monday menus: chicken pot pie, black bean soup, and basil tofu

I planned these out last night, but after a very long Monday... well, let's just say I'm just glad to have a chance to post while it's still Monday. :D Sickness just keeps making itself comfortable in our little house this fall. : / I guess we must be really hospitable people or something. ;) Would you please pray for us if you think of it? 

:: dinners :: 
this deliciously terrible chicken pot pie
basil tofu, mushrooms + rice noodle stir fry {chicken + butter noodles for kids}
spaghetti marinara, salad, and bread
beans + rice
dinner out {hopefully, man!}

:: lunches ::
turkey burgers + black bean chips
lunch out
eggs + veggie + fruit

:: other meals for the adults ::
chicken + butternut squash
sweet potato + salad
salmon + veggies 
soup + polenta

Any other polenta lovers out there?
I may be the only one, but I love that stuff!! All it needs is a little sea salt and it tastes delicious!!

Is sickness making itself at home around your place too? ;)
I need some super vitamins or something. I think being at the end of the nursing stores makes you more susceptible to sickness. Having a toddler who licks the floor probably doesn't help either.


  1. Sure we pray for you!! I love polenta too, and my kids love it too, creamy with marinara, or solid topped with veggies (zucchini, tomatoes...) and gratted cheese!
    Cheer up, girlie! (Is it the right word for encourage someone? It's sound, in case of it's not good, in french we say :"courage!")

  2. That black bean soup sounds delicious and so easy! Can't wait to make it soon! :)

  3. I'm going to have to try that soup! .. I've been trying to gt them to eat soup - they only like chili or tomato soup(only with grilled cheese to dip)..

  4. What is your recipe for Basil Tofu? Feel better!


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