the ultimate family gift guide: women, children + men {mostly $25 + under}

I love giving gifts, and it's always so fun for me to gather some of my favorite finds from the web and share them with you! :D eek! :D

Because I like shopping in one place and getting free shipping, most of them are from Amazon. :) When you have lots of people to buy for, you understand the necessity of killing several birds with one stone. :P

This year,  I decided to share finds for the whole family- some of them I thought were unique and fun, some are things I think I would love, and some are tried and true gifts that have passed the test at our house. :D

{p.s : this gift guide contains affiliate link information, if you buy something from an affiliate link, {bh} gets a tiny percentage of the profit at no cost to you! Yay! Thank you for supporting this blog!}

gift guide for women, under $30

First, I have to tell you about this life-changing tool. I used this at my sister-in-law's house for the first time a couple of weeks ago, and this thing is as amazing as all of the reviews claim:

1/ Remington Ceramic Curling Wand, 1/2 Inch - 1 Inch, $19.99

Best curling utensil I've ever used in 32 years. :D I was completely amazed. :)

2/ JJ Cole Diaper Changing Clutch, $13.96

I've never had one of these before, but this whole idea seems genius. It's disguised as an adorable clutch but in reality, it's a diaper and wipes holder with a changing pad! What? So smart! I'd carry that! {everywhere}

And speaking of functional and gorgeous, I love this:

If I had a decent sewing bone in my body I would make it myself, but this girl can do such a good job for less than $20! And you won't have to lose your lens cap like I do all the time!

I love the aqua/teal color, of course. :) I always do.  So you know I love this sweet little thing:

4/ Loire Glass Square 7.75 inch Square Cake Stand - Blue, $25

This is so beautiful! I haven't seen it in person but it gets great reviews. It looks very anthropologie to me. :) I imagined it stacked on top of this bigger amethyst one:

Oh my gosh, too much pretty! :) I can't believe they're so affordable- it would be a great sister/friend gift!! You could pair either plate with the pretty food from one of my favorite cookbooks:

Or, hey if you know someone serving up portions for a large family on a budget like me, they might like this cookbook as much as I do:

Or maybe, you need learn how to enjoy a feast of a better kind:

I haven't read that one yet, but several of my friends recommend it. But I have read this one, and it's one of my top 5 favorite books ever:

/// A Little Princess (Puffin in Bloom) /// Little Women (Puffin in Bloom), $13 each

They may be classic titles, but I kind-of-sort-of asked for these gorgeous rifle paper co. books for my birthday and I love them to pieces. ;) I think they'd make a wonderful gift for ladies or girls!

gift guide for children, under $33

Speaking of the munchkins, we LOVE these babies. I have no idea how I lived without them. If a young one is on your list, I would forgo the toys in favor of these and mama will be forever grateful!

And another tried and true children's gift- my boys LOVE these books:

Don't tell them, but I'm getting them books 4-6 for Christmas! :)

3/ ESV Grow! Bible, $20

Another big kid favorite at our house is this study Bible my dad bought for Noah last year. The boys both love how colorful and useful it is! And I love that they love it. :D

Last year, I gave Isabella this cookbook and we had so much fun making the bibbidy bobbidy boo sticks. :D {tortilla strips with sprinkles!}. She was over the moon to have her own cookbook.

5/ Little Tikes Cozy Shopping Cart Pink/Purple, $32.99 with free shipping

We normally don't buy big toys for Christmas, but last year we bought two of these for the girls, and they've seen non-stop use. I'm not even kidding- every day! :) It might be the best investment in a toy we've ever made!

The kids don't know they're getting these for Christmas! :) I imagine some really fun rounds of Bible trivia after devotions... :P

gift guide for men, under $40

My husband loves these socks so much he spent his Christmas money and ordered them himself. That  should tell you everything you need to know. :) {He doesn't buy any clothing for himself, EVER! :) }

Rob needs this shirt. He really is! I love this.

