it's kicking my tail, Texas days + a raid

Oh, man. Life has been kicking my tail lately. Today I'm on round #6 or #7 {I've lost count} of sickness for me since we moved 12 weeks ago. Arggghhh. Someone please make it stop. Please?

But praise the Lord, I was okay for the last couple of weeks, which meant there were good moments too:

Shopping at Lowe's meant I wandered in the light section while the man gathered house supplies. I liked these two chandeliers lots:

And the weather has been grand- we've had tons of 60-70 degree days where it was this pretty:

And the clear nights in town after house shopping usually end with a tour of Christmas lights somewhere:

This was an especially fun night- we went to get a REAL live Christmas tree!! :D

Big highlights of our last two weeks always include Tex-Mex fajitas {of course!}:

And some serious artichoke dip:

We had the chance to score a couple of dates- one courtesy of my dad, and another courtesy of Parents Night Out at the gym. :D Sooo thankful to have a breather in these crammed days. I even wore high heels!

And speaking of heels- my girls love them so much that this is a typical play day for them after school:

They're only 5 and 7 and they're already raiding my closet. :) And Isabella is already wearing {and taking over} my athletic socks. What will it be like when they're teenagers?? I'm hoping they have clothes I can borrow! hahaha!

Our house is coming along- I hope to do an update when I can actually go there and take a picture. Strangely enough, life's been so full I haven't even seen it myself in several days.

One bonus of crazy long days is that every day feels 10x slower than a regular day, which means this Christmas season is lasting for what feels like months! :P 

I'd love to catch up- what has your life been like lately?

Do your girls raid your closet too? How can we use this to our advantage? :P

Help- which chandelier do you like for an island light? Pic one or two? I like them both!


  1. So a couple of comments. 1. Are you near Marshall, TX? My friend used to live there and a lot of the town decorates for Christmas with lights and stuff. One year I was visiting her and got to see all the decorations. It was great! 2. Do you have a great recipe for fajitas? I have never made them before! Merry Christmas to you!

  2. I can't help with the girls, however, I love the first picture - the scrolled one; it is elegant & fabulous. It would go well with most any decorative style. Hope you feel better soon!

  3. The Duggars have a similar view of's part of their story ..they lost their second child because of taking the Birth control pill...O have never thought of it too much before until i heard their testimony and have been very quiet about my similar belief (now that i know) . Thank you for taking a stand in such a loving and respectful way. Bless you!

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  5. First picture too!
    My girl (8 yo) doesn't raid my closet but she loves try my lipsticks...Perhaps because her closet is fuller than mine???
    We've always got a real christmas tree! My husband get it yesterday night at my parent's home and we'll decorate it this afternoon.
    I hope it's the end of your sickness season!

  6. Love the first chandelier. I have 3 daughters...occasionally something comes up missing and usually never to be found again.

  7. I like photo #1 best, very elegant. I have a 17 year old daughter who doesn't raid my closet but my makeup and beauty suppliers! Sadly she wears a bigger shoe than I, or else we would for sure share shoes! Sorry you've been sick so often, my household has had a lot of sickness, falls, and a broken thumb. Combine that with selling our home, finding a temporary townhouse, packing, and getting ready for Christmas, well I'm a little crazy these days! Hope y'all have a very Merry Christmas!

  8. Hi! Well.... just working through the 1st trimester and continuing to work out (you and MisforMomma inspire me to keep fit!). Headed out of town for Christmas, to spend it with my husband's family, love them! And house hunting for our first house! (We got married a few months ago, expecting a baby, and our first house; 2014 has been pretty awesome!). I like the first chandelier better, but the 2nd would possibly hang down less.

  9. Ooohhh...I like pic 2 best - probably because it's lovely and a little funky at the same time. :) can't wait to see an update on your home! So sorry you're sick again. :( my kids and I have been passing sick bugs around to reach other for the past few months too. Before I was a mom, I would always try to go easy on the meds and only take them if I was feeling absolutely terrible. But now that I have three kids and not as much rest time, I find myself taking meds waaaaaay quicker!! I'm sure three kids sounds like a vacation to you. ;)

  10. My girls are 12 and 14 and much thinner than me! The jr high/high school style is baggy shirts and tights so they are always raiding my closet for tops to put on over tights. I can handle it as long as they don't spill their lunch on my good work shirts! Best part though is that I have small feet (size 6) and their feet are slightly bigger. Too big to squeeze in my shoes but I can totally throw on their boots and make them work!

  11. I love the second light! The lighting section is my favorite!

  12. Definitely the second chandelier for the island! The first would look nice in an entryway.We are choosing pendant lighting for our kitchen island. Will love to see your decorating process when you're in the new house :)

  13. That was a Charles Baskerville Silk Screen on hard board, worth about 500.00. You just made the price go up, one less in circulation. Thanks


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