do, read, learn, and be goals for this week {jan 19}

It's funny how moving to a temporary/in-between place changes your day. Pretty much since we've moved, it has been survival mode for me. Kind of like we're camping through the fall and winter with only a tiny bit of our regular stuff {though we did get a microwave last month! yay!}, just waiting for the house to be built a little every day and working on it our spare time too.

BUT! The sun has been shining again for two whole days now and I've been so excited to see the gray disappear! Lord willing, we're getting closer to warm, sunny days and a regular life routine again! I can feel it! ;)

My goal-setting skills are pretty rusty these days, so if I get most of this list done, I'll be a happy camper for the next week or two. {pun intended! haha! :D}

put clean cover back on couch {the white couch gets sooo much dirtier since we only have one place to sit! haha}
reorganize bookshelf
wipe down/clean inside of new dresser
sweep house daily
run at least 1 load of clothes + fold 1 each day {these may not be the same load, hahahah!}
have girls pack unused toys for moving
ship one box/return
make bread and 2 bread maker kits
write two notes
clean out 3 boxes of toiletries in prep for moving {whenever that may be, hopefully soon!}
exercise 5-6 days
make cleaning zone lists for kids
declutter and pack miscellaneous items under the sink into a box

Discipline: The Glad Surrender^ by Elisabeth Elliot: 2 chapters
daily Bible readings

Psalm 139:4-6 with the children. {I pretend the made-up hand motions are for them, but they're really for me!! hehehe}

prepared-  I want to be more on top of dinners this week. While we haven't been eating out as much as we normally would on busy weeks, dinner has been whatever I can scramble up quickly. The days I know exactly what we're having are mentally easier for some reason- like I know what I have left to do already {phew!}. :D

And really, I want to get ready to move. It may be jumping the gun a bit, but moving four months ago was so hard and this time I want everyone to be thrilled at how easily we get to move to the new house, whenever it happens. :)

^= Amazon affiliate link