I'm amazed to find these so well reviewed for less than $40- most comparable sets are $100+. These are perfect for runners or people who work outside in the yard!! No more getting tangled in wires! {happens to me all.the.time}

This would be a great scarf for anyone! I love the color combo, and buffalo checks are so very classic. I can see myself stealing this one. ;)

for iPad (all generations), Samsung Galaxy Tab & Note, Motorola Xoom, HP TouchPad, Acer Iconia, Lenovo Idea Pad, Asus Transformer & LG Optimus

A cover that looks like a book? Ah! Perfect for a guy, girl or anyone with a tablet who likes covers- I can't believe they're only $7! So fun.

Rob's a computer guy so I'm always afraid to buy him anything technical. ;) I just asked him, and he said he likes this 32 GB metal one that goes on his keychain and is nearly indestructible. {Guess what he's getting for Christmas now?? hahahah!}

Possibly the most manly gift on this gift guide, the LifeStraw lets you drink water from any and every source. {Only a guy would want to, right? I'm a camping weenie!}. It's perfect for hiking, backpacking, camping, or going on mission trips! Again, for men, recommended by a man. ;) 

And those are some of our family favorites!!! :D 

Have you started shopping for Christmas yet?
I haven't. But hey, I still have 2 weeks!!!

Any fun gifts that have been winners with the kids at your house?

Ever needed a LifeStraw/water filter? {bonus points if you have!}
I kind of wish I had a reason to have needed one. I've not been out of the country much. ;) Or camping either. :P


  1. My daughter has that shopping cart & loves it!

  2. Too bad that the books are not translated into French!

  3. Yessss I am so glad I am not the only one who hasn't started shopping... I have ideas but haven't actually shopped. Thanks for the ideas!

  4. Thanks for the list! I love amazon prime! I can get all my Christmas shopping done and don't have to leave my house! With 5 kids myself this is such a blessing!

  5. (Mandy, I have tried three times now to post this comment, I'm hoping this time it'll stick) :) ... This may be the weirdest comment or question you've ever gotten, but so be it. I felt led to ask you... I have a diaper clutch, just like the one you posted except mine is the Skip Hop brand. I've never used it, and I would be happy to ship it to you. I bought it because it was on clearance at Target *aaand* i liked the print. :) I do feel led to disclose that I have used the wipees case for wipees but it has *never* come in contact with any diapers, etc. I just kept it in my purse for "in case" moments. :) Let me know if you're interested! Your blog has blessed my life so much, its the least I can do.

    Here is the link

    1. Also, the print I have is called "Onyx Tile" :)

  6. oh my goodness! you're so sweet!! that is an amazing offer! :D I changed the entire comment system tonight and I hope that fixes the problem for everyone. The Blogger comment system was keeping lots and lots of people from commenting so I switched back to Disqus. Please let me know if it works for you! :D

  7. my kids love the imagination station books

  8. I would choose the anchor necklace! Thanks for a great giveaway! mypatzer(at)yahoo(dot)com

  9. We "built" our home 17 years ago with the help of a contractor. One piece of advise he gave us was to allow for the space for what we eventually want, even if we can't afford it right now. We allowed space for the big Viking range even though we were not sure it would go in at the beginning (we were able to install it!). We wired the ceiling lights in each bedroom with 2 switches - one for a light and one for a fan. It was really no additional cost at the time, but once we choose to put in fan/light units, there will be no additional electrical work to be done. For the time being we installed $15 lights from Home Depot (we kept them for over 13 years).
    Our other cost saving was all laminate countertops (kitchen, laundry) in a black/white speckled pattern that looks like stone from a distance. Once we choose to upgrade (which we still haven't - the stuff looks great!), it is easy removal of the counter for the new installation. You do not need to have everything at the beginning.
    I pray things go well for you!

  10. enjoy lists like these so!

    here's my list of 2014 favs:

  11. Thanks so much for this post! Just ordered three of the items and finished my Christmas shopping! Hooray!!


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