menu plans this week {sundried tomato quesadillas, soup, and more soup}

Ever since we moved 6+ weeks ago, it has felt like we were in a different world. We've been out of routine with everything that's been going on. We've eaten out, we've eaten lots of last minute hot dogs and ramen noodle meals, and while our trusty beans have remained on our easy fast food list, I think we're all ready to get back to a more normal dinner schedule.

I have to say, cooking dinner is a slightly different animal than it used to be since we've moved to a smaller place. We don't have the storage room we were accustomed to at the old house, so I find myself making more frequent trips to the store to buy what we need {and partly because I've skipped the planning side of it too, LOL}.

Thankfully, I'm finally feeling a little bit of a routine for meals coming back so I decided to jump in and make menu plans for this week. I never know what might be thrown at us, but it never hurts to plan, right? ;)

:: the dinner plan ::

beans and rice
taco soup {double batch for freezer}
dinner out

:: the lunches {and/or dinner back-up} plan ::

pb + j
pinto beans
chef salad

What's on your menu this week?

Any fellow soup lovers out there praising the Father for cooler weather with me? :P


  1. Whoa! That is totally crazy! I have slow cooker enchilada soup on my menu for this week too! Ha. I thought, "Oh! I wonder where she gets her recipe from?" I clicked the link, it is the same place as me! Haha. Small world. We've got homemade toastadas, enchilada soup, Keegan's Fave (sautéd chicken with Lowry's seasoning, butter noodles, roasted broccoli), homemade pizza, and leftovers night.

    1. ha! that is a small world!! :) the Keegan's meal sounds yum!!

  2. I'm curious: sandwiches or quesadillas are enough for lunch? I tried once and my kids were sooo hungry that I hadvto cook pasta!!

  3. Haven't read your blog for a while. When & why did you move? =)

  4. Cooler weather meant a big pot of homemade vegetable soup with the canned tomatoes my parents put up. I am no longer living close to my dad and I miss his soup.

  5. Hi Mandy! I have been following you for a couple of years now and I just absolutely love, love, love your blog!! Your's is one of the handful of blogs that I follow and it's refreshing and inspiring! After two years of research and prayer and I finally started my own blog,, back in April. I'm still such a rookie and I'm having fun learning every day. I am just now starting to comment on blogs because I know I need to get with this community and procrastination ~ go figure!! You are such a blessing ~ keep doing what you do girl!!


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