for a picture with better lighting outside... :P Down lighting inside is scary these days, LOL! :P

We hit up an interesting grocery store for snacks while we were in the area. Why exactly are expensive grocery stores so enchanting?

I think it must be the way they display their goods- like these brownies... oh yum:

He wanted the turtle but got m&m so I could share {I'm not allowed to eat nuts since Zaner is still nursing}. We took this little buddy on our date with us too. :) We've decided he's a certified carb lover:

He's reached a new stage of challenge- toddlerhood and tantrums. The man-boy knows what he wants these days. And then there's teething {!!} on top of that strong personality. :D Those baby kisses make up for it all though. :P

After a little outdoor browsing, we hit up a mall in Plano and found this amazing feat of modern times: indoor surfing in a surf shop. So cool, except the audience is watching you so you'd better be good at it! If you fall, the water is so strong it pushes you all the way back up. On your face.

And then to complete our date day, there was a little Pei Wei:

I'm so thankful for this guy and all the years I've gotten to spend with him. He's so easy going, he doesn't even mind my lack of gift wrapping. He must love me a lot. ;)

I know I sure do love him. :) Life is crazy, but we're doing in together thanks only to the Lord. He is good!! :D

Any late October birthdays at your house?
I think October is the best month ever, but I'm a bit biased. :)

Favorite casual-fast restaurant food chain?
Is it weird that I love places where you wait on yourself? We drink inordinate amounts of fluids and I hate making a server run back and forth, so I'd rather go to the fountain myself to save them the trouble. I love places like Newk's and McAlister's {and I think everyone I know can vouch for me here! We eat there so often! :P}.

What have you been up to lately?
Birthday celebrating. Dating. House building. Home schooling. Cleaning, cooking, diaper changing, toddler chasing, children herding, exercising, getting sick, recovering, and repeating all of that over again and again. :P I hope to have a normal day again sometime in spring 2015. :P


  1. Sophie from FranceNovember 3, 2014 at 2:45 PM

    Normal day? What is it? ;D
    Homeschooling, cooking, laundering...and doing it again...THIS is a normal day, mama!

    1. hehehe!! You're so right!! :D LOL!!!

  2. So, I have been wondering why little Zane still gets to come on dates? I'm sure you mentioned why at some point, but I missed it ;)

    Wonderful that you got to share some time celebrating and could enjoy a great dinner...such a blessing <3

    1. Thank you it is! I don't know if I did? He's so small still that we don't want my dad to have to watch him for long. :)

  3. My youngest his birthday is little pumpkin...Well not do little anymore...17...sigh ;)

  4. I love these posts!! I'm curious why you can't have nuts while nursing??

  5. Ah yes...we have 4 kids and, while we didn't take the baby on dates, I definitely made sure it was nap time, or we were only out for a short time when there was a baby in the's hard enough for us to balance all the kids with a baby, let alone to have someone else try and do it ;) It's great your Dad can help out and you still get a nice date with two of your handsome men :)


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