life lately: the last 3 weeks in pics

You know one good aspect of getting shingles? {okay, maybe the only thing?}


It's when your mom comes down and folds all the clothes for you!

Oh, and then when she does the dishes too:

Though I have to admit, the hour of alone time at the doctor's office was nice too. :)

I had a pretty short case from what I hear- it took about a week to feel better. Luckily it was only in my neck/ear area and mostly internal. I'm incredibly thankful for medicine that may have saved my face from permanent nerve damage. It's been a few weeks now since I took the meds and I feel a nerve twinge every now and then, but I really believe medicine shortened the whole process by several weeks. Again, so very thankful for the Lord's provision there. Phew!

While my mom was here, I made this asparagus tart from the ^Forest Feast cookbook^:

My favorite parts were the puff pastry and the cheese. :)

And the next weekend after life was back to normal, we had the chance to go on a cheap date at a deli:

We stopped at Baskin Robbins for ice cream, but he ended up with a donut:

And I just wanted the cone:

I know, I'm so weird. {The cone is the only part of ice cream I like!}

And naturally, the only place we went after that:

It might have been the best trip to HD I've ever been on. They had refrigerators on sale. :)

Oh, man. I am so excited about moving in our house. It's probably good that the holidays are coming to distract us in the meantime. Isabella made a chart to check off the days left until Thanksgiving:

Really, it's too bad we don't eat guinea for Thanksgiving, because here was our backyard this weekend:

They heard the water running and rushed to get there. I almost thought they were going to befriend Rob, but they just wanted a drink. :)

Oh, how I love the country. :) 

{assuming those birds don't wake you up early, ha!}

Being awakened by a rooster always sounded so romantic to me... until the first time I had one wake me up before dawn. ;) 

What's your life been like lately? 

Favorite Baskin Robbins ice cream? Do tell!
We've never had it...yet! :) lol! I tend to like caramel/dulce de leche/anything without nuts in general.

Ever been woken up by a rooster? 
Believe it or not, I was an adult the first time!

^^ = book affiliate link from Amazon! :D


  1. I have never been to a Baskin-Robbins. I've only seen one or two ever in my life though. Not really popular here.

    We used to have chickens so yes, I have been woken by a rooster. I find it miserable. :)

  2. The cone is my favorite part too, but I have never gone and just got that, haha. You are too cute. ;)

  3. I love visits from my mom and dad. They live 10 hours away, but when they visit, it's like I have a new home! My dad is a handy man and his love language is acts of service...what a great combo :) I'm so glad your mom was such a blessing to you. Hope you feel 100% better soon! And I can NOT relate with the ice cream cone's a bit like celery to me. I only eat it because of the yummy stuff it's holding :)

  4. Growing up my family had chickens (among other animals) and one of my favorite thing's was the rooster "alarm clock" in the mornings! But, I'm a morning person so... ;)

  5. Good to read that you're feeling better, and the asparagus tart looks amazing!! :) We just moved to the country this year and would love some guineas. :)

  6. Shingles, ow! Glad you are better.

  7. My mom had shingles a few years ago...also on her face and internally. But her's lasted for weeks and she still has some repercussions from it now. One thing she read is that almonds can trigger flare ups with those who have had shingles, so she avoids almonds-milk and flour too. Might be something to read into. :)

  8. Guinea hens are really good! They eat bugs especially ticks!

  9. I love that you got just the cone. Waffle cones are perfectly good on their own. I just can't bring myself to eat ice-cream anymore. I think it was from a tv program but I somehow ended up with a really gross image of ice-cream being nothing but frozen fat and sugar and haven't eaten it since. So, now I'm FroYo girl :) so metro LMAO.
    When I did eat ice-cream my fave flavour was mint choc chip closely followed by caramel type flavours. I was never a fan of nuts in my ice-cream but I'd quite happily have chopped nuts on top.
    And, yep, I've been woken by a rooster but then I grew up in a small rural village :)


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