Zane {15 months}

It’s hard to believe this little guy is 15 months today!

I must be getting old, because even the fit-throwing toddler stage is kind of amusing these days. This buddy is full of life and energy, and knows what he wants! :) He also loves his mama and daddy so much. {Every now and then, he’ll crawl up in my lap and rest his head on my shoulder and then I die. :P}


He’s in to everything, and can make a mess in 10 seconds flat. :) Between nursing and eating real food, I think I feed him somewhere around 17 times a day. And he’s got the size to show it. ;) Bless his little heart, he likes his food! :P


He’s often my early Bible study companion. Trying to read with him nearby, well…my poor Bible. :P


Having a toddler is challenging for sure- he keeps us on our toes! But what joy this little man brings our family. We so love watching him grow up! :)

Is it just me, or does babyhood end sooner and sooner?
Wasn't I just pregnant the other day? LOL.

How do you manage your devos with little ones on top of you? I'd love to hear any of your ideas!


  1. I think there should be a law that prohibits children to grow up too fast. Seriously. My biggest have 13 yo, and it seems they were born yesterday !! Luckily my last is still a tiny, tiny baby (yes, he's 5 yo! And so what?!)
    Zane is so cute!!
    And by the way, it's weird, as you often change home! In France, when you build a house it is for life (or almost). People buy a house or two in their lives, no more! But see your house being build is magic! More photos (and I really love front porch- it's not usual here, but I love it!)!!!

  2. Oh momma, i so understand. My oldest is newly 5, then i have a 3, 2, and 5 day old. So basically i complete nothing. My days are spent trying to be patient, teach kindness and love, and teaching as much "school" as i can /have energy for. Thank god for god and that kiss compassions are new each morning!

  3. For my two year old I have a little stack of books, some a Bible story/others not, and I have them sit nearby and have their ""book time" they really want to do what Mommy is doing.

  4. Enjoy every minute! My baby out of six is now 16!!

  5. Just take quality moments as you have them. Don't stress about having your "devotions" but devote yourself to God wholly. One verse can go a long way. Meditate on it as you go through the day and resolve to do all that He asks of you. Little ones love to watch Mommy read her Bible and pray. Some mothers pray aloud so their child learns to pray. I never wanted to because I cry so much when I pray and I didn't want them to be alarmed. I am a very emotional person. It is hard enough for me to read stories aloud and have them look at me funny when I get emotional. :) One thing I've done is listen to scripture as I work. It benefits all who hear.

  6. So cute! My son is 21 months, it is a fun age - although busy and tiring at times. I usually do my quiet time before I get him up in the morning but some mornings (like today), I want to sleep in a bit longer so I'll get up with him and sit out in the living room where his toys are to do my quiet time. He still comes up to me, and it's definitely interrupted, but I just encourage him to play on his own. :)


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