a short game, this made my week, and a sigh of relief for 2015 {life lately in pics}

If you ask me, January's appearance was more than a welcome sight. I'm excited about 2015, and I'm extremely happy 2014 is over. :) Is it terrible to say that? I'm not sure, but it's definitely true.

I can't believe how fast Christmas comes and goes these days. We had a quiet little Christmas in the cabin- my dad came over and we had our traditional taco soup lunch. :) Kids are the best. They're always excited about Christmas- even when we have a barely-decorated tree. :D

They are growing up, aren't they? :)

We took two {much-needed} weeks off of school, and used one of our days to make a trip to Costco: :D

We always make a trip out of it since we can eat there for less than $20! :D

You won't believe it {I couldn't!}, but they had the BEST cantaloupe and honeydew melons I've ever had- in December!

So weird- it seems like they should be out of season? I won't ask why though- those melons made my week. :D

Speaking of seasons- we've gotten our fair share of cold and rain lately! On New Year's Eve it was in the 30's. {Cold for us Texans, I promise!! ;)} Luckily, we had awesome fire-building friends to share the night with:

The cold winter days have certainly kept us inside a lot more. My mom and her husband came down for New Year's Day and we distracted them for a few minutes with this quick game my brother gave us for Christmas. ;)

And before we knew it, it was back to regular life. :)

Oh, that munchkin. He's 17 months old today! He's always busy doing something {usually eating}:

And on a random happy note- the grocery store decided to lower the price back down on my favorite California rolls! They went up $1 and I refused to buy them for a year. {weird how $1 makes a difference, but it does to me!}. I was thrilled to have these back in my life this weekend:

See, 2015 is already looking up! hahaha ;)

How is your January so far? :D

Costco ice cream- yes or no?

Believe it or not, the family loves it but I'm not a fan myself. ;) They used to have these chocolate-covered ice cream bars though- those were the best!

Even better than ice cream: sushi- yes or no? :D
Yes- I like the cheapest version the best! ha! :) I don't need any fancy meats, just give me nori, ginger, and rice and I'm a happy camper! :)